Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance

Stranger A Dark Stalker Romance Warning Stranger by Robin Lovett is a scorching intense romance novel featuring an anti hero out to get revenge against the trust fund woman whose family destroyed his life This isn t supposed to be

  • Title: Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance
  • Author: Robin Lovett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Warning Stranger by Robin Lovett is a scorching, intense romance novel featuring an anti hero out to get revenge against the trust fund woman whose family destroyed his life This isn t supposed to be a love story This is not the kind of book where a girl gets swept off her feet Where the hero is her knight in shining armor This is a novel about ruining someone s lifWarning Stranger by Robin Lovett is a scorching, intense romance novel featuring an anti hero out to get revenge against the trust fund woman whose family destroyed his life.This isn t supposed to be a love story This is not the kind of book where a girl gets swept off her feet Where the hero is her knight in shining armor This is a novel about ruining someone s life But even the simplest plans for revenge can go wrong.I like the way he watches me, this man I don t know It s something I ll never confess to, never tell a soul But with one look of those penetrating eyes, I feel as if he s unwrapped me, turned me inside out, rubbed away at my trust fund holding, good girl exterior until I m raw and exposed.He looks like he wants to destroy me Like he wants to obliterate me and my shallow, perfect life until there s nothing left.And once I meet Logan, the crazy part is, I want him to I hate Penny Vandershall.I hate her money and her family and her privilege I hate her innocence and her smile and her shine I want to annihilate her lightness and consume her with my darkness, my anger, my red hot rage until there is nothing left of her.I know the truth about her, the truth that will make it easy to bring her down To ruin her for good But through the blinding haze of my hatred, my burning need for revenge, she s starting to get to me She looks at me in wide eyed fear, like a girl approaching the tiger s cage And yet she refuses to walk away edging closer until she can meet the beast who wants to rip her apart.And even though I set out to ruin her, she may be the one to destroy me.This is a series of standalones that can be read separately or in this order Book 1 Stranger, a dark stalker romance Book 2 Deceiver, a dark revenge romanceBook 3 Keeper, a dark captive romance

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    1. 3.5 starsGenre: EroticaPOVs: Dual, first-personWhat a pleasant surprise this story turned out to be!Penny Elizabeth Vandershal is a twenty-one year-old NICU nurse who's fighting off depression after her father's recent death. She feels abandoned and isolated in life, despite having an older brother and supportive girl friends. This emotionally black period makes her feel rebellious and needy, and she hungers for anything that will distract her from grieving for the only parent she's ever known. [...]

    2. 4 stalker starsRead this review @Readin' Under Street-LampsSo this book was rather intense. Was this the first of its kind for me? No, definitely not. I think I’ve read many books in this theme by now, but this certainly held a certain charm to it. I was captivated, but at the same time, the characters got on my nerves. I think the only proof to that is how long it took me to read it. It took me over 3 days to finish it, and it wasn’t exactly one of those longer books. So yeah there were som [...]

    3. Book Review For: Stranger by Robin Lovett Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance by Robin Lovett My rating: 4 of 5 stars 'Stranger' by Robin Lovett is book One in the New Series " A Dark Stalker Romance". This is the story of Logan and Penny. Penny just lost her father just a few months ago which she is finding emotionally upsetting. Although they were not that close he was still her father. Her brother though seems to hate their father and doesn't understand her feelings. One day she happens to see [...]

    4. 4 Stars - 3 Flames Wowza! I just couldn't put this down. I mean, I TOTALLY knew the entire plot and guessed a few things here and there, but it didn't matter. I was so captivated with "how" it was going to happen that I kept turning those pages until I got what I wanted. And I still want more!!!Penny's dad died a few months ago. She's having a hard time dealing with his death, but something still feelsoff. The only thing that doesn't feel off is that fact that there is a really hot guy stalking [...]

    5. 4.5 "Mr. Devote-My-Life-to-Stalking-People" This book was So Much Better than I expected! To my knowledge, it is a debut book by this author & she knocked it out of the park! The Blurb states that each book in this Dark Series can be read as a standalone. However, if you are going to read them all (which I surely will be doing!) you will need to read them in order. They are definitely interconnected standalones.During the epilogue of this 1st book, the author sets up Deceiver: A Dark Revenge [...]

