Princess Jellyfish, Vol. 1

Princess Jellyfish Vol THE LONG AWAITED STORY OF FANGIRLS TAKING ON TOKYO Special large size in edition of over pages One of the best anime and manga for beginners Enthusiasm geeky and otherwise is power in Princess

  • Title: Princess Jellyfish, Vol. 1
  • Author: Akiko Higashimura
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE LONG AWAITED STORY OF FANGIRLS TAKING ON TOKYO Special large size 2 in 1 edition of over 400 pages One of the best anime and manga for beginners Enthusiasm geeky and otherwise is power in Princess Jellyfish Enthusiasm saves the day and paves the road to the future Kotaku Princess Jellyfish s ambition is simple to tell a delightful story in a delightf THE LONG AWAITED STORY OF FANGIRLS TAKING ON TOKYO Special large size 2 in 1 edition of over 400 pages One of the best anime and manga for beginners Enthusiasm geeky and otherwise is power in Princess Jellyfish Enthusiasm saves the day and paves the road to the future Kotaku Princess Jellyfish s ambition is simple to tell a delightful story in a delightful way It s a pretty deadly one two punch Anime News Network Loaded with heart, soul, humor and insight About STINGING BEAUTY Tsukimi Kurashita has a strange fascination with jellyfish She s loved them from a young age and has carried that love with her to her new life in the big city of Tokyo There, she resides in Amamizukan, a safe haven for girl geeks who regularly gush over a range of things from trains to Japanese dolls However, a chance meeting at a pet shop has Tsukimi crossing paths with one of the things that the residents of Amamizukan have been desperately trying to avoid a beautiful and fashionable woman But there s much to this woman than her trendy clothes This odd encounter is only the beginning of a new and unexpected path for Tsukimi and her friends.

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    1. 3rd book finished for BTAT2017! Completed the challenge "read a book in a day"This manga was so cute and geeky and funny! Also the art was 10/10

    2. Of all the truth-is-weird manga to flit among Japanese publishers over the past decade, PRINCESS JELLYFISH is a clever work of metafiction whose time-capsule feel engenders as much respectful humor as it does eyebrow-raising nostalgia. It is an acquired taste: crossdressing, otaku privilege, filial apathy, culture-driven depression. PRINCESS JELLYFISH, for being so simply and shallowly written, nevertheless offers readers plenty to dwell on as they peer through the windows of a twenty-first cent [...]

    3. "To share a pot with a stylish girl is to dine in hell!"Finally!!! I have been waiting for the longest of times for this to be translated into English. I was super tempted to buy the French edition and fake my way through it. (Which I might still do.) No need to fake it now. This was everything that I imagined it would be and so much more. It was breathtaking and now I need the others to follow along soon. I have never read anything so unique and different when it comes to manga. They kind of sh [...]

    4. I'll be honest. When I first heard the title, I thought this was some odd magical girl manga. I think I was thinking of another series, but I seriously thought that for a long time. I'm surprised I never picked it up before nowAnyway, my initial thoughts from the title turned out to be totally wrong. This is not a magical girl. This is the story of a girl who meets a cross-dresser and learns that there is power in your appearance. Anyone who knows me would know that normally a message this shall [...]

    5. Amamizukan is not your average apartment building. For one thing, it’s a small, old-fashioned building of the type rarely seen these days. More importantly, all the residents are fujoshi (“rotten women”) who for one reason or another have fallen outside the society-approved get job/get husband/have kids way of life for Japanese women. These eccentric women fear the “fashionable”, and especially fashionable men, which is why Amamizukan is also know as the “Nunnery.”Tsukimi Kurashita [...]

    6. I loved this first English-language volume of Princess Jellyfish. I wasn't sure I'd like this when Shea and I originally decided to read this for the manga monthly show, and this was because my expectations were off base. I thought with the "princess" in the title, this might be something more akin to cute, fluffy shojod there's nothing wrong with that, but it just wouldn't align with my tastes. I was sorely mistaken. This is a sophisticated narrative on a variety of levels, and I absolutely lov [...]

    7. 4/5 stars.I liked this! It took me a bit to get into but I really enjoyed it. There's so many different characters and personalities in this story, I'm intrigued to read more. :D

    8. 4 stars. This was so freaking cute! I absolutely adored this manga. The story is weird and hilarious, the characters are so lovable and adoring and the art style is super stinking cute. This was just a big ball of fluff. It doesn't take itself too seriously and yet it somehow manages to have a lot of heart to it. Tsukimi is a great and endearing character and all of her roommates were interesting. The dynamics between all of them was perfect and so much fun to read about. I'm not sure where this [...]

    9. I must say, I absolutely loved the anime, but like many animes, it was produced faster than the writer could finish the manga, and was seemingly cut off a bit short. Excitingly enough, the manga has finally been serialized in the United States by Kodansha Comics, and it is absolutely amazing!Please, do not judge this by the title. Princess Jellyfish is about a group of five otaku girls all living in an apartment building called Amamizukan. Lets not forget, they are all NEETS (not employed, exper [...]

