The Redemption of Alexander Seaton

The Redemption of Alexander Seaton Is the young man merely drunk or does his tottering walk suggest something sinister When he collapses in front of two sisters on that dark wet night they guess rightly that he s been murdered by poi

  • Title: The Redemption of Alexander Seaton
  • Author: Shona MacLean
  • ISBN: 9781847247919
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Is the young man merely drunk or does his tottering walk suggest something sinister When he collapses in front of two sisters on that dark, wet night, they guess rightly that he s been murdered by poisoning So begins this tale set in the town of Banff, Scotland in the 1620s.

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    1. This was a solid and enjoyable historical mystery set in Scotland in 1626. The main hero, Alexander Seaton, is a disgraced would-be minister of the Church of Scotland who is obsessed with guilt and tormented by his lack of faith. He's certainly a compelling character and I grew to like him more and more as the novel proceeded and his past history is slowly clarified. His change of outlook throughout the book is depicted in a subtle and very convincing manner. The murders at the heart of the stor [...]

    2. An excellent beginningA storm is raging in Banff in the north-east of Scotland as Alexander Seaton makes his way home from the inn so, when he sees a man staggering in the street, Alexander assumes he is the worse for drink and hurries on by to get out of the rain. When the man's dead body is found the next day in the schoolroom where Alexander teaches, his feelings of guilt are compounded when his friend Charles Thom is arrested for the murder. Convinced of Charles' innocence, Alexander sets ou [...]

    3. 3.5-4 stars, I couldn't decide. This was a slow burn of a novel. The setting, Banf in the reign of James VI and I, was extremely unusual, and as a result, it took me a while to get accustomed to the various characters and their place in the town - which really mattered. Alexander Seaton though, I warmed to right away. He's a fallen angel of a man, a man with a real and genuine calling in a world of hypocritical religious zealots, who has fallen from grace rather spectacularly and publicly. Rathe [...]

    4. THE REDEMPTION OF ALEXANDER SEATON (Hist. Mys-Alexander Seaton-Scotland-1626) - Ex MacLean, Shona – 1st book Quercus, 2008, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9781847245052 First Sentence: The younger of the two shires rifled the man’s pockets with expert fingers.Young Alexander Seaton, disallowed from becoming a minister, is now a teacher in his town of Banff, Scotland. He sees a man who staggers and falls on the street during a dark, wet night, but doesn’t stop to help. With morning comes the revela [...]

    5. This is the first book in the Alexander Seaton series by British author Shona MacLean, a tale of 17th century Scotland, full of intrigue, mystery and religious fervour. Our main character Alexander is a school master although he would dearly love to be a minister, and was prevented from achieving this by a mistake made when he fell for the “wrong woman.” Things kick off for Alexander when a man whom he knows is found murdered by poisoning in his school room. The previous night, he had seen t [...]

    6. I was going to hold back with reviewing this book until after the Book Discussion group had, well, discussed it. But as some of us have already rated and posted, I thought I would do the same.I started off with huge optimism; my sort of novel - good time, setting and premise for a captivating read. By the time I was half way through I wished all the characters would be swept away never to be seen again. The 'hero' was pious, self-pitying and in need of a good slapping. Some had identical surname [...]

    7. Nice historical mystery, even though the historical aspect was minimal. It was an interesting story and it kept me interested until the end, even though the answer to the Mystery was revealed early on through the clues. I will be trying this author again.

    8. 'The Redemption of Alexander Seaton’by Shona MacLean. Quercus, 2008, paperback: 408 pages, ISBN: 978-1- 84724-791-9Shona MacLean’s novel beat mine in the Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger competition a few years ago. When her novel was published, a couple of years later, and it was Quercus publishing her, who had turned me down too, well, I had to read it to see what made her novel so instantly acceptable to the Lords and Masters of traditional publishing. She’d chosen to write about [...]

    9. c2008: FWFTB: Banff, embittered, murder, Catholic, witch. This book is exquisitely written. The period seems to have been effortlessly invoked and the dialogue in tune with the time and mores of the 17th C. I did not guess the murderer! There is some lovely humorous one-liners which stops the novel from sinking into being 'depressing'"He was the eyes and ears of Baillie Buchan who, by some oversight on the part of Beelzebub, could not be in two places at once." Some knowledge of the particular p [...]

    10. This is the book that first pulled me away from Wolf Hall - I know, amazing - but then sent me back to it with renewed enthusiasm. Before I reached the point of trailing WH around with me like a comfort blanket (I'm there now), I felt lazy one day and picked this up rather than walk upstairs. Very soon Alexander Seaton had grabbed me. I found myself wondering about him while not reading. The plot and setting reminded me of the books I loved as a child: Kidnapped, Moonfleet, Lorna Doone. It remin [...]

    11. Very good. Setting – Banff, Scotland, 1626. Our protagonist is a young man with a deeply troubling past. He is working as a schoolmaster but we soon find out he was almost made a minister of The Kirk until something terrible happened. He is, to some extent, pulled from his despair by the shocking death of a young relative of the provost of the town and the arrest of one of his own few friends for the deed. This is a tale well told. I enjoyed the setting and the characters and did not guess the [...]

    12. Wow What a fantastic thriller - I'd give it six stars! This is the best book I've read in years. The characters are likeable and realistic the plot excellent and the storytelling superb. I will be reading the sequel soon!

