Bloodshot Detective Sergeant Logan McRae s only chance of getting out from under Detective Inspectors Steel and Insch is to get noticed Not that any of his cases are the type that he wants to get noticed for Fo

  • Title: Bloodshot
  • Author: Stuart MacBride
  • ISBN: 9780312387952
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Detective Sergeant Logan McRae s only chance of getting out from under Detective Inspectors Steel and Insch is to get noticed Not that any of his cases are the type that he wants to get noticed for.For starters, someone dumped a dying man at the hospital, and the team can t ID him or the person who dumped him Even worse, McRae is also after a knife wielding eight year olDetective Sergeant Logan McRae s only chance of getting out from under Detective Inspectors Steel and Insch is to get noticed Not that any of his cases are the type that he wants to get noticed for.For starters, someone dumped a dying man at the hospital, and the team can t ID him or the person who dumped him Even worse, McRae is also after a knife wielding eight year old who is stirring up bad press for the department that does little for their case against Robert Macintyre, Aberdeen s beloved star soccer player They re convinced he s a rapist, but they can t hold him long enough to prove it Catching these perps is thankless work, and McRae s chances of getting rewarded are as bad as Aberdeen s without their leading goal scorer.With his third masterful installment in a series that combines suspense with a dark and distinctly Scottish wit, award winning author Stuart MacBride is setting a blistering standard for the next generation of crime writers.

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    1. I really love this series set in dark, grimy Aberdeen with great characters and this third episode is no exception. Not only does DS Logan McRae have a lot on his plate, but he's stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to serve two masters, the grumpy, irascible DS Insch and the indolent, work-shy DI Steel. First there is a serial rapist on the loose, the police even have a pretty good idea who he is but he always has an alibi and catching him is proving impossible. Then there is the large [...]

    2. This one was a real page turner and the best of his books I have read so far. In the manner of most Scottish crime books it was dark and gritty and frequently bordering on gruesome but it was also funny in parts and very easy to read. Logan McCrae is your typical dour Scotsman, taking everything on the chin and in this book there is a lot for him to take! Some of it is his own fault as he continues to have very poor taste in girlfriends and is also apparently unable to leave his phone turned off [...]

    3. 3.75 starsBroken Skin contains everything I’ve come to expect from the Logan McRae series: entertaining and likeable characters, dark humor, and entertaining crime solving. This installment didn’t feel as seemingly lighthearted, if you can call it that, in the dark humor department as the previous books, but it still had its moments.“Laz!’ she said, grinning as soon as she clapped eyes on Logan, ‘This no’ a bit fresh for one of your corpses? Thought you liked them a bit more ripe?’ [...]

    4. 3.5★sWhen the attractive young woman he’d chosen as his next victim fought back, he was shocked to discover he’d been set up – PC Jackie Watson had set out to catch the serial rapist and it seemed she had done just that. So why and how did it all go wrong? In the meantime, Jackie’s boyfriend, DS Logan McRae had headed to the hospital – a body had been dumped outside A&E but had breathed his last…With the investigations dipping into the seediest parts of Aberdeen, both DI Steel [...]

    5. Broken Skin by Stuart McBride.Just a note to readers: This book is also under the title "Bloodshot". Detective Sargeant Logan MacRae is on the outs in a place where he doesn't want to be. At one end D.I. Roberta Steel is in charge and he's at her discretion and at the other end DI Insch has him at his beck and call. Logan wants to be near either one of them, but to get back to his usual post at headquarters before his demotion the choice is anything but his. (Personally I'd take Insch over Steel [...]

    6. Another great dark and gruesome read with the adventures of Logan McCrae. Multiple crime threads and great characters, especially their peronal stories. Its not just a crime novel, the interactions between the characters and also their particular decisions/motivations also create alot of intrigue.

