Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine Vampires have powers beyond human comprehension but all too often the only thing that eludes their grasp is love So when two young lovers are kept apart by a centuries old decree they ll be forced t

  • Title: Bloody Valentine
  • Author: Melissa de la Cruz
  • ISBN: 9781907410208
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vampires have powers beyond human comprehension, but all too often the only thing that eludes their grasp is love So when two young lovers are kept apart by a centuries old decree, they ll be forced to learn that, in matters of the heart, not even immortals have total control or do they

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    1. I don't know why they haven't posted this but here's some product detail on the book just in case any one wants to see. "Vampires have powers beyond human comprehension: strength that defies logic, speed that cannot be captured on film, the ability to shapeshift and more. But in matters of the heart, no one, not even the strikingly beautiful and outrageously wealthy Blue Bloods, has total control. In Bloody Valentine, bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz offers readers a new story about the lov [...]

    2. I thought of this book more as just a waster of time. Although I enjoyed knowing more about Allegra we were left with more unanswered questions. Why tell us she knew what would happen and chose a diffrent fate but not explain how she wound up on the same path. And as for Jack & Schyler's bonding I felt it lacked any feeling. I think that the simplness of it was great but I think the fact that it was such a huge moment for them that was summed up in a short story without anything leading up t [...]

    3. I have been on pins and needles waiting for Bloody Valentine, the current installment of Melissa de la Cruz hit series Blue Bloods. And it's finally out today!It took me just over an hour to read the book because it's that good. From the first page (with Oliver battling his inner demon) to the last (which I won't spoil), I just couldn't put it down.In Bloody Valentine, the author introduces us to a new character: Freya. Right away, I knew I'd like her (which just increases my anticipation for th [...]

    4. Bloody Valentine delivers where Keys to the Repository was lacking. Actual novellas about some of my faves!! Novellas to fill in the blanks and give me more of what I was missing from the stories!!! AND YET I WAS SO UNSATISFIED. I’ll break it down by novellas for ya because each one was TRULY a disaster in it’s own way.1. The Oliver centered novella explains how he will be able to move on from Schyler. To put it simply I think this could have been handled in a much better way. It was so OOC, [...]

    5. I loved learning about Allegra and Ben. They're so cute together like Schuyler and Jack. Oh I'm so happy that Bliss and Oliver were at the bonding. Also how Oliver isn't bonded and is there for Schuyler.

    6. Why do I like this book and for that matter this series? I can’t explain it. It’s against all sense and reason. It’s sort of like my feelings for Shakespeare’s character Falstaff. He’s a real rogue, an old dirty letch… fat and sweaty always up to some kind of scheme to make a fast buck. Yet I can’t help loving the bastard. It’s crazy. This book is the same… lousy title, over the top and unnecessary melodrama, some cringeworthy scenes, and cheesy illustrations. Yet after finishi [...]

    7. It was necessity that made me read this book. I am not much of a fan of book that are not the next in the series or a spin off but something in between. But this series is so complicated that it is very difficult to keep track of all the things that happened. Since I am planning on readingLost in Timethe next in the Blue Blood series soon and have no detailed recollection of the things that happened in the previous books I decided to give this one try hoping for a little memory jolt. Well that w [...]

    8. ”Bloody Valentine” is a novella in the Blue Bloods series. It consists of three beautifully written short stories each with a focus on matters of the heart--hence the title. While it is not necessary to have read all the books in this series before reading this novella, it is recommended, as two of the three stories relate to events that take place in the previous two books. The first story is about Schuyler Van Alen's friend and familiar Oliver Hazard-Perry and Freya, a character who will b [...]

    9. Where to Begin. I was deeply disappointed by this book. I feel like Melissa De La Cruz might be losing her touch with this series which saddens me because it's my favorite book series to date. This book (which isn't really a book) is just a collection of three short stories. All the short stories felt extremely rush and forced.The first story follows Oliver and his life after Schuyler leaves. This felt out of character for Oliver, to me. I found myself actually laughing at how ridiculous the sto [...]