    13. I was curious about this writer since Scotland has recently become my new literary focus. I don’t usually read crime novels, but the abstract of this book sounded interesting. However, to me, the story did not have a great deal of Scottish flavour. It’s a historical crime novel that takes place in a town by the sea; the story includes murder, superstition, religious fervour, and a public frenzy that leads to a witch hunt. Thus, the plot could be taking place in any coastal European town at t [...]

    14. A great read made more enjoyable through recognition of the book's localities.The author takes you back to a time where though the characters are gone the buildings and localities are still there.Would recommend to lovers of historical novels.Especially readers from the Banff and Aberdeenshire locality who will appreciate the recognition of landmarks and buildings still there today.

    15. What a brilliant read. Nothing better than a good historical Novel. Even better when set near your own home town.

    16. This was a pretty good mystery, with enough clues to figure it out, but subtly enough placed that it wasn't completely obvious. I definitely picked up on some of the key clues before they were made explicit, but I didn't make all the connections, particularly those concerning motive. The clues for even that were there, though, no question.There were a few parts that dragged, and it took a while before I really got into the story, but once I was in, and the twists and turns and conspiracy theorie [...]

    17. The Redemption of Alexander Seaton does exactly what the title says, it leads us through the redemption of someone who looked set for a future as a minister until they were denied this future. The reason for this denial is not explained until a good way through the book but we first meet Alexander as a grammar school teacher in Banff in 1626, deeply ashamed at his conduct and despondent at his lack of future now he will no longer be a minister, he spends his days teaching and his nights mostly w [...]

    18. There was much to enjoy about this mystery, I especially liked the main character. Alexander Seaton is a man ashamed of his misdeeds and still harshly judged by his disgrace. In the tight knit Scottish community where he is a school master he has very few friends. The one person he counts closest to him, Charles Thom, has been arrested and charged with murder. The corpse of the apothecary's apprentice, Patrick Davidson, was found in a classroom in Alexander's house. Thom's romantic feelings for [...]

    19. The Redemption of Alexander Seaton by Shona Maclean;1626, Banff Scotland, no this isn’t a kiltfest. There is not one ‘verra or d’ye ken.” Possibly because the writer is a Scotswoman and you never hear your own accented speech. What you have here is a very well written mystery, set in a time which to me is the bleakest of all periods in western civilization. The Stuarts were not a popular dynasty, the Protestant Reformation was only a couple of generations old and Europe was in turmoil. P [...]

    20. Really enjoyed this book. Made better by the fact it is based in NE Scotland. Great character development and fascinating historical information. Super plot and altogether a lovely read

    21. Is the young man simply drunk or does his staggering walk suggest something more sinister? When he collapses in front of the two sisters on that dark, wet night, the women guess rightly that he's been poisoned. So begins this gripping tale set in the town of Banff, Scotland in the 1620s. The body of the victim, the apothecary's apprentice, is found in the house of Alexander Seaton a fallen minister, the discovery of whose clandestine love affair has left him disgraced and deprived him of his voc [...]

    22. It took me some time to get into this book, although I enjoyed it very much. I like historical mysteries when they feel right for the setting and in this one the period detail is probably spot-on, it is certainly consistent. The language seems more Victorian than Jacobean, but an old fashioned style suits the narration and there were not too many unfamiliar Scottish words. Shona Maclean may have been trying to write like Robert Louis Stevenson (or Walter Scott) and not at all like Alastair Macle [...]

    23. I loved this book!it's not without flaws; it took a while to get going, the story stumbled at times and I got a bit confused at the town notables to begin with as they all seemed indistinct of each other.Once it got going however, I was hooked. From the dark and stormy night setting, to the clamouring fear of witchcraft, the murder at the heart of the story and the potential treason lurking in the shadows. This book really did pack it all in there!The biggest draw for me though was the setting. [...]

    24. The Redemption of Alexander Seaton was a fantastic read. There is a great deal of historical atmosphere in the book yet it still retains the ability to work as a good thriller. There are elements of murder, witchcraft, espionage, religious persecution and a very clear depiction of a 17th Century strict religious town. In that way it did remind me a little in descriptions of Hawthorne's A Scarlet Letter, though this time with a male protagonist. Alexander Seaton at 26 was a great deal younger a c [...]

    25. I found this book by chance (the familiar surname caught my eye) in a charity shop in Inverness, Scotland, last fall where we were visiting. I picked it up because I love a good historical mystery. This was a very satisfying book, packed with a tangible sense of 17th century Scotland in the wake of changes set in motion by John Knox and the Reformation, a time when Catholicism and witchcraft may have been feared equally, yet practices of each were still deeply entrenched amidst new restrictions [...]

    26. Dark, grisly,stuffed full of historical detail and the dour dialogue of 17th century Scotland, this is a thriller to read on a cold night with the wind howling outside and rain lashing at the windows.Alexander Seaton, a failed minister with a past, stumbles upon a murder. In pursuit of the killer and his own redemption he embarks upon a series of travels which take him through the terrors of the witch-hunt, the then-current obsession with Papists, and an encounter with his own demons.Richly atmo [...]

    27. It took me ages to get into this book but I couldn't work out if that was my fault or the book's. Having restarted the book from scratch whilst on holiday it turned out to be me not giving it the attention it deserves! I think this book needs to be read in few sittings otherwise it's easy to lose momentum. However it's a brilliantly written book with good characterisation and very evocative of 17th century Scotland. The story itself is a captivating murder mystery but the true heart of the book [...]

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