Stamped Out

Stamped Out First in the Stamping Sisters mystery series Featuring small town stampers who are sure to leave their mark A professional rubber stamper who creates intricate patterns on walls April Buchert is back

  • Title: Stamped Out
  • Author: Terri Thayer
  • ISBN: 9780425223291
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • First in the Stamping Sisters mystery series Featuring small town stampers who are sure to leave their mark.A professional rubber stamper who creates intricate patterns on walls, April Buchert is back home in Aldenville, Pennsylvania, helping her father restore the famous Winchester mansion But when a human skull tumbles out of the rubble, all eyes are on April s father,First in the Stamping Sisters mystery series Featuring small town stampers who are sure to leave their mark.A professional rubber stamper who creates intricate patterns on walls, April Buchert is back home in Aldenville, Pennsylvania, helping her father restore the famous Winchester mansion But when a human skull tumbles out of the rubble, all eyes are on April s father, who oversaw the construction twenty years ago As unexplained deaths pile up and a dangerously handsome carpenter becomes a pleasant distraction, can April chip away at the truth before another innocent victim is stamped out

    One thought on “Stamped Out”

    1. A decent mystery that doesn't involve a current body - rather, it involves a discovered skull that's years old, and the book waits to discover this until after page 45. The story is focused heavily on the protagonist's life and struggles, as well as the small town residents. It's entangled especially with her father, who left them when she was younger because he was gay, and his struggling business. There's also the side-story involving her mother, a woman who never quite let go of the past. The [...]

    2. Unable to continue her married life in San Francisco, April Buchert returns to her roots in Aldenville, Pennsylvania. She is done with her husband Ken who turned out to be a crook and decides that a change for scenery would do get good, even if it means dealing with her divorced parents, Bonnie and Ed, who love to meddle with her personal and professional life. Coming back home turns out to be more of a necessity as she is in desperate need to work again, earn money and to clear her head from he [...]

    3. I am getting to find too many cozy mysteries that I can't put donn. This is the latest one that has caught my interest. April Buchert has left her cheating, lying, stealing husband and her business and gone back to Pennsylvania to work with her father Ed. Ed has a construction business that he runs with his life partner, Vince.15 years ago Ed left April's mother for a man! Since they live in a small town in Pennsylvania, they were the talk of the town. April left town to find a new life in Calif [...]

    4. Glad I gave this book a tryI normally kind of stay away from books where I read a lot of 3 star ratings but I'm glad I tried his one and stuck with it. I have to admit it wasn't quite as compelling as some other books I've read but I came to like the main characters and cared what happened and how the mystery would be solved. It did get fairly exciting at the take-down. And it had the good ending I hoped for. I'll probably read more in the series since I do know a little about stamping and found [...]

    5. This book just didn't make any sense. I think the heroine, April, is bipolar. She goes through the entire book alternately disliking/forgiving her parents for breaking up. She accepts her gay father's partner, but can't understand what her mother's boyfriend would see in her mother. What business is it of hers, anyway? She's 31 and hasn't been home for 14 years so she can just butt out. To wit: April grew up in a small town and moves back home after 14 years. She left Pennsylvania at 17 to go to [...]

    6. I got an autographed copy as she is a local author although this book includes a stamp project but no recipes! Does she not know the only way to sell a mystery in the aughts (00's?) is with a *recipes included* subtitle?

    7. 3.5 stars. I think this was very good for the first book in a series. The ending was very good and as always I didn't figure out who did it ahead of time. I enjoyed that they were solving a crime from the past, it always fascinates me. I also enjoyed the dynamics between the characters.

    8. After the bitter breakup of her marriage which left her penniless and her professional reputation in shatters, April Buchert reluctantly moves back home to Aldenville, Pennsylvania to work with her father. April is desperate for money and to get her life back together, but Aldenville has painful memories for her. She tries to bury those memories, but some come rushing back when, while helping her father on a job, a human skull is found. All signs point to murder and April's father quickly become [...]

    9. I have had this book on my shelf for a long time and finally read it. I needed a break from all of the quilting, design and creativity books I have been reading. I was really pleased with this book! I don't know that much about rubber stamping, so I was concerned I wouldn't get main portions of the book I think that Terri Thayer did a great job writing about stamping in a way that didn't talk down to people who weren't stamping experts. Yes, I still have questions; this isn't a how to stamping b [...]

    10. Great little cozy mystery! I'm already excited to read the next in this series. The main character is likeable, intelligent, and is able to be at the center of the action without making me feel like she's being an idiot for getting involved or making me think that the cops in this town must be completely inept. I love that she has believable, imperfect relationships with her parents who she's just begun living near again after having her life completely screwed up by an estranged husband. Her mo [...]

    11. April Buchert moves back to Aldenville, Pennsylvania after the breakup of her marriage to a jerk, who also ruins her career. She takes little with her from her past. She moves into the barn, a renovation project of her father's and his gay husband. April does intricate rubber stamping on walls and soon falls into a rubber stamping group led by her best friend, Deana. April's father owns a retro construction company, and soon has work renovating an old mansion. But while taking down an abandoned [...]

    12. It was okay. I probably wouldn't pay full price for another one, but might pick up any future sequels from a secondhand store. There were a few instances of me rewriting things in my head to make them less stilted, e.g. "her father was in a holding cell. He was being held overnight." Couldn't the second "held" be "detained" instead? Come on! (That's not so much of a spoiler because it is apparent early on in the book that the protagonist's dad will fall under suspicion). The protagonist is not e [...]

