The Withered Arm

The Withered Arm She bared her poor curst arm A jealous lover s curse and an ingenious party trick feature in these two suspenseful stories set in Hardy s imaginary Wessex One of new books in the bestselling Little

  • Title: The Withered Arm
  • Author: Thomas Hardy
  • ISBN: 9780241251607
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • She bared her poor curst arm A jealous lover s curse and an ingenious party trick feature in these two suspenseful stories set in Hardy s imaginary Wessex.One of 46 new books in the bestselling Little Black Classics series, to celebrate the first ever Penguin Classic in 1946 Each book gives readers a taste of the Classics huge range and diversity, with works from around She bared her poor curst arm A jealous lover s curse and an ingenious party trick feature in these two suspenseful stories set in Hardy s imaginary Wessex.One of 46 new books in the bestselling Little Black Classics series, to celebrate the first ever Penguin Classic in 1946 Each book gives readers a taste of the Classics huge range and diversity, with works from around the world and across the centuries including fables, decadence, heartbreak, tall tales, satire, ghosts, battles and elephants.

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    1. Hardy ha vuelto a sorprenderme con una novela corta muy tenebrosa con retazos de fantasía oscura de por medio.Las ilustraciones de Julia Sardá simplemente PERFECTAS

    2. Overall a good read! First tale was about a woman named Rhoda Brook, who had a secret affair with Farmer Lodge, with whom she bore a son. Stricken with jealousy when Farmer Lodge had a new wife, she accidentally cursed the new wife Gertrude through one of her dreams. Second tale was about a bunch of thieves and a gentleman named Hubert, and how he outsmarted and caught them. Language is old but I thought it fit the narrative of the two tales. Length was also perfect, particularly for the first t [...]

    3. Il braccio avvizzito 4I Winter e i Palmey 3.5La tomba presso il segnale indicatore 3.5Appuntamento nella fortezza antica 3L'anfiteatro di Maumbury 2Barbara di casa Grebe 4Il violinista delle contraddanze 3.5L'autore riesce a farti immaginare ed imprimerti nella testa le sue descrizioni, in modo immediato e duraturo. Si leggono bene, ma non credo possano esser definiti 'horror', non so, mi sembra forzato. Hanno delle venature cupe e tetre, superstizioni e coincidenze inquietanti, ansia sì ma pau [...]

    4. I really enjoyed these two short stories. I've been meaning to read Hardy for some time and this was a great taster. Will definitely check out some of his longer works now.

    5. 3.5 stars.My love for Hardy's novels is well-documented, but it had never occurred to me before picking up this collection that he might also have written short stories. In fact, when I bought this Little Black Classics edition, I was anticipating poetry. But no, I got two short stories. Two very un-Hardy-esque short stories, much to my surprise. One plays with supernatural and gothic elements (albeit ambiguously) and the other has more of a medieval setting than his usual oeuvre. This was not a [...]

    6. A canonical story from victorian times. A short and delightful story to pass the time. Also comes with the short story "The Robbers who couldn't help sneezing". For 80p I can't complaint about it: it is well written, if a little baroque, as most writers of the time did. Perhaps the only thing missing is a little elaboration on the end of the story. To leave it at that is a very modern thing, but I do miss a litttle more info on what happened "after the fact" (those who read it will know what I'm [...]

    7. To judge this book on modern standards will not work, the writing style is very much of its time and is all the better for it.Two enjoyable tales of the country that are vivid in the way they trigger the mind to see the words.The title story, although as a predictable ending is handled with skill in the hands of such a writer as Hardy.The second story, The Thieves Who Couldn't Help Sneezing is a fun little story that should bring a smile to anyone.More Thomas Hardy please.

    8. Stories more steeped in folklore and local storytelling than I am used to from Hardy. Read as part of my project to read more of his work in 2017. These tales were rather more lighthearted and fanciful than his larger Wessex novels. On the basis of this, I would be keen to read more of Hardy's short fiction.

    9. The Withered Arm: 3 ⭐️ Without giving too much away, nothing is what it seems or what we thought. Story detailed and draw out for most of story then wrapped up with too much speed at the endThe Thieves Who Couldn't Stop Sneezing: 4⭐️ charming little tale.

