Home And Away

Home And Away What would happen if a typical Australian family found themselves refugees

  • Title: Home And Away
  • Author: John Marsden Matt Ottley
  • ISBN: 9780734410566
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What would happen if a typical Australian family found themselves refugees

    One thought on “Home And Away”

    1. This CBA 2009 picture book nomination made me cry (my husband too). It is a very powerful story about a typical family - mum works, dad grows vegies, little sister has braces, little brother plays sport, main character want to be a vet when she grows up. When war is declared, their family suffers food shortages, power cuts, lack of basic amenities such as running water. In desperation, the family decide to try to flee to Hollandia by boat. On the way, both parents are killed and the 3 children e [...]

    2. This book was indeed no child's picture book. With having some of the most extreme adult topics and themes, this book was very confronting and moving. From the point of view of a child, we see the journey of a family that was normal and got shocked by the introduction of war into their lives. In their desperation to keep the remanence of their family intact, they board a boat, there only home for a happier and fuller life, effectively becoming asylum seekers. When the child's family is ripped ap [...]

    3. Read this for school and found it to be quite heart breaking. Especially because what occurred in this book actually happens in real life. I found it to be a little confronting but it was enjoyable and the art work was good. 3.75/5 stars

    4. I re-read this book today, as I've recommended it to the Year 7 teachers as a book for study in the Global Issues unit. Still packs a punch for me and will be a fantastic resource; perspective and relevance are powerful learning tools. It doesn't just happen to 'other people'.

    5. John Marsden and Matt Ottley have produced a powerful and emotive story that will leave you in tears. Thought that you, sitting in your safe and comfortable Western country, could never become a refugee think again While this book may be in the children's picture book section you'd have to be mad to give this to anyone aged under ten.

    6. Very sad story, I had to read this for a children's literature course I am doing. I thought it a heavy subject for a children's book.

    7. Didn't enjoy the concepts in this book, very sad. Read for my librarian course I am doing. Not sure it is one I would read to very young children.

    8. Another great Marsden book, similar to The Rabbits in the way we might consider issues in Australia from a different perspective.

    9. REREADThis book is so heart-breaking and so eye opening because it's true. For a children's picture book it is so simply true and amazingly written by John Marsden. It is a must read

    10. I really liked this book. so realistic of children moving and adapting to a home life. Sad but reality for many. I highly recommend this book.

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