Outrage A Wall Street Journal bestseller The happy life Faith McMann knew as a wife mother and teacher was destroyed when vicious criminals murdered her husband kidnapped her children and left her for dea

  • Title: Outrage
  • Author: T.R. Ragan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Wall Street Journal bestseller The happy life Faith McMann knew as a wife, mother, and teacher was destroyed when vicious criminals murdered her husband, kidnapped her children, and left her for dead After paralyzing grief, fear, and despair, there was nothing left for her to feel except fury But striking a staggering blow against a brutal ring of human traffickers wA Wall Street Journal bestseller.The happy life Faith McMann knew as a wife, mother, and teacher was destroyed when vicious criminals murdered her husband, kidnapped her children, and left her for dead After paralyzing grief, fear, and despair, there was nothing left for her to feel except fury But striking a staggering blow against a brutal ring of human traffickers was just the beginning of her uphill battle.Though her daughter remains missing and her son is lost in the wilderness, Faith s relentless efforts have reunited some children with their families They ve also made her and the rest of her family the targets of a sadistic crime boss But Faith has learned plenty about survival in the lawless underworld she s storming And she s forged an unbreakable bond with two no holds barred allies in the war against evil As they dodge assassins and take down predators, Faith travels deeper into the heart of darkness, determined to rescue her children at any cost.

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    1. Okay read.T. R. Reagan writes good stories, but too many things are happening. Takes it away from the plot. Human trafficking of boys and girls, and one families struggle to find their missing children. To understand all the characters and what's going on you must read the first book. That's if you're really interested reading this series. Hopefully next book has a good ending. These books comes with audio and they were free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

    2. The second book in this series. The first was so great and a five star read for me. I was disappointed in this next book, felt it lacked in a few areas. A bit gutted to be honest as I was expecting it to go to even higher levels than the first book.I highly recommend still the first book and don't believe this was a bad read at all, just in comparison it paled (for me). I felt the plot here was a bit sloppy and all over the place instead of having that tightness it needed, some of the sub-plots [...]

    3. Second in this series, you're really missing out if you haven't read Book 1 FURIOUS This is definitely one of those series you really need to read in order.In Furious, Faith McMann loses her husband to murder, and then the same men who killed her husband take her two children.She's made it her mission in life to find her children dead or alive.In Outrage, her friends Rage and Beast join to help her in her search. Following one thin thread after the other, and working her way through pedophiles [...]

    4. Really did enjoy this second book in this series,only thing was lack of surprises in this book but very emotional book,faith trying to find her children from traffickerse danger she's in her family and friends rage beast and vinnyeat read looking forward to the third book.

    5. Outrage starts off where Furious, the first book in the Faith McMann trilogy, ended. These really should be read in order. Faith's children, Hudson and Lara, have been kidnapped and are believed to be in the hands of a human trafficking ring. With the aid of her family as well as Beast and Rage, two people Faith met at an anger management class, Faith is trying everything to find her children and bring them back home.Outrage was non-stop heart pounding action and emotion from start to finish. I [...]

    6. I received an ARC from NetGalley!Outrage is the second book in the trilogy about human trafficking. I had just finished Furious, the first book, when I started this one. Ragan spent little time rehashing the events of the first book and quickly started advancing the plot.Again, the fierce love of mother, Faith, for her children shines through. She and her family and friends demonstrate extraordinary courage and determination to find the still missing children, Lara and Hudson.But again, the youn [...]

    7. Wow. I think I like this book even better than the first book. The story moved along quiet well and never dragged. Fast-paced, heart pumping, movie like quality book. Kind of surprised the ending was so abrupt. Definitely will be reading the 3rd book.

    8. FantasticThis series just breaks your heart with what these children go through. The story is great and you feel the pain of the characters.

    9. One's suffering helps to reveal one's true self. Without suffering, it is difficult to see the true glory of a rising sun or imagine the struggles of a single blade of grass as it pushed its way through the soil. If you had to use one word to review and draw others- it would be INTENSE. The intensity is real when dealing with Human trafficking and the suffering it brings to many who are unseen and unheard. This book is a voice! Read it and know what is going on. Faith McMann's family is sufferin [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book but I should have read the first book in the trilogy. There is little reference to previous events in book 2 .I loved the characters, Faith is one strong lady. A well written crime thriller, full of dramaby a good author. I look forward to book 3 in the series. Thank you Net Galley for my copy.

    11. This review can also be read at mcdawnreviews.wordpress/2Once again I was granted access to another great read from NetGalley in exchange for my review. The first book in this trilogy, Furious, was such an intense ride through all sorts of emotions. With that cliffhanger at the end I was itching for the second one to come out and super excited when I was able to start reading it. Outrage started right where Furious left off so you're brought right back into the heart pounding, nail biting feelin [...]

    12. Faith McMann - a mother tiger trying to protect her cubs - and don't get in her way!To get the very most from this book, you owe it to yourself to read the first book in the series FURIOUS. I had read FURIOUS previously but I went back and re-read it before starting OUTRAGE, this second book in the Faith McMann series, and I'm glad that I did.Faith is a mother who has been through hell. She saw her husband, who she loved dearly, killed in front of her and almost dies herself. And her two young c [...]

    13. This is a really good book for a second installment in a series, but I didn't feel that it had the same amazing zest as the first book. While I liked the growth of the main character and the story line itself, I felt like the writing could have been a bit ore fluent in some places and that some of the dialogue felt a little false. Still, this is a mental endurance race that will keep you wondering what is going to happen next and make you want to turn the page. It is easy to relate to and sympat [...]