    10. I received this manga in my Landfall Freight box which is female focused comic book subscription box. (amazing, check it out). Anyways, I was a little skeptical. I have been thinking about getting into manga for a little while but didn't know where to start. I have had this for more than a month but I figured, why not?This was absolutely amazing. It took me a little while to get used to the reading left to right and to get the hang of some of the names and language because they do skew toward Ja [...]

    11. I would lean more towards four & a half stars on this one.This was a whole lot of fun! I haven't read manga in ages & as I flicked through 'Princess Jellyfish' I realised how much I'd miss the humour and over the top characters that manga often provides. This book had me laughing out loud. I love the drama that's mixed in with the story, including the little love triangle that's going on (classic manga trope) & I love the topics this book is covering in terms of identity, sexuality, [...]

    12. A little busy in some of the panels and since I'm not very used to reading right to left, that made it harder to keep everything straight. I like the premise quite a lot, the jellyfish theme, combined with the lets-save-our-home theme. Banba is hilarious. (But what is up with that Inara person? She's awful)Ok fine. I'll read the next book.

    13. Finally, a josei manga that isn't a BL! I'm pretty sure there are many of those out there, but this is just the first I've found in North America. I really enjoyed this, I might continue on with the anime since its only 11 episodes.

    14. I. Love. This. So. Much.I've actually been collecting the series for a while, and I think I read the first volume/first half of this omnibus when it came out, but I wanted to wait a while before reading more. Princess Jellyfish is ridiculous. It's also hilarious, occasionally heartwarming, and, probably best of all, it's josei, which is what I've really been wanting to find more of. I still enjoy a lot of shoujo, but I'm getting too old for the teenage drama (and finding characters cute).The art [...]

    15. After watching the anime years ago, I finally decided to pick up the manga. And I absolutely loved it. It's full of humor and adorableness that I enjoy. The characters are just so fun to read about. I'll definitely be continuing the series in the future.

    16. Actual Rating: 4.5Aww, this was such a cute and funny start of a manga series! I love all the women in the Amar and seeing all their geeky passions. I've found it's difficult for me to find a nonfantasy manga that I enjoy but I'm sold on this one! The culture saturated throughout is completely fascinating and I'm looking forwards to reading more.

    17. strange, almost like a tanizaki pastiche. nevertheless it had a really deep effect on me im tryin to understand

    18. Fun read! Parts were a little unbelievable with characters not being recognized when they were not dressed up and put together but overall an enjoyable read. I liked the inclusion of a young adult cross dresser who does not try to hide it from anyone.

    19. Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, Volume 1 by Akiko Higashimura4/5 StarsPros: + Art is beautiful, colouring is beautiful, jellyfish are beautiful. + Not same face syndrome at all! Everyone has different hairstyles, body types and even face structure! + The multiple POV is very nice. You get both of the main characters narrating their daily lives to their mothers, which allows for some nice parallels and a few touching scenes. Also, I got The Rose of Versailles flashbacks thanks to Kuranosuke's [...]

    20. Reread of volumes 1 and 2, I believe, now that I own the recently released omnibus. Original reviews for both were 4 stars. There are a lot of reasons why I love this series. The first and most simplistic reason is that it makes me happy. The premise is sweet and a little sad without being overly angsty. It's just kind of fun. There are things happening in this series that I've never seen in manga/anime before. It's fresh and fun, a little zany without being over-the-top, and highly relatable. S [...]

    21. I am so excited to finally have an official, physical copy of this manga on my shelves! SO here I go, I'm going to try to properly express how much I love this series and hopefully someone out there will read this long, rambly review and be like "This passion, this excitement! It is so me!" and they will read the manga and they will also feel the way I am feeling. I hope.I have loved the Princess Jellyfish anime since it aired because at that point in my life, it was the most relatable anime I h [...]

    22. Princess Jellyfish is one of my favourite shoujo manga and it's probably not what you're expecting from the title. It's the story of a group of female NEETs who are forced to overcome their social phobias when a redevelopment project threatens their home.The art is crisp and clear and the story is very light and easy to read. Portrayals of middle aged women (especially otaku) is rare in manga and this title reflects them in a positive way - showing their social awkwardness and obsessive tendenci [...]

    23. 3.5 stars. I asked a manga fan for book recommendations, and he said "I hate Princess Jellyfish but you might like it" - I wasn't sure whether or not to be insulted so I decided to check it out. I actually did enjoy it - the pacing felt right on, and I read most of it in one sitting. There's some cute, distinctive main characters, and it's somewhat queer (one of her main love interests cross-dresses). Ultimately, despite recent efforts I think manga still isn't my thing, so I'm done with the gen [...]

    24. I truly and thoroughly loved this book! It was so good! I can see why people would say that it is a good intro to manga. They do an amazing job explaining everything! It's funny and heartwarming. I can't wait for the next one to come out!

    25. Just not feeling this. I can't say that there's anything in particular wrong with it, I just don't feel any need for a nerd ensemble piece in my life right now.

    26. I would never have read this based on the cover or the description. SO glad I read a review of it online! SO funny, so heartfelt, with a fast-paced plot and plenty of good drama.

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