Um Beijo na Escuridão

Um Beijo na Escurid o um trabalho mortal Eficiente profissional e sem remorsos Lily Mansfield uma assassina contratada que trabalha como agente da CIA Os alvos dela s o os poderosos e os corruptos Os que est o acima da

  • Title: Um Beijo na Escuridão
  • Author: Linda Howard Renato Carreira
  • ISBN: 9789896370794
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • um trabalho mortal Eficiente, profissional, e sem remorsos, Lily Mansfield uma assassina contratada que trabalha como agente da CIA Os alvos dela s o os poderosos e os corruptos Os que est o acima da lei Agora, depois de dezanove anos no activo, Lily foi atra da para um perigoso jogo procurar vingan a pela morte dos que lhe eram pr ximos Com cada movimenta o mai um trabalho mortal Eficiente, profissional, e sem remorsos, Lily Mansfield uma assassina contratada que trabalha como agente da CIA Os alvos dela s o os poderosos e os corruptos Os que est o acima da lei Agora, depois de dezanove anos no activo, Lily foi atra da para um perigoso jogo procurar vingan a pela morte dos que lhe eram pr ximos Com cada movimenta o mais genial que a anterior, ela est a comprometer os seus superiores, atraindo aten es indesejadas e colocando em risco a sua pr pria vida Lily sente se invenc vel, mas mesmo ela pode ser eliminada se cometer o mais pequeno erro Se tiver que ser, assim seja, Lily n o pretende morrer sem dar luta Lucas Swain, um agente da CIA, tem ordens simples traz la viva ou morta No entanto, tamb m ele atra do para o jogo de Lily, e dan a na corda bamba, tentando evitar um incidente internacional enquanto luta contra um obstinado inimigo que lhes segue cada passo Fascinado pela extrema intelig ncia de cada movimento dela, conseguir Lucas terminar a sua miss o Lily vai descobrir o qu o letal o seu caminho e o quanto a lealdade tem um pre o.

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    1. 3.5 stars“I love you, too,” she said in a somber tone. “I think. I’m pretty sure, though. It’s scary, isn’t it?”“Damn terrifying.” He dropped the pen he’d been using to figure the square footage of the rooms and turned in his chair so he could haul her down onto his lap. “I thought we’d just have some fun together; then the next thing I knew I was worrying if you ate enough for breakfast. You’re like a Stealth bomber. My radar never showed a blip.” He frowned down at [...]

    2. This is the third and final book in the John Medina Series.All I can say is WOW! What an AMAZING ride this story was. This is the story of Lily Mansfield, a contract killer for the CIA. She was recruited at the young age of 18 and is now 37 years old. Everything she has done, she has done for her Country. She never once questioned who she was sanctioned to kill because she believed that if she was asked to kill somebody, then it was necessary for her to kill them. and that was all she needed to [...]

    3. Not quite 3 starsSS ME WHILE I SLEEP was the third book in the 'CIA's Spies' series but was a mediocre 'ending'. Like some of Ms. Howard's other stories, there was a slow build-up. Necessary information, an explanation of Lily Mansfield's past and the introduction of a new setting. (view spoiler)[I had to read almost half the book before the heroine and another assassin, Lucas Swain, were introduced. (hide spoiler)]Lily Mansfield was a contracted agent (assassin/killer) with the CIA. She was sup [...]

    4. Too much filler. Terrible ending. Retired CIA agents were hired to destroy a lab which had created a virus they planned to release on humans.The owner of the lab, Salvatore, and the Doctor were able to continue the work after the explosion. Salvatore then killed the two agents and their daughter. Lily is a CIA agent who kills Salvatore as revenge for his murdering her friends. CIA then sends Lucas to kill her but Lucas helps her for awhile with her plans to destroy the lab. The best part of the [...]

    5. Read this about 2 years ago and I loved it, especially the ending, I was holding my breath!! Lucas Swainwas to die for, his name should be Lucas SWOOOON! Lily was a kick-ass heroine and the sexual chemistry between the two of them was explosive. Someday I'll do a re-read and write a better review. Every now and again I find a book that I read and don't have marked. Anyhoolove LH!

