Murder Ink: The Mystery Reader's Companion

Murder Ink The Mystery Reader s Companion Thoughtful and amusing articles about the mystery genre by authors critics and fans

  • Title: Murder Ink: The Mystery Reader's Companion
  • Author: Dilys Winn
  • ISBN: 9780894800047
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thoughtful and amusing articles about the mystery genre by authors, critics and fans.

    One thought on “Murder Ink: The Mystery Reader's Companion”

    1. I found an old dusty copy of this for free at a yardsale, then later accidently bought it at a bookstore. WORTH IT! Note: Too big to be read in the bath.

    2. I bought a copy way back when this first came out in 1977. Agatha Christie had just passed, and this is as much a homage to her as to many other mystery writers. It's a great reference book for looking up pre-1977 mystery books/authors and I've had it on my shelves now for 40 (!!!) years, visiting it every now and then: like staying in touch with an old friend.

    3. What fun for the mystery lover! This book, compiled by the owner of the famous NYC mystery book store, Murder Ink, is a collection of short essays from authors, fans, and editors about everything mystery mystery organizations through Poirot's death, how to avoid being poisoned, blunt instruments as murder weapons, and laundering money. All essays are based on information taken from famous (and not so famous) mystery literature. It is irreverent, fact filled, and sometimes really funny. There is [...]

    4. Second reading. I bought the initial edition in 1977 when it came out. It was thrilling then, interesting now. So much has changed in the mystery-crime genre, so many first-rate writers, shattering all the old formulae. But Murder Ink, and its compatriot, Murderess Ink (which I'll reread next) are pretty valuable historical accounts. And I think they noted the rise of the genre in America, the mystery bookstores, resurgence of Dorothy L Sayers, maybe even tilted decision-making at PBS in introdu [...]

    5. I like this book so much I keep it on a shelf next to my bible. A great compilation of articles and illustrations about the mystery genre that never fails to entertain me. Published over thirty years ago an update is desperately needed, but the information here is solid enough that it provides a firm grounding in the various mystery genres.

    6. This is an amazing collection of works about mystery writing. It tells readers all they ever would want to know about the genre. I also noticed that it has been updated and I will absolutely HAVE to get the update. This is a "must read" for anyone who even remotely likes mystery writing. Keep the faith.

    7. An absolutely delightful, funny and informative trip through pretty much everything you'll need to know to read (or write)mystery stories. It includes a short piece by a friend of mine, Bill Vande Water, on the love of mysteries set at Christmas.

    8. Excellent collection of articles about mystery writers. Talks about thier stle and motivation as well as what made the writers interesting. Recommended read.

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