Between a Heart and a Rock Place: A Memoir

Between a Heart and a Rock Place A Memoir One of the best selling female rock stars of all time the incomparable Pat Benatar writes about her life rock n roll and how her generation changed music forever in Between a Heart and a Rock Place

  • Title: Between a Heart and a Rock Place: A Memoir
  • Author: Pat Benatar
  • ISBN: 9780061953781
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the best selling female rock stars of all time, the incomparable Pat Benatar writes about her life, rock n roll, and how her generation changed music forever in Between a Heart and a Rock Place The first solo female rocker ever to appear on MTV, Benatar writes with the same edge and attitude that was a hallmark of her music from Heartbreaker to Hit Me with YouOne of the best selling female rock stars of all time, the incomparable Pat Benatar writes about her life, rock n roll, and how her generation changed music forever in Between a Heart and a Rock Place The first solo female rocker ever to appear on MTV, Benatar writes with the same edge and attitude that was a hallmark of her music from Heartbreaker to Hit Me with Your Best Shot The winner of four consecutive Grammy Awards for Best Female Rock performance, Pat Benatar tells a fascinating, no holds barred story of what it was really like to be a woman in the mostly male world of hard rock in the 80s.

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    1. This is an amazing read. Pat Benatar talks of her life in and out of the rock and roll life style. Pat managed to be a Wife to the same man, Neil Garado, for thirtyone years, a Mother of two daughters, and still bring us faboulas music from her albums, Heart Breaker, in the heat of the night, Crimes of passion, Precious time, Get nervous, Live from earth, seven the hard way, Wide awake at dream land, true love a blues album, gravity's rainbow, In and Go.I recommend this to all. She also managed [...]

    2. Singer-Songwriter. Business Woman. Rock ’n’ Roll Icon. Feminist. Trailblazer. Wife & Mother. Put all that together (and then some!) and you have this weeks muse, the incredible Pat Benatar! Growing up Pat dreamed of being part of a dynamic rock ’n’ roll duo. Jagger & Richards, Plant & Page, she may have had the vocal chops but to make it to Rocks greatest heights she knew she needed a phenomenal guitarist by her side. It was while working on her first album, In the Heat of th [...]

    3. Pat Benatar is one of Rock's iconic female artists, but her road to the top was never easy. In her new autobiography, she opens up about the obstacles she faced and the roadblocks people put in her way. Benatar relates the constant battles she waged against the sexism that was rampant in the industry, and how she had to fight for creative control of her music, all while trying to balance the schedule of a constantly touring musician with a marriage and motherhood. It helped that Pat's husband gu [...]

    4. Autobiography of Pat Benatar. I am a fan of Pat Benatar's and went to one of her concerts back in the 80's. One of my favorite concerts that I have been to. The story tells of her childhood in New York and how much of a "tomboy" she was and how her talent was "discovered". Her music training and so on. Then on to how she broke into the business. She spoke about every album made and her successes and failures. And the love of her life, Neil "Spyder" Giraldo.I loved reading of her successes and ad [...]

    5. I think Pat Benatar is a rad lady and I've been looking forward to this one. I'm hoping that I'll come away from it thinking she's even radder than I already do. I'm only 20 pages in, so maybe it's too soon to say but so far it's kind of boring. It seems she's pretty much always had her head screwed on, had a good childhood, never abused substanceswhere will the drama come from? UPDATE: Finished. Some of the writing was weak, some of it heavy-handed and hackneyed. For example, on 9/11: "It was o [...]

    6. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and dusting off my Pat Benatar music to listen to again after many years. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed “her” music, and never realized how much the music was really “theirs”. I loved her writing voice, her ability to navigate the really tough music industry without needing rehab, her sweet love story, her strength in character to stand up to the good ole boys who wouldn’t give a girl the respect they’d give a guy. I’ve been in a [...]

    7. Note: I read this book in tandem with an audio book of Ricky Martin's memoir, Me. Fascinating, unintentional pair. I recommend this pairing for two "Other" perspectives on the commercial music industry. Things I learned from this book:Pat Benatar's music label steamrolled her over and over again until her contract expired, forcing albums from her every 9 months, demanding constant touring, micromanaging her image, her romantic relationships, her creative process, and denying her a fair share of [...]

