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  • Title: Beauty and the Beast
  • Author: Bayard Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I'm a fan of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It's one of those stories that has been told over and over again, so I decided to read this version.When Beauty's father takes a rose to give to his youngest daughter, a Beast comes out of nowhere and demands the merchant send his daughter to him. Of course the merchant doesn't want to because he loves his child. But unlike her sisters, Beauty is willing to do whatever it takes to help her father and goes to the hideous Beast willingly. And because her [...]

    2. I adore the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. It has to be my favorite Disney Princess movie. I was gifted a Kindle for Christmas, found this book version (for free even!), and read it immediately. It was interesting to see what the original tale was and compare and contrast as I read the two versions. I enjoyed reading this version and will more than likely reread it at some point in the future. It is a simple text, very easy to understand, but the ideas and plot are good all the same. It [...]

    3. I haven't read the original story of Beauty and the Beast since I was in elementary school. I decided to download a copy to my Kindle and reread it as an adult.Having seen the Disney version of the book when I was young, I knew the differences were going be significant. I had also seen an episode of Happily Ever After about the story, so I knew it was going to be more like that episode.I remembered why I loved this story as a kid. A beautiful woman, both inside and outside, falls in love with a [...]

    4. There were a few similarities and a few differences between this edition and the disney movie. Both have their enchantments and both are fun.

    5. Beauty and the BeastThis version of the classic tale is short and sweet. Nothing particularly jumps out at me to make it the best version of the story, but as a simplified version of the original novel, it is good.

    6. I saw the Disney movie version of this story when I was little and I loved it. I just read this version of the story and I enjoyed it. Beauty And The Beast is my favorite Disney movie.

    7. Yes, the book is indeed short but it is still sweet and cute even though it is different than the Disney version.

    8. Not much substanceIt is a good bedtime story for a kid, but it sure wasn't very long. I found it to be a very quick read.

    9. Whoa, i wasn't expecting this to be so short!ok me 17 minutes to readwith distractions! It was good though:).I read it out of curiosity; being that Beauty and the Beast is among my very top favorite Disney movies, i really wanted to see how it compared to the original story, or at least something that perhaps is closer to the original.They vary in every way except the conceptIn the book, Beauty(Belle) has two (selfish; conceited; jealous) sisters; but in the movie she is an only childIn the book [...]

    10. I have read this variation type of Beauty & the Beast while I think it has more of a storyline than some of the others like Disney's variation. Sadly this one is a bit on the lacking side. The story was short and brief while really not having very much details. There were bits and pieces that were included that I haven't seen in any of the other variations such as the portrait of her in gold and diamonds, the room filled with primates and the writing on the wall. There characters were non-re [...]

    11. From post before I have claimed to be very much into Fairy Tales and my most favorite one of all would have to be Beauty and the Beast. So when I saw the original free for kindle you know I jumped for the chance to get it.Not quite the 48 pages of the hardcover form so this is to be short and sweet. Right straight to the point. We don't get to see much development between the two but it still grabs a hold of you and when it gets to the part where Beauty finds the beast in pain it tugs at your he [...]

    12. I dint like this book so much because it had les details and less excitement. This version of beauty and the beast is a lot different from the Disney version. I liked it because it was different from the other books that have the same title. This book has 12 chapters. The theme is caring. The beast cares for Beauty as she is locked up in his castle and given her servants too help her. The author is saying that you have to care for one another for them to care for you back, too be welcomed into t [...]

    13. Free Kindle download that was very short and to the point. Only took me maybe 10 minutes to finish. Naturally I'm acquainted with the Disney version so it was good to finally see the original tale. There are plenty of parallels and familiar items popping back up such as the rose at the beginning and Beauty wanting to dine with the Beast as well as the ending.I won't spoil any of the other details and differences but the moral of the story is clear. Beauty is kind and selfless. Willing to go to t [...]

    14. Lovely Fairytale ClassicThis book was very nice to read. It is good to read for animal toys or even children. It had some things included within that I had not seen in the Disney movie, and even a little different from the classic I grew up reading. Happy ending. A must read for all romance and fairytale lovers.

    15. This was a short little fairy tale but nicely told. The story really is very sweet and a good reminder that sometimes our trials can turn into our greatest blessings. Belle was driven by love and kindness while her sisters were vain and jealous. The law of attraction was alive and well in this story. I loved it.

    16. Well, we can chalk this up to my disappointed inner Disney child, I guess. This was not bad, per se, but it wasn't good either. I was looking for a background to a beloved movie, and felt uttterly disappointed when I found it. I guess I was expecting more. The books are always better than the movies except in this case. Sorry, but Disney made this story what it is today. IN MY OPINION.

    17. I can't find the book i want and the author who wrote her, so I'm going to use this one until than.The book is called he Beast and the Beauty and is written by Veronica Hall is a really great story, which i really enjoyed reading.

    18. An easygoing classicAn easy read and a nice classic. I've never read any versions of Beauty and the Beast so I didn't know what to expect only seeing the Disney version, but it was a pretty story.

    19. This was a Kindle book, and a really short one at that. It took me maybe 20 minutes to read. I loved it though! It's very different from the Disney version of the story, but I still liked it a lot, hence the 5-star rating. :)

    20. Another favorite of mine, Beauty and the Beast never disappoints. This version was really short and to the point, and it was a bit strange how quickly she took to the Beast. I'm used to her taking awhile to warm up to him. Oh well. Short and sweet, I guess.

    21. I'm a sucker for this story. I honestly think it's also the reason why I've always had a soft spot for beasts, and for the bad guy, that really is just misunderstood. This is one of the few fairy tales I was read as a kid that ended happily

    22. I did like the Beauty and the Beast story which isn't the classic tale but based upon a story from Russia about a beautiful girl who marries a prince whom everyone considers awful and transforms his life. But the other stories in the collection based in America are a slog and a bore!

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