    7. If I wasn’t sure of it before, I’m sure of it now: Stuart MacBride is one of my favourite authors.I was pulled into his Logan McRae series due to the location – Aberdeen. I adore police procedurals, being unable to say no when someone suggests a good one that needs reading. Most of the British books in this category are based in London. I do not object to this location, but having one set in Aberdeen screamed to me on so many levels. I would finally recognise locations. I would be able to [...]

    8. After reading the first 2 books in the Logan MacRae series I was quite eager to get to grips with book number 3. I amvery pleased to report that it hasn't disappointed me in the slightest. The characters are still developing nicely, and have all got their own traits which make them more natural.As I have come to expect the various plot lines are all well thought out. By the time you are about 60 pages in to the book someone has been arrested for attacking women, a body has turned up at the city [...]

    9. Another interesting entry into the DS Logan McRae series.I have read a lot of british procedural mysteries and these are superior in many ways, not least of which is their humor. Also, the "supporting" cast, which happens to consist mainly of our lead detective's superior officers, DI Steel and DI Insch as well as his inferiors, DCs Rennie and Rickard as well as his girlfriend WPC Jackie Watson.In this one I agree with others that McRae is not as sympathetic a character as in the first two books [...]

    10. There's something immensely satisfying about reading a book that tackles some very tricky subject matter head-on, with enough of the gory details to illustrate rather than titivate and just the right level of gallows humour. BROKEN SKIN is the third book featuring DS Logan McRae and it's as good as the first two.It's February and it's raining again. McRae is on DI Steel's team and they are most definitely not at home to her favourite term for a complete disaster, particularly as DI Insch is well [...]

    11. After reading Stuart MacBride's sci-fi/crime Halfhead I was keen to read more of his work. This is the first book I managed to dig out and although it is not the first in the series I decided to give it a go. My review is based solely on this book as a solitary story.The book starts with a serial rapist and a possible accidental death/murder of a bondage porn star, both seemingly unconnected. MacBride deals with these crimes in a similar stoic fashion, avoiding shock tactics for a more realistic [...]

    12. Broken Skin was not exactly what one would expect from Stuart MacBride. Rather than a series of particularly grizzly murders in dank and dreary Aberdeen, this book featured a series of particularly grizzly rapes in dank and dreary Aberdeen. In addition to pursuing the rapist, our hero, Logan MacRae also pursued a particularly difficult eight year old boy. This young lad has one murder, one attempted murder and a bunch of lessor crimes on his CV.All of this is complicated by MacRae's relationship [...]

    13. MacBride's Logan McRae series started out decent with the first book but the next two were deeply disappointing. Boring, obvious run-of-the-mill crime novels that are only good for escapism. McRae isn't special: he's not overly smart nor does he have any kind of thought-process, things just happen around him. There's nothing special about these books, no science or in-depth police work. Just death and sex.Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Shop | Etsy

    14. More of the same. The third in the Logan Mcrae series and there's not much that differs from the first two. Logan is worked like a dog by his two overbearing superiors, he has more than one case to solve, his personal life is effected by everything going on. It's not that the book was bad it's just that it didn't blow me away. Steel and Insch were lazy shouty people who dumped the work on Logan, the cases all became a bit blurred as they each got their moment in the spotlight and Logan's home li [...]

    15. Stuart MacBride é uno dei miei scrittori di thriller preferiti. Mi piace ogni aspetto dei suoi libri: i personaggi, caratterizzati splendidamente, così politically incorrect ma decisamente divertenti, le storie, macabre, raccapriccianti ma realistiche e soprattutto adoro come riesca ad inserire più indagini nelle sue storie senza risultare ingarbugliato o difficile da seguire. Come in questo libro: la storia del violentatore seriale, quella del pornodivo sadomaso e quella del bambino killer v [...]

    16. Another brilliant addition to what is slowly becoming a favourite crime series. You wouldn't think a story full of graphic descriptions of blood and violence would be funny, but it has that very dark Scottish humour all the way through. The scots can be a hard people, the climate and the fact they've been a whipping boy for most major civilisations over the years tends to harden you up, but damn they also know how to have a good time! DS McCrae is being pulled back and forth between DI Insh & [...]