    8. Once I saw that this was going to be released I had to read it; I made this be my non- fiction novel for the month. I must admit to being a big fan ( I am part of the Benatar Fan Club) and collecting all the cassettes (Just to give you an idea of prices at that time, I think a Slurpee with the collector cups cost $.25). Getting that out of the way, the first thing I did when I cracked the book open was go to the picture area in the middle, I love that part of the non-fiction books. Then I read t [...]

    9. I only recently heard about this book and as soon as I learned of its existence I was like: Wait, I bet I would love that. I did!Pat Benatar's career path, or at least her rise to stardom, wasn't super complicated, in terms of its Behind-the-Music-ness. She wanted to be a singer, worked hard, tried not to get sidetracked, and made it. Didn't do drugs, didn't end up in rehab, just tried to handle her business. So without a bunch of topsy turvy plot points the bulk of the book is essentially an ac [...]

    10. In the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Pat Benatar. I've been to dozens of her concerts, I have all her albums (some in LP and CD format), I have all of her videos and many old interviews and performances on tape or on DVD. I have even met her (and she and Neil are really as nice and down to earth as they come across in the book). Suffice to say that I have waited for this book for a long time.I became a fan in the mid 80's so I was actually really starting to [...]

    11. Love Pat,but not the book. Time would have been better spent listening to her amazing catalog of music. On a positive note (and my humble opinion)the fact that this book was not very interesting can be attributed to the fact that she never got all caught up in the music-making machine of celebrity, she wasn't a party girl, but instead she put out consistently great music while maintaining her priorities of her marriage, kids, and family above all else. So I like her even more knowing that.

    12. I had been a fan of Pat Benatar’s music in the 1980s, but I actually knew very little of the woman, except for her marriage to Neil Giraldo. BETWEEN A HEART AND A ROCK PLACE is a very refreshing rock memoir because Pat Benatar actually remembers it all! No endless stories of rehab, of drunken or drug-fuelled shenanigans, but a fabulous account of this brilliant singer’s career. Pat Benatar is your ordinary woman, albeit gorgeous and with a spectacular voice, and she is a woman of integrity w [...]

    13. 4 stars might be a little generous, but whatever, I use the star ratings in terms of my personal enjoyment and not always quality. The writing's actually pretty good! but some of the music biz stuff--and there is LOTS of it--reads like "I NOW HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXPLAIN MYSELF THOROUGHLY" and won't be of interest to everyone. But she and the band are a pretty classic story of being jerked around by the music biz in the 80s and they've definitely lived through massive music biz revolution, so [...]

    14. Pat has always been one of my favorite singers, and now she’s one of my favorite people. This book was a TREAT. She shares her journey through the music world, from trying to make it in Rock and Roll as a female to the transition to digital music. She is an inspiration. I can’t imagine the strength she had to stick to her beliefs and be the musician that she always wanted to be, to make her family her priority, and be herself. She is a true rock star. I also loved hearing how she met Frank S [...]

    15. Good, easy to read autobiography. I'm not a particular fan (bit young and British to have caught the music at the time beyond general background/mainstay of classic rock compliations), but it was fascinating to see eg the rise of MTV, Lillith Fair, from her perspective as quite the trailblazer for women in the music business.

    16. I appreciate her music, but only know the chart buster songs. I'm more a fan of what she did. Along with Chrissy Hynde, but separately, Pat Benatar broke the male domination of hard rock. At this time, the business end of rock was almost thoroughly male, and the art form, itself, unabashedly accepted (and some say was characterized by) misogynistic themes.This book is at its best when Benatar writes of her childhood and her rise to stardom. Other good parts include her experiences in the busines [...]

    17. I grew up listening to Pat Benatar. Her first single (Heartbreaker) was out before I finished High school. I bought my first Pat Benatar Album (Crimes of Passion) when I was just 19! I played it so much I am surprised the needle on my stereo didn't wear through to the other side. I knew all the words to all the songs (probably still do). I am proud to say, I still own that Album! This was a real treat for me to read this wonderful book. It is a real "behind the scenes" look at the making of a ro [...]

    18. In this memoir, Pat Benatar describes her 31-year career in the music industry. As part of the eighties rock movement she made strides for women by being one of the first solo female rockers. She had pure, clean vocals but her music was intense, hard-edged and guitar-driven which made the sound seem like it had attitude and aggression. It was pretty powerful and as a result she won four Grammys and sold millions of records. While this book addresses Benatar’s achievements as a professional sin [...]