    6. What a ride! Fast cars, exploding buildings, and an explosive romance: What’s not to love? Howard’s fast paced, active storytelling kept me hooked throughout. The plot also kept me on my toes. The entire ending was a surprise to me. I didn’t see any of it coming. Even aspects that I assumed would happen (because really, what’s a romance without the HEA) came about in ways that I would never have imagined. Not only was the story entertaining, but the narrators of the audio version held me [...]

    7. Okay, kiss me while I sleep if you want. But mostly wake me up when the novel gets better.The plot is far more intriguing than the writing itself, which contains generic descriptions and depersonalized dialoguesA professional killer Lily Mansfield (good choice of last name here) plots revenge on the family responsible for the death of her daughter and dear friends. After the first killing, nothing much moves, plot-wise or style-wise. I'll take static if the writing itself is the hero of the nove [...]

    8. Slow going at first but takes off rather rapidly. I said a silent "Damn" toward the endand then I was surprised again.

    9. Actual rating 4.5 starsI just have one complaint with the book - WHERE IS JOHN MEDINA? Honestly i was hoping to get a bit of action from the super-spy, even if just a teensy bit. Not that the book wasn't good. It was awesome, maybe the best Linda Howard book I have read so far. The suspense kept me on the edge and the climax just blew my mind. Predictable, but Howard has a way with showing even the most predictable of endings with a thrill. Though I had guessed the ending correctly, i was still [...]

    10. I liked this book for its varying POV narrations, its intricate plot, the extensiveness of plot (how the plot had several sections to it) and its epilogue. (Epilogues can be cheesy, but this one was very necessary!) Okay, sometimes the details given were too much (like what how they discarded papers they didn't need), and especially overly detailed sex-scenes that took the book from mystery/suspense to literary voyeurism (another word might work better here).(Aside: why don't books have ratings [...]

    11. More like 4.25 stars.Eventhought the heroine is an Assassin, somehow Ms. Howard able to make how sweet she was and made us like her very much. When I thought about Lily, Glamorous, Lethal and Lovely came to my mind.Smiling Lucas? Not really my hero's character choices but he was perfect for Lily.Hm I check the publication year of this book, rather new compare with her other books because I think this is the first time I read her book where H/h using the Internet for some researching!:))Btw, Lily [...]

    12. This one disappointed me. I must have read this one before although I don't remember reading it. It's was a peculiar combination of not really remember reading it but knowing what would happen next. I would guess that it didn't make a big impression on me the first time around either.I found that although the plot was good and it should have been compelling, I was bored. I skimmed through a lot. I was not impressed with Lucas as the hero although I did like the heroine, Lily.And I found the epil [...]

    13. This was really a rather wretched book. I read another book by this author that I actually enjoyed, so when I was able to pick this one up, I did so. Now I wish I'd left it where I found it. Sigh.There was a little bit of interest regarding how to alter one's appearance and how to try and leave no trace of yourself in travel. But those spots of interest did not make up for the weak plot.

    14. I'm giving two stars to this book because it was intellectually dishonest. Am I supposed to believe that a person who chooses to become an assassin for a living is a good person? I couldn't believe the justifications of the main character. She wasn't haunted by the lives she had taken because she hoped her government had made the right decision of killing only "bad guys." What an oversimplification!If I ever found myself with the necessity of having a kill a person, I wouldn't trust anybody to m [...]

    15. Lily Mansfield is a woman hell bent on vengeance & revenge against the powerful Nervi organization operated in Paris. Seeking justice for the assassination of her close friends Tina and Averill (both of whom had previously being contract killers themselves) and their adopted daughter Zia who had actually been found abandoned and starving to death, by Lily on one of her jobs to Croatia. Since Lily’s life as a hired killer didn’t provide the most stable environment to raise a little girl, [...]

