Ma Jiang & The Orange Ants

Ma Jiang The Orange Ants When her father and brother are called away to war Ma Jiang finds a unique way to trap the orange ants that her mother sells in order to make a living

  • Title: Ma Jiang & The Orange Ants
  • Author: Barbara Ann Porte Annie Cannon
  • ISBN: 9780531302415
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When her father and brother are called away to war, Ma Jiang finds a unique way to trap the orange ants that her mother sells in order to make a living.

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    1. "Ma Jiang and the Orange Ants" is set in China long ago. Ma Jiang is a young girl whose family collects orange ants and sells them as a living. These ants protect the orange groves by eating insects that attack the oranges. Usually Ma Jiang's older brothers and father climb the trees to collect the ants, but the emporer has called them off to war. During this time Ma Jiang is left with her mother and baby brother. They have no way of catching the ants and become poor until one day Ma Jiang figur [...]

    2. This book is great! It is set in China 'ages ago', and follows the story of Ma Jiang. Ma Jiang is the second youngest child; she has two older brothers and a baby brother named Bao. The Ma family previously made their living by collecting orange ants (which are used to protect orange groves) and selling them to local farmers. However, when Jiang's father and older brothers are drafted into the war, Jiang, Bao, and their mother must find a way to survive. Jiang, who is too small to climb the tree [...]

    3. Taken from Booklist review:" Young Ma Jiang's family make a comfortable living harvesting carnivorous, tree-dwelling "orange" ants and selling them to fruit growers for pest control. When Ma Jiang's father and brothers are conscripted, Ma Jiang and her mother must struggle to make ends meet. Because she is a daughter, Ma Jiang has never been taught how to gather ants, but seeing them swarming around a glob of honey spilled by baby Bao gives her an idea; the ant traps she devises by smearing hone [...]

    4. This story is about a young girl name Ma whose families catches and sells orange ants at the market. She was brought up to weave and care for her baby brother and so when her brothers and father are sent off to war she is not able to catch the ants. Her mother struggles to make it but then she meets a man at the market who trades her for some honey. She takes this home and gives her children a taste the following day Ma’s younger brother is hungry and she gives him a bit of honey. A little of [...]

    5. Ma Jiang and the Orange Ants by Barbara Ann Porte, was a really interesting book. The book talks about a family in China who sold Orange Ants for a living. The men of home would climb trees and take the next of orange ants and sell them in town. But one day all of the men in the house were taken away by soldiers to help build a fence to the north. One day Ma Jiang accidentally discovered how to capture ants safely to continue the family business with the use of honey and bags. Thanks to Ma Jiang [...]

    6. Ma Jiang and the Orange AntsBy Barbara Ann Porte Age: 7-11The art work in this book was amazing. This book is about a little girl name Ma Jiang and how her family grows oranges for a living. When the Emperor recruits the men in her family to the army she has to find a way to collect the orange ants. She never learned because the men in her family did this. But she stumbled upon a method that she soon taught the men in her family once they returned. I really did enjoy this book and the message be [...]

    7. This was a milti-level story that will delight any child. There were many elements to the story, but they will not confuse less experienced readers. It is about a clever young woman that finds a way to support her family while her father and brothers are away at war. Her little brother is growing up and they face the constant fear of bandits. The story ends happily and gives a brief history of China at the end of the story.

    8. A fictional tale about a practice and business that is over 1000 years old in China--selling "orange ants." I liked the importance of family in this book. I liked the watercolor pictures. I got over the Anglicized parts of the story. But perhaps that would make this book more easily accepted and understood in a story time. The story being as different as it is might also help. But I still worry that it would be a bit slow for the kids.

    9. When a life gets harder, there's a miraculous way to survive one's turmoil. This picture book brought my memories of my ancestor's. As I grew up in S.Korea, and my grandparents went though a war, I heard so many stories how they had survived. The story is layered with moral values, the illustration is dynamic, the narration flows seamlessly. It's absolutely compelling story.

    10. A lovely historical fiction story with beautiful watercolor illustrations. It was quite interesting to learn of the use of the orange ants and how the family caught and sold them. A lovely look into the culture as well and the characters were sweet. An all around enjoyable tale with educational value and a great message about ingenuity.

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