    10. This book was only 160 pages long and cost me as much as a normal sized book would. There were 4 chapters in this book that were a extract from another book in the series that I had already read. The words were bigger than in any other book by the author. I am struggle to see the point of making this book at all. The majority of story was awful. This series was so great because of the originality and the concept of the fallen angels/vampires. But the story is now becoming a Twilight knock off wh [...]

    11. Review written by the YA Fantasy Guide staff reviewer, Camille Morales.Bloody valentine is a Blue Bloods novella. I am a huge fan of the series, so I was thrilled to finally read this book. I’d been waiting a long time to get it. It was totally worth it.This book will not be your normal Blue Bloods book, because it is divided in three parts, and each part tells a different story. The parts tell: what happens to Oliver after Schuyler leaves with Jack, how Allegra and Schuyler’s father met, an [...]

    12. I decided to read Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruze since it was right before Valentine’s Day. Immediately I was drawn to the story, which is divided into three mini stories. In the first story introduces Oliver, a young man who had just been dumped by his vampire girl-friend, Schuyler. He meets a beautiful angel in a bar and he is lead back to her apartment; where they sleep together and he forgets his feelings for the vampire. The second story goes back in time and is about Schuyler’ [...]

    13. this was three short stories combined to make a book. i mean, i guess they were slightly longer than short stories, but the whole book is novella length. and it didn't really answer any questions. or move the story forward at all. GIVE ME A WHOLE BOOK, DARN IT! I WANT A WHOLE STINKING BOOK ABOUT SCHUYLER AND JACK AND MIMI AND OLIVER. two books have been released in this series, and neither has been fulfilling at all. i would rather wait a long time and eat the whole cake, as it were. but no, now [...]

    14. This was a little all over the place for me. It jumped from Allegra to Oliver to Schuyler and Jack getting married. It was visions Allegra had as a child. It was Oliver taking away his bond with Sky. It was Sky wedding dress shopping. Sky getting attacked. Jack and Sky getting bonded. It was weird. 3 wordswaste.of.time.2 starsto me it just feels like De la cruz just put a mini book out to make more money. blah. over it. Do not reccomend this to anyone unless you are a die-hard Blue Bloods fan.

    15. A nice, light collection of novellas I read while sick in bed. I enjoyed the stories, and they were fairly romantic. The middle one about Allegra, Charles, and Ben definitely cleared up a bit of the backstory behind Schuyler's birth and stuff. I even didn't mind that much when she did the thing everyone accuses Cassandra Clare of doing-- introducing characters from spinoff series. (Seriously, Melissa de la Cruz perfected the Cassandra Clare business model.)

    16. I just love everything about these short stories. I wish there was a happier end for Allegra, but I think she'll be okay overall. This was what I needed. The rest of the series is all mysetry, kidnapping, murder etc. and this was a small paradise. Sure there were some challenges, but overall they were happy stories I like to think.

    17. I was pleasantly surprised with this novella! I really was not looking forward to it because the last novella in this serious Keys to the Repository was a bit of a let down and really just summed up the series at that point. But Bloody Valentine was really kind of an extension to Misguided Angel and followed its format of three parts.Part one was Olivers story. He's having a difficult time getting over Schuyler because he is marked, and there was nothing he could do about it. The never ending fe [...]

    18. "Bloody Valentine" by Melissa de la Cruz was a fantastic book. Every event really came together. There are three different but intense parts in this book.Oliver has met a new girl, Freya. As they were talking in the pub, Oliver told her he had to go. He was going to go to the Blood house for forgotten familiars. As he soon realized, he changed his mind at the last second finding himself back at the pub to thank Freya. She took him back home and preformed a witches spell on Oliver to stop his lov [...]

