The Fog

The Fog A peaceful village in Wiltshire is shattered by a disaster which strikes without reason or explanation leaving behind a trail of misery and horror A yawning bottomless crack spreads through the eart

  • Title: The Fog
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780330376150
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • A peaceful village in Wiltshire is shattered by a disaster which strikes without reason or explanation, leaving behind a trail of misery and horror A yawning, bottomless crack spreads through the earth, out of which creeps a fog that resembles no other Whatever it is, it must be controlled.

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    1. 4.5I almost stopped reading this. (view spoiler)[There is this scene in the first part of the book that goes beyond disturbing. I pushed through it though. I was rewarded by a very good book. You see, I was afraid after that scene that it would be one of those shock for the sake of shock books where gory and disgusting scenes are piled up one after another. Fortunately, that is not the case here. Or, at least, I haven't experienced them as such. (hide spoiler)]The Fog mostly consists of short ho [...]

    2. I have always heard great things about The Fog, so when I finally found a copy of it, I knew I would be in for a treat. Luckily, I managed to avoid any spoilers, so I had no idea what to expect. I love that. I try to avoid blurbs and reviews of boks so I can experience the story with little or no expectations.This book begins with a bang and, fortunately, this sets off a series of ever louder and more violent bangs. For a book published in 1975, it was surprisingly fresh. There were a few scenes [...]

    3. STAY AWAY FROM THE FOG OR YOU WILL GO INSANE!!!!! I am just getting my thoughts together after reading The Fog by James Herbert it was a mind blowing experience to read this author for the first time i must say he is right up there with Stephen King in my opinion i was glued to every word written & at times felt sick reading some of the story, luckily i have a strong stomach it really creeped me out at times but LOVED LOVED LOVED this book READ IF YOU DARE!!!WARNING only read if you have a s [...]

    4. Absolutely Terrifying. Yep, James Herbert you have a fan for life now Its really good to find authors that are from your own country The fact James Herbert the author is from my old hometown! And comes out with the books he does is just mind blowing to me. He is up there with Stephen king for me and is truly Talented I Picked up this book when I was a teen, on holiday, It was a book left in my aunty and uncles holiday Villa, I got into a few pages and it truly disturbed me to the core, to the po [...]

    5. Although dated in certain respects (being published in 1975), I enjoyed this horror/science-fiction novel overall. It is generally fast-paced with strange events already happening within the first few pages - definitely not a slow start! The story deals with a mysterious yellow fog that is blown by winds across the English countryside and whenever humans or other animals come into contact with it, they sooner or later lose their minds and often become extremely violent. At times, the book is lik [...]

    6. I am sure I have said several times that James Herbert was one of the writers I gained my introduction to horror from (the other being Stephen King). Now at the time a mixture of nativity and a limited range of choices (not sure if that is really the result of the former) meant that second hand markets and rummage sales were the only sources I knew of.The result was that I devoured the early Herbert's which left a lasting image (or at least to start with) of English horror - it took the likes of [...]

    7. A brilliant hybrid of a novel. Herbert hits all the highpoints that make a great thriller, then casually crosses over into the horror territory he would soon become an acknowledged master of, with scenes that will stay with you to your grave.

    8. This guy is sometimes called the British Stephen King; he started writing in the mid 70s, same time as King did. Like King, his books were sortof shocking at the time for their violence. Here's his second and best-known novel, and here's what it's about:Despite all the technological advances of science, it seemed survival still depended on the action of a man. One man.Dun dun! The whole thing sounds like that, like the voiceover for the trailer for a shitty movie. But wait I'm not done, I have t [...]

    9. This was a re-read for me. I first read The Fog many years ago, and based on memories of being creeped out by the sense of threatening dread within its pages, I'd given it a four star rating. I've now 'bumped' that to a five.This is early James Herbert; and it's easy to forget how very good his earlier stuff was.

    10. This was my first Herbert experience and man what a start! I love the interludes that we get throughout the novel where we get to see the horrible things that the Fog causes people to do. The book has a lot of gore and gruesome, violent scenes especially for something published in 1975. It also has some very mean spirited kills and I loved every second of it. Devilishly good stuff. The characters were well written from the main protagonist John Holman to even the most minor characters. All of th [...]

    11. The Fog is one of those books that would stare down at me from my fathers bookshelf when I was little. Titles like Wolfen, It's Alive, The Rats and The Fog, with covers so terrible I was scared and fascinated at the same time. Now, I'm trying to find those same books and read them myself, wondering if the stories live up to my childhood impressions.The Fog didn't disappoint. The main story of how the Fog came to be and how it will be destroyed, while believable enough, was a bit boring. It's the [...]

    12. Starts right off with the action; several scenes will stay with the reader for a while! Reminded me somewhat of his novel THE DARK as far as the structure of the novel went I will be catching up on several of his other books soon!

    13. Excellent book by the master of horror. Scary. Nothing to do with the film The Fog by John Carpenter and starring a young beautiful Jamie Lee Curtis. Even though the film is a different story to the book it is a very good film. I recommend both.🐯👍

    14. the story was ok but I never got attached to any of the characters. it's fast paced so it goes by quickly.

    15. I remember looking at this novel when I was a just a kid. Probably about 1977/78 so I would have been nine or ten years old. Just reading the synopsis on the back of the paperback scared me. Throw in the lurid cover art of the New American Library edition and I knew that there was no way in hell my parent's would let me read Mr. Hebert's sophomore effort.unfortunately. Well the decades flew by, but I never totally forgot this book. A few days ago I found a copy (the same lurid New American Libra [...]

