Climbing Kansas Mountains

Climbing Kansas Mountains On a hot summer afternoon when there s nothing to do Sam s father says Sam time you and I went to climb a Kansas mountain When they climb to the top of one of the grain elevators full of wheat the

  • Title: Climbing Kansas Mountains
  • Author: George Shannon Thomas B. Allen
  • ISBN: 9780689807336
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • On a hot summer afternoon when there s nothing to do, Sam s father says, Sam, time you and I went to climb a Kansas mountain When they climb to the top of one of the grain elevators full of wheat, they see the patchwork of beautiful fields that is the Midwest s beauty School Library Journal Best Book of the Year Full color.

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    1. A boy is bored one hot summer afternoon in Kansas. His father asks if he'd like to go see the Kansas Mountains. Although doubtful, the boy goes along with his father to see these 'mountains.'

    2. When you were born and raised in a flat enough state like Kansas a book with a title like this definitely intrigues and charms you. It first makes you think of such facts like Mt. Sunflower or even the Oread but those are single features instead of what is suggested in the title of this book. And so as a result I found myself reading the book to know what it was about. The book is a charming book and shows that the child is just about as sure of his state that I am. But it also shows the imagina [...]

    3. Personal reaction- this book is about a young boy named Sam. Sam and his dad go on an adventure to ‘climb a Kansas mountain”. Sam doesn’t believe this is possible. Throughout the book Sam and his dad learn about the ‘hills’ of Kansas. This story is considered a transitional book for children. This book contains multiple paragraphs on one page and a picture on the other. This can be a transitional book because of the longer sentences, paragraphs, and wide range of vocabulary. Children l [...]

    4. I found this at the Athens Clarke County Library on display. I used it for a geography lesson for my geography for teachers class. After reading the story I would ask the students to draw a mountain or a makeshift mountain. I would then ask them to write about an experience where they felt they were on a mountain. I also created a wordsearch that the students can use to remember important concepts during the story. I also would want the students to explain the geography of Kansas compared to Geo [...]

    5. A trip to the top of the grain elevator--a Kansas mountain--allows a little boy to spend special time alone with his father and to view his world from a different perspective. "All the way though town on one straight street,everything in the distance always wrinkled from the heat." Soft, dreamy illustrations.

    6. *Picture Books* I love this book! I am from Kansas and the illustrations are true to how Kansas is, and the moral is really good. The little boy gets to spend time with his father without his siblings, and they come to have their own jokes because of it.

    7. Sometimes the publisher gets it right. Allen, Kansas illustrator said he had Ottowa in mind. Shannon's grandmother still lived there at the time.

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