    19. Wow, a rock music biography with very little sex, drugs and general debauchery. And weirdest of all: she actually talked alot about music. I was totally excited that she gave personal stories and struggles through the making of all of her studio albums. I never get enough of stuff like that. Thanks Pat.But honestly, sorry Pat, I read this book because i'm a big fan of Spyder's guitar playing and producing. Any guitar player who hasn't listened to (and LOVED!) Pat and Neil's Gravity's Rainbow des [...]

    20. This was a pretty well written rock autobiography, but when they do a "Behind the Music" on Pat Benatar, the only real drama will come in recounting her brave struggle against extreme dullness. I wouldn't say that the book was boring, or even that Pat Benatar's rise to fame was boring. But she seems to have set out deliberately to be the worlds' most boring rock star. No drugs, still married to the same guy for 30 years, two kidsI think I was hoping for a little more rock 'n' roll raunch. Oh, we [...]

    21. In the early days of MTV, I have to admit that I fell for the gimmicky marketing ploys of the cable juggernaut. Like other young teenagers with evolving hormones, I was enamored with Pat Benatar - both as a musician and as a hot mama who knew how to rock.Years later, Pat has penned a autobiography that discusses her travails as a pioneer for women rockers. Pat does discuss alot of those battles with her label, MTV, and her management about how much is enough when marketing sex. But, the book was [...]

    22. In 2009 I bought front row tickets to see Pat Benatar with my mother for her birthday. Little did I know I would walk away that night with a new musical role model. I obviously knew the classic songs like "Love is a Battlefield" and "Heartbreaker," but I barely knew anything about Pat Benatar the performer. As a singer and aspiring music business professional, reading Benatar's biography shed a truthful light on what the business is really like behind closed doors. It's sad, but true, that most [...]

    23. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this autobiography. Autobiographies of rock stars are extremely hit or miss. This one was surprisingly more hit than miss.I really appreciated Benatar's continued admiration and praise of her husband Neil Giraldo (she calls him Spyder throughout the book). She freely gives him credit for elevating her far beyond where should could ever have gotten on her own and their 31+ year marriage is extreme rarity in their chosen profession.Benatar pulled no punch [...]

    24. This memoir was a fast and intriguing read. I've been on a female rock memoir kick. Pat Benatar presents a lucid story about her musical career and the trials she had to deal with as someone trying to find their way, themselves and dealing with sexism without being heavy handed. You do feel as if she is telling you what she thinks. It is really eye opening how the music industry is great at manipulating their artists yet is it really for the commercial success that they supposedly say is the rea [...]

    25. Short, sweet , but full on inspiration.A quick inspiring read, I'd only wish it was longer. On the kindle the photograph section ,the pictures are tiny and don't enlarge so fans may want the print version of the book. Pat Benatar does it her own way. A fascinating look at how women were treated by the music industry,and how the rise of the independent musician inspired her to take her music in her own hands and evolve. What makes this important read for up and coming female musicians is a femini [...]

    26. As big as a fan that I am of her, the writing seemed too contrived. Patti Smith, she's not. There's a lot of cliched turn of phrases, and I guess I was expecting a lot of this. Don't know if it's because of her co-writer Patsi Bale Cox, or whether Pat herself is to blame for the prose.With that being said, it was interesting to see her perspective on being an artist in the music industry. Just proves that a lot of the people that work for the recording industry don't know what the fuck they are [...]

    27. I went into this book thinking that it was going to be the usual Rock star sex drugs rock 'n roll story. Well, there was rock! At first I was wondering when the action was going to start, but as I read, I found it really refreshing to read a rock star story that didn't revolve around sex and addiction (side bar: I thoroughly enjoy the ones that do i.e. Slash, The Dirt etc.) I really liked this book. I found myself looking forward to reading it after work. I love her music, I still listen to it r [...]

    28. I bought this bio because Pat kept plugging it at the live show saying it will tell you about the old days of rock'n'roll. Did not live up to the promise. The only time Pat chucked while singing was because she was up the duff. Not quite the rock'n'roll bio she promised on stage, not rock'n'roll at all. And she tried to sell me online vitamins in the book - times are tough when the first record company you signed with owns the rights to all your songs and you wrote none of them. The one star I d [...]

    29. I'm a fan of her music. And this book was good, but in my opinion 3 star rating is stretching it. Better than 2 but not quite a full 3. And probably the reason behind that is her life has been very grounded, she has a good head on her shoulders. Or it could have been the writing style that seemed to have a tendency to repeat phrases from time to time. I liked that she vocalized the issues of a woman in this industry and the crap she had to deal with. A good book for those that want to know more [...]

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