In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight When her mom moves in with her rich new fianc Maddie Sinclair s life goes from trailer parks and thrift stores to a pampered life of luxury on the rich side of town Her soon to be stepdad gives Madd

  • Title: In Plain Sight
  • Author: Amy Sparling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When her mom moves in with her rich new fianc , Maddie Sinclair s life goes from trailer parks and thrift stores to a pampered life of luxury on the rich side of town Her soon to be stepdad gives Maddie and her siblings everything they could want, including unlimited access to a credit card Maddie transforms into a new person over Spring Break What she doesn t expect isWhen her mom moves in with her rich new fianc , Maddie Sinclair s life goes from trailer parks and thrift stores to a pampered life of luxury on the rich side of town Her soon to be stepdad gives Maddie and her siblings everything they could want, including unlimited access to a credit card Maddie transforms into a new person over Spring Break What she doesn t expect is that everyone thinks she is a new student Maddie s new sports car and designer clothes draw in the mean girls, who are nice girls to her now Boys want her attention and girls want to be her friend Maddie finds herself crushing hard on Colby Jensen, and for the first time ever, the popular guy actually likes her back Colby Jensen grew up in his brother s shadow His parents expect him to be the best even though they re struggling to get the bills paid while maintaining the fa ade of a perfect life Colby is sick of pretending like everything is perfect, and he is totally over dating stuck up princesses at school Then he meets Maddie and wonders where she s been all his life She s genuine and makes him laugh When he s around her, he can forget about the drama at home Just when things are becoming perfect, a secret from Maddie s past emerges, threatening to destroy her popularity and everything she s become Maddie knows Colby wouldn t want anything to do with who she used to be Colby just wishes she d give him a chance From the bestselling author of Summer Unplugged and Ella s Twisted Senior Year, In Plain Sight is a young adult romance told in dual point of view Contains mild profanity and romantic scenes Also available In Every Way, a companion novel to In Plain Sight

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    1. I loved itI loved this bookI can feel the love and passion between Maddie and Colby Its almost like I'm in the book watching it all happen. I love that feeling.

    2. Overall Rating: 4 Stars-Book Description: 4-Cover: 5-Plot: 3-Creativity: 3-Simile Use: 4 (minimal usage)-Description: 4 (well-balanced)-Show And Tell Balance: 4This quick, sweet read follows Maddie Sinclair on a journey of discovery about where self-worth comes from and learning that money doesn't define who you are and who you can love. Having lived a rough life she's thrust into a glorious life she could've never dreamed of--not only that, but the popular kids now notice her with her fabulous [...]

    3. The first thing that drew me to this book, was the cover. I had never read anything by Sparling but I decided to jump in. Maddie has had a pretty hard life, but that soon changes. She is welcome to the world of the Rich. There’s Colby whose parents are not financially responsible, but they don’t want him to have a job. He doesn’t date much and you are reminded over and over he’s not like this brother, the womanizer. In the beginning, I was enjoying it, I liked Maddie. But the writing d [...]

    4. Title: In Plain SightAuthor: Amy SparlingGenre: YA Contemporary RomanceMy Rating: 5 hot pink Stars!Swooning Level: 4/5"Please forgive me for taking so long to see you."What happens when the love of your life has been there all along?!?Maddie Sinclair is an outcast, a nobody, the poor girl surrounded by the rich and privileged at her high school. That is until her single mom marries a rich guy and then she is thrust into the world of luxury. With a new house (mansion to be exact!), new clothes an [...]

    5. Cute book.It was a cute Cinderella type story about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak, who's mother meets and married her rich prince. I liked this book but could have been more if you know what I mean.

    6. Growing up , Maddie Sinclair has learned to make do with what she has as they move from home to home and she babysits her younger siblings while her mum works two jobs, just to keep the roof which is, in fact, a trailer over their heads and food which equates to bread and as a special treat - damaged goods like pop tarts from one of her mum's jobs. Maddie has been at her new school for the past four months and is the invisible one. That is until after Summer Break when her life completely flips [...]

    7. *Read more of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot*If you are on the search for a quick and sweet high school romance for the weekend, then do I have the perfect book for you! In Plain Sight by Amy Sparling was an extraordinary read that I purchased back in August, but finally decided to sit down and give it a look through. It took me about an hour and a half to read through this book and I have to say that it was well worth the $2.99 Kindle price!The story follows a high school senior, Maddie Sincla [...]

    8. Well, Amy Sparling did it again!! Really love this book!! I couldn't put it down, I had to finish it when I first started to read it!! Two thumbs up!!(Maddie and Colby):"Please forgive me for taking so long to see you.""Maddie Sinclair is the perfect girl for me, and she's been here the whole time. My angel, my perfect girl, was hiding in plain sight."