    16. Clearly Herbert intends to deliver sharp kicks to the stomach here, but he only succeeds in a few of the more minor incidences of people coming into contact with the fog early on and one or two late in the story. The more visceral sections are quite good, but they're not sustained for long and the author is not operating at a level near them for much of the book. Apart from some successes with minor characters, this is never really engrossing at a character level, despite the focus on the human [...]

    17. This is more like it. As a fan of the author and a completist by nature, I've read a couple of his books lately that were just so so. The Fog was exactly the kind of scary fun ride that Herbert was capable of at his best. Oh, wow, I just edited this changing is to was, that's sad. But I digressFog was extremely graphic (not for the sensitive readers), uber violent, yet very humane at the same time. Herbert's got a real knack for side characters, really fleshing them out despite the fact that the [...]

    18. Three and half stars(I know there could be some mistakes in this review. I’m trying to improve my English, thanks)I wanted to read an horror novel and I found this one. Although the writer is well known -and also the book is considered a classic-, I did not know James Herbert’s works before. “The fog” is not an horror novel like the ones I used to know (Ahem! basically Stephen King’s books and some H.P. Lovecraft’s tales). I consider this book is also a disaster novel, like those mov [...]

    19. Reading a James Herbert directly after a Neil Gaiman is perhaps an odd choice for me. It’s following a writer who is genuinely funny, with one whose biggest flaw is – in my opinion – his distinct lack of humour. I generally find Herbert’s books entertaining, but moments of light relief, let alone jokes, tend to be few and far between. However, even though I didn’t give it the best preparation, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Fog’.As the author’s preface (written in 1988) points out, He [...]

    20. I really wished this book would have been 100 pages shorter with 42% less battles within the fog. Became very repetitive and dull to read. Damn , and I was so excited about It.

    21. Growing up, I was a huge fan of horror, the cheesier the better. James Herbert’s The Rats and sequels were an early stop on my tour of all things gruesome, and I loved it, but somehow the only other Herbert book I’ve read over the years has been Fluke. An impulse to read some traditional British horror led me to pick up The Fog, the earliest of Herbert’s standalone titles.In a remote West Country village, the kind of friendly but stifling little place where everyone stops for a daily chat [...]

    22. This author is recommended as one of the horror greats, so when I saw this book and The Rats on one of my Goodwill adventures, I had to get 'em. I really enjoy horror stories though I don't seem to read them as often as other types, but while looking for my next book to read, I saw this one and it just said to me, it's time. So I went with the flow and started reading, and was immediately drawn into the story, wanting to know what was going to happen next. To be honest, when I picked this book u [...]

    23. On a groupread thread, this book was several times compared to the Final Destination film franchise: much of it consists of a series of set-pieces illustrating the macabre and homicidal effects of a mysterious, mind-altering fog on the inhabitants of the English countryside. These episodes vary in quality, some of them almost achieving the state of self-sustained short stories, including one early on that ranks among the most mind-bending, offensive, horrifying (i.e. awesome) things I've read i [...]

    24. there's an earthquake in this small town, the ground opens up, this spooky fog comes out, starts creepin across the country, people breathe it in, they all go mad, start killing each other and themselves-- it's great! but then it all devolves into some dumb science fiction thing about buried biological weapons and they have to find the "mycoplasma" at the center of the thing and blow it up with explosives and yadda yadda yadda who gives a shit. but in the beginning it's really scary! and there's [...]

    25. This was my first Herbert read and, wow, this was a wild ride til the very end. The first chapter sets it up for you and you really have no idea what to expect, I mean, what's so scary about fog? Everything! Alot of insanity and crazy happenings, even the animals can't be trusted in the fog! A really fun, action packed, and enjoyable read. The characters were very likeable. I especially loved the horrific scenes. I'm definitely a Herbert fan and am already reading another book of his. If you've [...]

    26. Mucho se hablaba de este libro considerándolo el mejor de Herbert. Pero era un inencontrable, desde 1974 no se editaba en español.Tras tener la suerte de conseguir una edición que necesito pasar por el taller y leerlo, puedo decir que es su mejor novela, y lo más sorprendente es que no tiene fenómenos paranormales, ni fantasmas, ni animales asesinos. Un ritmo frenético desde el principio y no decae. Un pueblo recibe un fuerte seísmo que raja el suelo, expulsando de el una niebla, ¿curios [...]

    27. Great book- very readable.I discovered this in an old cupboard, a blast from the past- this is probably the first 'novel' I ever read. I'm not entirely sure how it cam into my possession as an impressionable 12 year old- but to me it came, I know my best friend a t the time read it too but as to who gave it who I can't remember. Anyway it left a massive impression on me. So I hadn't read it for about 30 years, I thought I give it a go. The standout gory bits early on it the book I remembered (in [...]

    28. By the time he died last year, James Herbert was a mainstream success, but his two earliest books, The Rats and The Fog, are nasty, mean, angry pieces of anti-establishment sleaze torn straight out of his id, redeemed by Herbert’s complete conviction to Go There. That conviction is what keeps these two books in your hands long after you might otherwise throw them across the room. Read either book, and especially The Fog, and you’re like a baby gripping a 10,000 volt cable, hands smoking, una [...]

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