The Wag's Diary

The Wag s Diary Welcome to the world of the WAGs year old Tracie Martin is Luton Town FC s longest serving WAG for years her husband Dean has kept her in raccoon hair extensions and quilted Chanel bags But look

  • Title: The Wag's Diary
  • Author: Alison Kervin
  • ISBN: 9780007826155
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to the world of the WAGs 32 year old Tracie Martin is Luton Town FC s longest serving WAG for 12 years her husband Dean has kept her in raccoon hair extensions and quilted Chanel bags.But looking around at the new breed of WAGS, Tracie is disgusted to see that standards have started to decline some of them have been spotted in skirts that cover their bottoms anWelcome to the world of the WAGs 32 year old Tracie Martin is Luton Town FC s longest serving WAG for 12 years her husband Dean has kept her in raccoon hair extensions and quilted Chanel bags.But looking around at the new breed of WAGS, Tracie is disgusted to see that standards have started to decline some of them have been spotted in skirts that cover their bottoms and one or two have never drank four bottles of champagne on a night out And what s worse, Dean is dropped from the first team and their daughter Paskia Rose is only interested in the rules and skills of the beautiful game she wants to follow in her father s footsteps rather than her mother s stiletto clad ones.What s a WAG to do Armed only with her Smythson notebook and Tiffany pen, Tracie sets out to write the definitive rulebook on life as a WAG, soon developing a cult following Surely it s only a matter of time before the Queen of the WAGS Victoria Beckham wants to be her new best friend

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    1. This book appears to be like marmite. You either love it or you hate it. Personally I love it.I love Alison Kervin’s writing style. She makes you care about her characters’ and you desperately want them to have the happy ending they deserve.I love the main character of Tracie Martin. I love how she is so trusting, Naïve and most of all vulnerable. I would advise that you don’t read this book on public transport simply because you will howl with laughter and probably miss your stop. (I kno [...]

    2. The funniest book I have ever read. Just a delight. Tracie appears superficial at first put soon grows into a lovely, rounded person who just wants to be a Wag so badly. Lovely book

    3. It's more of 2.75 but i thought i would be nice and round up.Some parts of it are quite funny.The humour in this is usually idiotic where Tracie is conveyed as ignorant and stupid(it's one of my fave types of humour).It's an effort to read because some parts of it are quite boring.The only reason i read it was because my sister gave it to me but i definitely wouldn't buy ith with my own money.

    4. Why did u decide to read this book?I decided to read this book because I was given it as a present, the cover was appealing and it sounded really funny.What category does the book fall under?This book falls under a theme related to those we've studied in class- theme two.The themes in the novel were themes I enjoyed and so reading a love story or a pride and prejudice type of book was good. Tracie being an experienced WAG and her pride gave it a funny element to the book. Her values also allowed [...]

    5. Despite my general obsession with celebrity, I don't have much interest in the WAGs. In case you're unaware of them, the WAGs are the wives and girlfriends of professional footballers. Victoria Beckham is their Queen (obviously), but there are loads of others, like Wayne Rooney's fiance Coleen McLoughlin and Alex Curran, wife of Steven Gerrard.Anyway, despite not being interested in the WAGs, I was interested to read The WAG's Diary because I'd heard so much about it and the author, Alison Kervi [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading The Wag`S Diary. Tracie Martin is a Wag (my first time hearing of the term). What a complicated life she is leading. Everything is strictly determined, all the fake tans, extensions, fake boobs, clothing etcetc. Being so naive must be easy to live. Not caring about anything except one`s apperance. Tracie is offered a chance to teach aspiring Wags first by writing a blog and then a book. She is surrounded by people who really care about her (Dean, Paskia, Nell - oh, poor [...]