    17. Jackie (his Girlfriend) and Logan are at odds with each other about the identity of a local rapist. The person initially arrested is a local sporting hero, so of course the police have to act carefully.When it turns out he has an alibi for all the crimes they are forced to let him go, but Jackie, who was attacked by him- when she was undercover-continues to KNOW he is their man.Along side this there is an horrific murder of a man (who is thought to be in the BDSM scene) is dumped outside A & [...]

    18. The third of MacBride's Aberdeen-based crime novels and a re-read for me. All the usual characters are here, but DI Insch is more to the fore in this one - some of the scenes of his amateur dramatics productions are very funny, as is a conversation he has with another kind of director altogether.Logan has trouble with the women in his life in this book (and a small inconsistency about how he feels about one of them grated a little - though I didn't notice it on my first reading). A nice little t [...]

    19. I am increasingly enjoying this series and as the third I felt it was the best so far as the other two whilst enjoyable still had too much going on at the end. I still can't make my mind up about DS Macrae's two inspectors as his superiors, whilst engaging and funny as characters they are a little bit too funny and I feel the smoking/sweet eating is overdone and a bit clichéd now. still I will read on.

    20. Hard, dark, gritty, sometimes gruesome, but with plenty of tongue in cheek humour: this is another well-written and fast-paced story by Stuart MacBride, but not for the faint-hearted. I will continue to read the other novels in the Logan RcRae series but, for now, I think I need to change for something a bit lighter I didn't even know what BDSM meant before I read this!! Thank you, Mr MacBride, for enlightening me, but I really would't want to visit Aberdeen! OK, I know, it's just fiction

    21. Stuart MacBride writes a great police procedural. Lots of detail, always more than one case going on at the same time, lots of little details about the men and women who fight crime in Aberdeen. In this book McRae is after a serial rapist as well as a young punk gone wrong. Another satisfying book that kept me turning the pages.

    22. This was gritty and entertaining, with complex plots and well-written characters, though it did feel a touch over-long. MacBride continues to explore the seedier side of life, with some parts that turn the stomach (yet some parts that all readers will identify with and be touched by). Not his very best, I might have got more from it had I read the Logan McRae books in order.

    23. I'm only giving this 3 stars, three and a half really. I find this series excellent, only think that it takes too long to actually start. I do get tired reading about Logan's superiors and their idiosyncracies and inabilities. Other than that, it was a good read, after I got 60% into the book

    24. Oof! Things are not looking up for the Logan McRae series. This is the third and last book in my set and I don't think I'll be getting any more. At this point the writing is almost unbelievably formulaic. Maybe Stuart MacBride is a pseudonym for some kind of iPhone app?

    25. More cold, more rain, more rapists, but lots of BDSM this time! And inspectors are trying to give up smoking and binge-eating sweets.

    26. Not quite as good as the previous two volumes in the series, but still better than many police procedurals, and MacBride, even when slightly not in top form, could still serve any writer, in any genre, as a masterclass in narrative, pacing, characterisation and sense of place. At almost 500 pages, MacBride may be over-stretching his detective Logan McRae’s investigation into three seemingly unconnected violent crimes, two of which have clear sadistic sexual motivations. In order to keep the my [...]

    27. I think I noted on Logan McRae 2 that I didn't find it quite as good as #1, or as SCATTER THE BONES, a later books that was my introduction to the series.Candidly, I found Logan's domestic issues tedious. Although I commend MacBride for never discussing Logan's appearance, or giving us more than indirect clues about, e.g his age, I'm not sure I liked how vaguely I could visualize Jackie Watson, Logan's girlfriend. Her behaviour seemed so odd, and guaranteed to make a boyfriend pointlessly jealo [...]

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