    9. Very much a fairytaleSo, this book wasn't at all realistic, but it was cute and cheesy in the best way. I don't care enough to read about the other characters in the companion novel, and for the entire book I was really waiting for Maddie's stepfather to be like a pedophile or something, but it was literally 100% clean YA fun

    10. This was a good book, but everything happens so quickly. I think had it been longer and there were less spelling/grammar errors I could have given this a much higher rating, but it didn't deserve it. I also didn't enjoy how the resolution is within the last ten or so pages of the book. I think this is worth the read, but could have been better.

    11. Young love Nice story about young love. Maddie and Colby struggle to find themselves during high school. Throw in young budding love, money, a past to be hidden, and a mean girl. Those elements make for a great story. Easy read. Good editing. A plot that holds a reader. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

    12. AwesomeI really liked this book, it didn't take me long to read it, and it's awesome. I would recommend it for someone who wants a quick, but good read.

    13. Better than expected, if still a bit on the generic side.Part of my process where I'm evaluating keeping or dropping KU. (So far leaning to drop.)

    14. Such a cute story and very relateable. Most of us can identify with feeling invisible at times and how would we react if we had the chance to start over? I am pretty sure we would all do the same thing. I loved her heart and the love story, and even though things changed for her financially she stayed true to who she was.

    15. Cute high school romance. Very sweet and a good light read. I would recommend for teens. May pass this on to my little sister to enjoy.

    16. I was really iffy to start reading this book. Because in overnight she goes from one image to the next very fast. But once I started reading the book I really enjoyed the book. It kept me interested throughout the book and I was able to see clear images in my head while reading the book. Overall, Very good book, looking forward to reading the next one!

    17. 3.5 because it was too short.Very fun idea, cute characters. It really had the potential to be really great but it was too short. Somewhat predictable but overall a fun read. I would love to read more about this little community.

    18. MehIt was a quick and easy read but the book lacked any substance. Many subplots were left open and unresolved.

    19. 4.5 StarsI didn't expect to like In Plain Sight this much! It was a fast, cute, fun read. I thought Colby reacted too dramatically when Maria exposed Maddie. I mean, that boy is love with the idea of love and then came Maddie, the girl of his dreams, only she's too good for him because she's rich (that's exactly what he was thinking). Like always, Maddie's secret (she used to be poor and created a new Maddie when she moved in with her rich new stepdad) is revealed, Colby acts like the fact that [...]

    20. This book is about a girl that lives in a trailer park. Then one day, her mom announces that she is engaged to her boyfriend (a person Maddie hasn't even met). Suddenly, she becomes the poor girl to a popular girl. Then she meets Colby. Colby is a really cute boy that is part of the popular squad at her school. When Colby spots her, he immediately wants to date her. When the 2 get to know each other, they start dating. But when a secret gets out, Maddie is afraid that her boyfriend and her new b [...]

    21. OK so I read this book in like an hour and a half. I loved the premise, it was fantastic. why only four stars instead of five? It seemed kind of rushed, it was an extremely quick read and I didn't get enough detail. Also, there were several typos. I still recommend it, it was a fun, cute story.

    22. I give this story 5 stars!! it's a cute high school story about Maddie a poor girl the comes from eating bread and drinking milk and going to school were she doesn't have friends and never being noticed. Colby is the famous high school hunk that gets any girl he wants but what he really wants its a real true girl that isn't fake! Their love story is cute and made me cry when her lie comes out.

    23. I can't give this more than 2.5 lime couch stars because it is too straight forward. And the final exaggerated misunderstanding twist is not that twisted. I can say the spelling mistakes got better as it went. It is a cute story and I read it all, but I can't really recommend it. Sorry.

    24. Perfect innocent teen love storyIf you're looking for a cute and innocent love story, this one is adorable. The plot is a little far fetched, almost to the unbelievable point, but it's still a cute quick read without any steamy scences. Just what I was looking for at the time.

    25. Cute couple, Maddie & Colby. She had been in the school for months and was invisible because she was poor and suddenly everyone was looking at her. Of course, her hair was hard to ignore. Sweet YA romance.

    26. I really enjoyed the book. The story line was great but there were a few editing mishaps that fortunately didn't detract from reading it. I would have liked to has seen an epilogue or something. It just seemed like the book ended too abruptly. All in all a good book.

    27. Easy, beach read kind of story, but I felt like the ending was too rushed. I would have liked to have seen a little more of the story of Colby and his parents, but overall, the story was cute and the characters were relatable.

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