    6. The first novel by Robin Lovett that I've read, but will definitely not be the last. A unique story that's incredibly well written. Starting book 2 next and am super excited about it! 100% recommend! :)

    7. I have to admit, when I first started reading this one, I couldn't figure out how our heroine's stalker could possibly turn into our hero. And yethe does. Lovett has written a highly original and captivating story. The dangerous tension builds into smoking hot sex scenes. A fantastical idea for a love story that feels impossible until you're immersed in the characters' internal conflicts. And they both run deep. Well done to Lovett.Recommended for those who enjoy dark and deeply emotional romanc [...]

    8. Penny is a young woman who is being stalked by a man in the shadows. Always watching her every move, Even though she is scared, its a thrilling experience for her. She is captivated by the man behind the mask. Logan lusts for revenge and his mark is Penny Vandershall. His world came crashing down before his very eyes and Penny's father is responsible. He executes the perfect plan, walk into her life with a storm and ruin her. But before they realize it, feelings start to come into play They find [...]

    9. ‘Stranger’ quite boldly goes where many romances don’t go, with its questionable take on love (if anyone can even call it that) and revenge that comes in the form of blackmail with sexual gratification and revelation of information as the bartering currency. The subversiveness in the blurb appealed from the start and but it did cross some boundaries into the darker aspects of sex and ‘love’ while juggling some mystery and suspense, so it’s probably not for those who prefer cute reads [...]

    10. ***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***I LOVED IT!!! Stranger is a dark stalker romance which I absolutely adored. Logan stares at her from far despising everything she stands for. Despising HER. He's out for revenge and absolutely nothing will stand in his way. Logan feels hate and rage when he's around her but even his quest for revenge can't deny his sexual attraction to Penny. The sex was off the charts HOT! Penny is still grieving the lost of her fa [...]

    11. He watched her every move. One thought ran rampant through his head. He wanted to destroy her. Take everything away she held dear without an ounce of remorse. Logan viewed Penny as his prey as he hid in the shadows waiting to make a move. When she finally gives in and approaches the elusive man who has observed her every move she realizes that her life is about to change. Having no choice she surrenders to Logan knowing it is the only way to protect her father. As she begins to realize Logan is [...]

    12. Stranger has a scary beginning as Penny notices a stranger staring at her from afar. Logan despises Penny and her family, the rage he feels is burning him up and he needs revenge, and Penny is going to pay. The plan he devises has no faults, or so he thought until he meets the lady and a sexual attraction takes overd he finds himself fighting his changing feelings for her. A rollercoaster of suspense and angst with hot, steamy love scenes that are full of passion. Looking forward to book #2.

    13. This was one book I was really looking forward to reading as part of my summer reading list of authors met via twitter. Very sexy and very dark, and I applaud Robin Lovett for taking on a subject that most romance writers won't touch: stalking. She did so with finesse and the right amount of heat. The hero is definitely a bad boy and, as it turns out, is exactly the prescription that the heroine needs. I'm looking forward to seeing if there's a woman who will be strong enough to take on Penny's [...]

    14. I had the pleasure of reading an early version of this story and I just loved the romance with a dark edge! The stalker situation was handled beautifully by Robin Lovett and I enjoyed watching both characters change and grow. A must read!

    15. 3.5 stars! I’m his prey. I want to be.The blurb in Robin Lovett’s Stranger intrigued me so hard! I wondered how the author was going to make this stalker guy the hero of the tale, and it was a riveting, adrenaline-pumping story.Penny’s being stalked. She sees this guy from the shadows, and though she’s scared, there’s something about him watching her that fires her blood. Until the day she makes contact and her whole world is placed into upheaval.Right off the bat, you’ve got the mys [...]

    16. This book was fast paced and highly additive. At times I wanted to be annoyed with how fast everything moved; but as the story went on, I couldn't help but love it. Penny was a little naïve, but I felt that I like that about her. As the story goes on you see the real her and I loved who she was. Logan wanted revenge but sometimes it doesn't work out the way we want it to, and Logan found that out. He wasn't a prince st the start of the book. I have always been drawn to Broken characters and he [...]