    16. 5-I Love Linda Howard Novels-stars!!Yesterday, I was in such a bad book-rut! Picked up three books, and couldn't even get past the first few pages!! It was just didn't have a certain magic I wanted. Light on the suspense with, all the heroines seeming like walking nymphomaniacs with no brain cells whatsoever!So since I didn't have any Kristen Ashley to bust me out, I turned to Linda Howard, and WHOOOO!!!!! I trusted Miss Howard's writing so much, I didn't even read the synopsis, just downloaded [...]

    17. ** spoiler alert **Some random grousing and eye-rolling…1. Why did the doc not note her contact lenses? She is a critical case of poisoning and any half qualified doc would wanna see her pupil size/shape and reaction to light. But this never happens. Of course how she keeps her contacts on for 3 whole days is another matter!! And I am not mentioning hair roots here.2. How did Damone get her number? Nobody knew it- neither CIA nor Interpol had any inkling where she was.3. How come the h/H dint [...]

    18. Kiss Me While I Sleep (CIA Spies, #3)by Linda Howard Romantic Suspence / Contemporary Romance37-years-old Lily Mansfield is a contract killer for the CIA (oh yes, female assassin!). She is also a grieving parent whose adopted daughter Zia has been killed, along with her foster parents who were Lily's best friends. Lily has set out to kill the man who ordered the kill on Zia and her foster parents, and to cause as much havoc as she can to his organization. However, she is doing this on her own, w [...]

    19. I usually like to read about CIA agents and their espionage. But Kiss Me While I Sleep doesn't seems to hold my interest. The plot is too descriptive. I like to know what the characters are thinking in their head, but this is just too much. We read a lot about what the heroin 'planning' to do,'going'to do and 'doing' it. This makes the plot move had such a slower pace because of the lengthy description. By 30% both the H/h had not even meet up yet and I already lose interest.

    20. As other reviewers have remarked, it's good to see a female MC with real agency. I know very little about the life of a CIA agent working undercover in a foreign country - make that nothing - so the details imagined here are convincing. Neat little twist in the end, too.But I found the long slow build-up frustrating: there's very little dialogue, or character development, so this didn't make it to 4 stars for me.

    21. It's a bit confusing and I can't connect with the characters. I mean, even though the kick at the end really got me, I hope the entire story give me the same kick. I don't like Lily's character. She's too "off" and I want to see her vulnerable sooner. But overall I enjoyed it, though not so much. Could be better and I can't wait to read more from Linda Howard!

    22. I really enjoyed this but I wasn't feeling they last few pages. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I was expecting a big to do/reactions about everyones secrets coming out and well there wasn't, everyone handled it pretty well.But please don't be discouraged, I haven't read a lot of modern spy/assassin novels but this has inspired me to look into more.

    23. Lilly is a undercover CIA agent, with special skills. Her best friends and child have been killed, and she is out to make it right. Going rouge, Lilly goes undercover and kills the man she feels is responsible for their deaths. However, she almost dies herself, she has to flee France, and with some disguises gets out of the country, where her tail is lost, and returns to France with another disguise, (she is good at what she does), for who would think she would return to France? The CIA is sent [...]

    24. 4 Fast Paced Suspenseful Stars!!Lily Mansfield is a broken woman with vengeance on her mind, she's a contract killer for the CIA and she's now considered a rogue agent when she takes out someone the CIA considered an "asset".The agency sends Lucas Swain after Lily before she can complete her personal mission against the person's responsible for killing her best friends and their young daughter. Swain catches up with Lily but instead of completing his mission he gets caught up in her plot. Once t [...]

    25. This book was good in a spycraft/thriller/romance sort of way. It was a little of each. I enjoyed the plot and characters and especially appreciated that the 'bad guys' had personalities and loyalties that gave some believable depth. The last third of the book moved rather slowly. There were multiple instances of a course of action being decided upon only to find out the characters were forced to wait, or decided against it, etc. That got a little frustrating toward the end. I'm mostly annoyed w [...]

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