    7. This was an easy enough book to read and in places it was quite funny but the author just seemed to be trying too hard to be funny and to make her main character Tracie Martin as dim as possible. Tracie is a WAG - wife of Luton Town's captain Dean. She's head WAG and find herself upstaged by up and coming new WAGS. So she sets about writing a WAGS handbook! Definitely light and fluffy chick lit with some funny parts but on the whole with OTT and not very believeable characters.

    8. I was first drawn to this book because the cover was super adorable. I have always been super lucky at impulse buying because of an adorable cover and its a fantastic read!The second thing was the title, it is so sweet :)This book is fairly small page wise compared to others on the market so it makes for a quick read. I thought it was hilarious and i was envious at first, what girl doesn't want the acrylic nails, the jewelry, the ugg boots. Cute, light hearted read and would recomend! X

    9. This book came free with a Glamour magazine, and the writing in Glamour is better :) WAGS are apparently British soccer players' wives, and Tracie Martin is a queen-- fake tan, fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs, but not a fake person somehow. Begins writing a handbook, finds out mum's secrets. Hard to take it seriously when it takes a serious turn because the writing is clumsy and ironic but not within a lasting context.

    10. I read this when I was like, 11, weirdly. Found it on one of those "take a book, leave a book" shelves in a hostel in Italy, on holiday. Same holiday I read, uh, Robin Hobb's "Golden Fool" and Mercedes Lackey's "The Wizard of London". I remember one scene really vividly, where the main character gets glitter in her eye when she's trying to have sex with her husband. In retrospect, not a great book for a preteen.

    11. Though this book would be abit rubbish as WAG'S(wives and girlfriends for all non-British!) are dumb and I dislike most of them. However this book is a complete pisstake and Tracie is so loveable and silly that you can't help but like it. Makes you laugh a fair bit and I will be adding 'A WAG Abroad to my wishlist :)

    12. The protagonist was just so annoying and I get that she was supposed to be stupidly funny, but really she was just stupid. Like it would be one thing if her articles were purposefully funny, but she kept going on and on about how she was being perfectly serious. I just don't buy the fact that her articles are insultingly funny and she's totally unaware.

    13. Not a book that I would've chosen myself but it was recommended to me and I'm glad it was. The Wags Diary is a surprisingly laugh out loud, very good, light hearted and fun read. The characters are all charming and likable and if you take it in the manner it was intended - tongue-in-cheek and not seriously you'll enjoy it.

    14. I own a copy of this book and have read it many times. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I would recommend to those who like fashion and celebrity culture. It is a short read and I finished it in a day (I'm a slow reader overall I have dyslexia but hey)

    15. The most ridiculous book ever! I needed something light and easy-to-read to get me back in the reading habit, and I picked it up during the world cup, so I thought it would be entertaining. However, the main character is so insanely stupid that it's not even funny. I wouldn't recommend this book.

    16. I thought this book was hilarious. I can't imagine any real WAGS would though. The story was interesting and the only thing that would have improved it would have been to follow up on meeting her father.

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    18. My only words are: literally no-brain chicklit! It's slow, it tries to be funny But it doesn't succeed. I finished this only because I was on holidays & had nothing else to read. Was really glad when i finally finished it. Worst book ever in my opinion.

    19. This book came free with a magazine I bought in an airport - need I say more!?Completely tacky, no brain cells required and doesn't leave a lasting impression. A harmless read for a holiday book, wouldn't touch it with a bargepole ordinarily!

    20. Not a book that I thought I'd like. It began quite shallow and after the first 20 pages I almost gave up on it. But I carried on and found that it wasn't such a bad read after all. The character becomes quite likeable during the story.

    21. I picked this book up a while ago in a charity shop, one of the best thrift shops I ever did. It's funny, there was always something going on, however I did feel that some of it was unrealistic, but I did enjoy that element.

    22. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC if you dont take life to seriously and want a nice lighthearted funny read - would definately recommend!!!

    23. It just didn't do it for me. I "got" it in the sense that it was supposed to be funny but it just didn't have the humour I was expecting. Ended up abandoning it unfortunately x

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