    17. Stranger This story opens with Penny our main character being watched by this blonde haired Adonis (Logan) who stalks her at the hospital she works at. Penny is curious and a bit leary but intrigued by him. Poor Penny is young and heartbroken by the death of her father. Shes just numb to her life. Til logan begins his revenge on her for her father's sins.Logan is consumed in hate for the things Penny's father did to his sister and family. Hes made up a plan since Pennys father is dead to ruin Pe [...]

    18. I received Stranger by Robin Lovett in an ARC in exchanged for a honest review. I am giving this book 5 stars because I loved how the author created this world where it starts off with hate but ends with passion and love. Penny thought her life couldn't get any worse after her father died. Even though she was not close to her dad she still feels horrible that his dead, but her brother on the other hand can't understand why his sister even sad and mourns their father. But Penny about to find out [...]

    19. A romance novel about a stalker?YES! And it works beautifully.Logan Kane is out for revenge and his mark is Penny Vandershall. His life took a dark turn and her father was responsible for it. The only way he can get revenge is to likewise ruin Penny’s life.He has his plan and executes it flawlessly, inserting himself into her life so he can start tearing it down. That is until Logan and Penny start to see what is under each other’s surface. Whether they realize it or not, it is only through [...]

    20. When I started reading the book I thought it would be a dark stalker novel, and were quite pleased with that. It kept me on my toes, and I just wanted to read more.But after a while the story stopped progressing. It became all about the couple in the book and their dark relationship. It was still exciting to read, but it was not why I would like to read this book. I would more have the scary book of a stalker and the fantasy of that type of relationship.I had a feeling while reading this book th [...]

    21. This is a nail biter, an unconventional love story with a hero you'll love to hate - but he is redeemable. Will be writing a review.

    22. Stranger was an exhilarating and psychological read that kept me on my toes. I wasn't sure what would happen next but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I highly enjoyed the chemistry between Logan and Penny and despite the sad and horrible reasons for initially "stalking" her, I felt their chemistry was HOT and combustible with a great story. I can't wait for the next book in this series!After feeling dead inside after the sudden and recent death of her father, heiress Penny Vandersha [...]

    23. I love dark reads and Stranger is definitely dark, truly intriguing and a definite must read. This was my first read from this author and in no way, my last…. I’m addicted! The story-line draws you in, the characters keep you wanting more…always guessing and definitely turning the pages in anticipation. If you are looking for a book that is filled with intensity, revenge, mystery, hate, destruction and of course, heated passion, then look no further. Be sure to add this one to your reading [...]

    24. I really liked this story, but it wasn't as bad or dark as some claimed it would be. I wish he had been more dominate actually and would have liked her to struggle with it a lot more, but all in all it was a great read. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for a honest review.

    25. Stranger was a pretty unpleasant read. First off, I have to warn that if you are looking for a truly dark romance, don't read Stranger, because it's not dark by any means. It's sort of moody and bleak and kind of icky, but it's not dark.Penny is a rich girl grieving for her father, who passed a few months prior. She's got a stalker, a stalker that she sees staring at her all the time. But, he never approaches her, just sits around and stares at her in a really creepy way. Penny is a naive, silly [...]

    26. The premise sounded interesting but the story was too disjointed. And I couldn't connect with either the H/h. I didn't even like the side characters. I realize her brother was afraid that he would be like his father and hurt people but he was not likable at all. And since the next book will be about him, I probably won't be reading that one. Logan the hero has been stalking Penny in order to get his revenge on here her father hurt his sister. He has such an intense hatred of her yet he can't res [...]

    27. This was first dark romance i have encountered. It was different compare to other romance books. Penny’s life seems lost after losing her beloved father. Her life as nurse was boring and mundane but one day she noticed there was a man looking straight at her. He has been stalking her for a week and she was slight intrigued by stranger. What she didn’t know was what would happen to her. Logan had one thing on his mind to avenge his sister. He wanted destroy Penny’s life and take all her tru [...]

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