    13. Whoa! This author likes to describe everything, even giving details for the jewelry everyone is wearing and how it was made. Then check out this sentence from the book: "Built on a ridge, the Tudor hunched over the country club and surrounding homes like a vulture, the wings threatening to sweep lesser homes into its maw." Ok? Not how I'd describe anything, ever. Now let's get back to the storyline, but wait, I wasn't really enjoying the story. A bunch of catty women putting each other down and [...]

    14. After reading so many cozy mysteries with minimal, weak or no character development, this one had almost too much. We get to know a lot, sometimes too much, about the main characters' backgrounds and motivations as well as their circle of friends centered around rubber stamping. They are now in their 30s, but we find out many details about high school romances, rivalries and revelries. The most surprising and unexpected characters are a gay couple - April's father and his partner. Another unexpe [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book. April returns to a small town after a failed marriage and business. She's working for her father who runs a construction business with his life partner. I enjoyed that part of the book. It was good to see that her dad being gay wasn't really a big issue for her anymore like it was when she was young. She also comes to terms with her mom who treated her badly after her break up with the dad when April was a teen. The family dynamics are stronger in this book than the actual m [...]

    16. Just when I thought I'd seen it all. Not bad but not my favorite though I am hoping that it all comes into its own as the series continues. I figured out who "done" it way ahead of time (which I almost never do) and some of the plot points were a little forced or unclear and I was not in love with the stamping project at the end (though if you saw my crafty friends and what they are capable of you'd know why). That being said, it was entertaining, the characters were good and I have to give prop [...]

    17. I picked up this book because I had recently read one of the author's quilting mysteries and liked it. This one was not so good. The story line was uneven. April, the title character, was not sympathetic; for a 31 -year-old woman she seemed quite immature. And the mystery itself was weak. Finally, the idea of using rubber stamps to decorate huge walls as a top-notch historical restoration just does not seem plausible, from what I know about historical renovations, and the author never explained [...]

    18. April has returned home to work for her father. But the discovery of a skull in an old construction site makes him the prime suspect in a 10 year old murder. Can April figure out what really happened all those years ago? The plot was painfully slow here with a couple of sub-plots taking prominence. Worse yet, I didn't like the majority of the characters, especially April. I won't be reading any more in the series.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    19. I figured out whodunnit long before the big reveal, but this was still a solid start to a new series. This is the first book, so a lot of time was spent introducing characters and back-stories. I just wish more time had been spent explaining April's job. Only brief mentions of stamps, woodcuts and wallpaper were made, which could confuse the reader. I was really hoping for more history about hand stamped wallpaper and doing reproductions. I'm planning on trying the second book before making any [...]

    20. There were certainly holes in this plot and I figured out the mystery pretty easily, but it was an okay book. I might read more of them . I did expect something else to happen with her soon to be ex, but it never actually happened . The stamping aspect of the book was just sprinkled in and I didn't think it fit all that well. And though we figure out Lyle was the bad guy and its assumed he killed more than one person, we were never told if he also killed George and the others at the nursing home [...]

    21. I really thought this was pretty lame. First, why do we have to read about her father's homosexuality and how tender he and his lover are. Ick. Who cares? Plus, she is so much more approving of her father and his lover than of her mother. Double ick. The mystery part isn't too difficult to figure out early in the book and I really just didn't care for the main character, April. So many doubts and insecurities, and soo much shame! Triple ick.

    22. April Buchert has left San Francisco after a failed marriage and business. She has moved back to the small town where she grew up. She quickly befriends a group of stampers, but after a skull is found at one of her father's construction sites, April realizes that one of her new friends could be a murderer.

    23. I really liked the plot and *needed* to find out who-done-it. But this book seemed to be all over the place. As the characters and sub-plots were introduced, they were explained as well as I would have liked them. I flipped back a few pages thinking I'd missed something. Hopefully the next one will flow just a little bit easier for the reader.

    24. The characters and the events were interesting, and I liked the stamping connection. There was suspense and a bit of surprise in solving it. I'm not sure why I didn't like it more, it just wasn't really compelling. A great cozy, for sure, and I'm going to keep reading the series, but it just wasn't awesome.

    25. Although I've enjoyed other books by this author this was a big disappointment. I easily figured out the ending early on and there were a couple of odd references to racial things I didn't care for. The main character seemed so immature and hard to like as the other reviews state. I'll probably be skipping the second one I checked out from the library.

    26. Okay, so maybe it was fluff, but sometimes I enjoy good fluff. I enjoyed the way the "at home stamp demonstration" and crop party was portrayed. I was very amused by the different ladies in the group, even though they were sort of stock characters. I'm sure they will be fleshed out a bit more in later books.

    27. While on vacation the resort had a book swap area so I chose this one to replace the book I had brought with me. It was interesting and fast paced so a good read for by the pool or relaxing in the evening. I enjoyed it enough that I will look for more by this author when I get home.

    28. I liked reading this book. I knew before the end who did the dirty work so to speak but was still interested in finding out why and how. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. I do hope we get to see more of April and Mitch together and the stamping girls.

    29. I really got a kick out of the California to Pennsylvania details. Both felt true to my experiences. I was actually surprised that a day after I finished the book, I was wondering what the characters were up to.

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