    14. In the second instalment of TR Ragan's Faith McMann trilogy we see Faith continue the search for her children who were snatched from their home while their father was savagely killed in front of Faith.The reasons behind this become clearer but this doesn't take away the fact that it's so far-fetched and unrealistic that I found it a bit of a chore to read with the only intention of finishing it so that I could plough into the next book on my ever-growing TBR pile.Having said that, I may be tempt [...]

    15. Wow! This series is edge-of-your-seat good! About sex trafficking and a mother whose young children were stolen for that reason. The mother is after revenge and to get her children back. I will be delving into the 3d book of the series next. T.R. Ragan has become a favorite author of mine!

    16. The plot and thoughts of this story is so ridiculously TRUE that it truly is Outrageous and Sick, so be Outraged Folks and One click Now. And then tell others to read it and for them to tell someone! Because this story should be told, as hard as I am sure it was as hard to write about as it was to read but we Need to read it and to share the news for others to read! bravo to the writer T.R. Ragan and her publisher Thomas and Mercer for giving us this nasty insight into a very bad world Our world [...]

    17. I won this book in a giveaway. encourages, but does not require, winners to review the books they've won.This is book #2 in a trilogy. I was going to wait until I'd read all three books to review this one, but I find I'm having trouble bringing myself to start book #3 in the trilogy. The subject matter is difficult to deal with. In this trilogy, Faith McMann's children are kidnapped by child traffickers and she goes after them. I won't say any more than that about the plot because I don't want [...]

    18. Okay I'm reviewing both Furious and Outrage together because I just don't have enough proper words to adequately review them both separately. No spoilers. These are intense books. Human trafficking, sex slavery, violence - these books don't shy away from the hard topics. They are not overly explicit but they do adequately relate these issues. Faith is an extremely strong woman. She is hardened by the loss of her children but she uses the anger she feels to fuel not only her determination to get [...]

    19. Book 2 picks up at the very place book 1 leaves off and I was so glad Ragan didn't insert any significant time like weeks or months in between. She has done an excellent job of making this reader feel the urgency of the situation she has put her main character, Faith, into. Faith McMann is a 4th grade teacher. Well, she was until the day her husband was killed in front of her and her children abducted. Then she became Furious and set out to find her children, and in the process expose and take d [...]

    20. Reading this series has made me more aware human trafficking and the horror that it is. The books are powerful and told from a personal point of view. I've been touched by the stories more deeply than any movie or TV show. And I'm left with the feeling, "What can I do?" These are evil people who kidnap and sell women and children for sex. The people who pay and participate are just as evil. This series is not just for awareness. It is a great thriller with horrible bad guys and gutsy good guys, [...]

    21. How do you actually make child trafficking so boring?This story was drawn out, and like other reviewers have said, there are far too many side stories going on to keep track of the main line up of characters. I also have a hard time feeling like Faith has really watched her husband get murdered, and her children kidnapped. I get she's on a rampage to find her kids, but I just don't buy the strength and resiliency in the wake of such horrific tragedy.Even though it's free through my Kindle Unlimi [...]

    22. Possible spoilers, so if you haven't read the summaries of the booksor the books themselves, don't continue reading here. The second book in the trilogy was just as engaging as the first. Action filled, with character development to fill in. I got to know a lot more about the other main characters (besides Faith), and their stories are just as interesting as hers. This one ends with part of Faith's mission accomplished and some of the aftermath of that. It also sets up the last book to the point [...]

    23. 4 1/2 - 5 stars!Outrage is book #2 in the Faith McMann Trilogy. As the story continues, her children are still missing, and her family, friends, and herself have been targeted by the boss of the human trafficking organization that has her kids. While the truth is discovered about why all of this has happened, they continue to search for anything and anyone who will lead them to the children. This part of the story focuses on the children more, what they are going through, and what they're willin [...]

    24. Outline of a bookA fast moving story which sort of grabbed mebut there was little meat to it. It's a good outline but lacks subtlety, depth, or character development. The good guys were good and the bad guys really bad. No nuances. Scant back stories, with only the most superficial exploration into what makes the characters tick. Read it if you want some fast action with à strong female lead character.

    25. A ruff read if you have children, can't wait to start on the last book of this series.This is the second book of three in the series, and it leaves you wanting to find out hopefully a happy ending. Have read other books by T.R. Ragan. Keep in mind that some of her books can be difficult, to read and not for the faint of heart. Also, this puts things out there, that are unfortunately are real.

    26. Be sure to read the first in the trilogy, Furious, or you'll struggle with the characters. I am enjoying both the story and the band of not-so-merry men and women who are bound together in a heart wrenching search for 2 children ostensibly kidnapped into a sex trafficking ring. I was actually shocked when this one endeduntil I remembered there's a third, which is already locked, loaded, and ready to go!

    27. Although I find the books to be slightly unrealistic (as in I think that Faith would be totally dead in real life!), I am really enjoying the series. The subject matter is heavy (human trafficking, child prostitution.), but the story remains hopeful. It is also very eye-opening to find out what is really happening under our noses.A fast-paced, interesting read. Hard to put down!

    28. Yea! Really, Really Good!Book 1 was Furious. Outrage is book 2. Wrath is the next one. I cannot wait. These books are so good! I want to fight bad guys with them. What would you do if your children were kidnapped? I'd like to think that I would be as relentless and tough as Faith. I hope you read these books and like them as much as I do. Happy Reading.

    29. This quickly has become one of my favorite series about a truly god-awful subject, child sex slavery. Fortunetly this author seems to have a firm handle on how to tackle this subject matter; with swift and fully justifiable violence and retribution.Faith McMann along with her friends and family are still looking for her kidnapped children, exposing more disgusting child predators along the way and the truly frightening real-life scope of operations such as these. There are a staggering amount of [...]

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