    19. Why oh why would I take this entire series on a holiday?!! I feel trapped with this series with no way it. When I got to the even of this "novella" (and I use that term VERY loosely Melissa de la Cruz-don't think I didn't notice the pages being 2/3 the size of every other book in the series and the "artwork" in the last chapter stretching this books page count!)I wanted to throw this book at someone (preferably its author). This book is really three short stories slapped together to explain a fe [...]

    20. Bloody Valentine was actually a pretty good book. This book was also written in three parts like the last book. The first part was about Oliver, the second was about when Allgera met Schuyler's father, and the last part was about Jack's and Schuyler's bonding. The first part was about Oliver, just like any other night in Suck City. Oliver was alone in New York trying to do something because of his loss of Schuyler from his life. He’s part of her and needs her to be around, but she’s now away [...]

    21. ”Bloody Valentine” is a novella in the Blue Bloods series. It consists of three beautifully written short stories each with a focus on matters of the heart--hence the title. While it is not necessary to have read all the books in this series before reading this novella, it is recommended, as two of the three stories relate to events that take place in the previous two books. The first story is about Schuyler Van Alen's friend and familiar Oliver Hazard-Perry and Freya, a character who will b [...]

    22. If you are a fan of the Blue Bloods series then you will definitely enjoy this one. It's a short and quick read and is made up of three short stories. It was somewhat of a surprise to me that I enjoyed all three as I'm usually not a short story fan and in a book like I rarely find myself liking all the stories. I suppose I shouldn't have been too surprised since I am a huge fan of Melissa de la Cruz's writing. One story follows Oliver as he struggles to deal with his love for Schuyler and the co [...]

    23. Ok, well that took about an hour to read, if that. I don't know about this series. As it goes on, I'm getting increasingly disinterested in it. The character development was very nicely done in the first few booksbut now the characters fall flat on the pages. I use to really like Schuyler's character because she was independent and did her own thing. Now she's so dependent on Jack it's nauseating. I also don't understand this whole half book between the actual book thing (the keys to the reposit [...]

    24. I enjoyed the short look into Allegra & Ben's romance. Ive been curious for most of the series, wondering about Schuyler's parents & the story behind their love. Bloody Valentine offers us a look back at how it all began between Allegra Van Allen & Bendix Chase. We also get a look into Schuyler & Jack's super secret bonding ceremony. So cute! I think this is the first book I actually enjoyed reading their story in a while. It was nice to finally see these two commit to one anothe [...]

    25. I started reading Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series DONKEYS ago. Like when they first came out, and I loved them; they were one of my first vampire series, and they were awesome, but I stopped reading after Keys to the Repository, so I've been slowly catching up again. Misguided Angel confused the living daylights out of me - what did Gabrielle do again? But Bloody Valentine was a sweet, short read.Bloody Valentine was, in fact, three sweet, short reads. We got a story for Oliver, who is l [...]

    26. ** Spoilers **I didn't like book5.5 that much either.I didn't like the Oliver & Freya ( from Witches of East End) story. I do like that Oliver was healed from the blood craving and his obsession with Schuyler .But, it could have been a different character than Freya.I didn't get the time line with Freya, where was Dash or Killian when she was with Oliver?Oliver was my favorite character in the whole series but the author changed him after this book, and I did not like his change.I'm glad he [...]

    27. It seems as if de la Cruz has become more interested in short fiction than truly long, involved, layered novels. I've enjoyed all her short stories, and I enjoyed these tooI laughed at the title of Oliver's episode: Another night in suck city. I've read the Flynn book and loved ti! I was interested in Allegra's storywhen I quickly flipped through the book in the store, I thought Allegra had awakened, and her story was in present time, but nowe get to see her as a high school student, falling in [...]

    28. I love the Blue Blood series! I have been following this series from the very beginning. And I adored the stories in the book.The first story was about Schulyer's best friend Oliver and his uh, one night stand. Well mostly he is trying to get over Schulyer and is doing everything he can to avoid her. I think this story gave a great detail of his heart breaking and him trying to mend it. I truly felt sorry for this guy. I hope that he can one day find the one.The second story is about Schulyer's [...]

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