    10. Just read 'The Thieves Who Couldn't Help Sneezing' as I read 'The Withered Arm' in 'Wessex Tales' earlier in the year.

    11. I rather enjoyed this story, even though it was really short; it was well-written, detailed, and you felt for the characters. I always love reading Hardy and this was no exception

    12. El brazo marchito es el primer cuento que leo desde hace tiempo y me ha permitido recordar porqué me gusta tanto este formato. También lo difícil que es que una editorial apueste por publicar cuentos, o libros de cuentos, aunque los haya infinitamente más interesantes que ciertas novelas. (¡Gracias editorial AstroRey!). Éste cuento en concreto, concentra con pericia la ambientación, los sucesos, los personajes y las sensaciones de toda una novela en unas cuántas páginas, en las que no s [...]

    13. This short story follows the life of a young woman who marries a farmer of good fortune and a milkmaid. The young wife becomes inflicted with a withered arm as the title presents.The story was surprisingly detailed for being so short. Quickly, I became very involved in the character's lives and the ending although predictable was enjoyable. However, it was also very abrupt. The lead up to the events at the end was very slow-paced and then everything seemed to happen at once. The ending was hinte [...]

    14. 1. Oxford level 12. 10/07 = 30 minutes ( if I stay = 60 minutes)3. Rhoda, Gertrude, dream, arm, man, hanging,son4. Rhoda's ex-husband married again. she wanted to know his new wife but don't want to see her. one day, Rhoda had a a little terrible dream about his new wife, Gertrude. however they were getting a good relationship. Gertrude had a withered arm and it was like the marks of fingers. Rhoda found it was because of her dream. they knew the truth of her arm and Gertrude wanted to cure for [...]

    15. El brazo marchito es uno de los primeros pasos de una joven y prometedora editorial, que apuesta por la narrativa ilustrada apara adultos. Solo por eso ya merecería todo mi respeto, pero es que, además, lo hace con una sensibilidad y exquisitez notables. Admito sin rubores que no me había acercado a una obra de Thomas Hardy hasta ahora, y que ha sido precisamente el formato de libro ilustrado el que ha eliminado esa barrera o, mejor dicho, ha despertado mi interés. La historia merece la pena [...]

    16. 1. oxford, stage 12. 20/05/2016: 10 mins, 25/05/2016: 70 mins3. a woman; a boy; the wife; milkmaid; farm; jealousy; the dream4. A woman who works in the farm; milkmaid doesn't like the man's new young wife. She jealous of her. The new wife was in her dreams as a phantom. 5. I couldn't read whole this book, but I know this book is interesting. The scene which the woman always envy the new wife is understandable because I am a girl.

    17. I racconti di questo piccolo libro vengono considerati "gotici", ora la differenza tra racconti gotici e dell'orrore mi è assolutamente sconosciuta, tendo a pensare dipenda dall'epoca in cui sono stati scritti, o magari dall'assenza di lupi mannari, licantropi o vampiri, anche se per esempio nel primo potremmo pensare di essere in presenza di stregoneria. A parte questo si fanno leggere ma non restano particolarmente impressi.

    18. The Dithered Arm 10/8=90 minutes Farmer, milkmaid, dream, wedding-ring, ghost, curse, hangman, "You must put the withered arm on the neck of a hanged man." Sometimes, I suddenly don't know whether it is real or a dream. In a dream, we can see and touch everything. It just happens in the dreams, but it may affect the real world, like this story. Is it a kind of "DeJa-Vu" ?

    19. This is the first book I've read by Thomas Hardy, and I really enjoyed it. Far from the Madding Crowd is on my list, and I hope I pick it up soon!

    20. Las ilustraciones son preciosas y la historia una delicia. estoy deseando leer más de este autor. La edición de AstroRey está maravillosamente cuidada.

    21. 1.25h??? Very disappoint. Much boring. Didn't enjoy the characters, the story was just bland for me, even with that little twist in the end. Yeah. Not a fan, unfortunately.

    22. ***1/2 i due racconti lunghi mi sono piaciuti molto ma nessuno di questi lo avrei definito dell'orrore! :)

    23. I've always enjoyed Thomas Hardy's writing style and this little short collection does not disappoint. He always has a twist up his sleeve and I love the unexpected turns his tales take.

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