The Summer We Danced

The Summer We Danced Shall we dance After a humiliating divorce and watching her former rock star husband leave her for a model live on reality TV Pippa is determined to disappear So she returns to the small Kent village

  • Title: The Summer We Danced
  • Author: Fiona Harper
  • ISBN: 9781848454651
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shall we dance After a humiliating divorce and watching her former rock star husband leave her for a model live on reality TV, Pippa is determined to disappear So she returns to the small Kent village where she grew up to make a fresh start.Little did she know that would mean saving her beloved childhood dance school or falling for her old school crush Tom too

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    1. 5 - "If you've got it, flaunt it!" Stars!I really enjoyed this novel, it’s kind of a cross between one of my favorite films Stepping Out in that it’s set around a small town dance school, run by the inimitable Miss Mimi D’Angelo, and the TV Show Strictly Come Dancing, in that it includes a whole host of different characters all bought together by their love of Miss Mimi, Dance and the friendships that it forges.Told from Philippa Hayes point of view, having returned to her hometown of Elmh [...]

    2. Rating: 3.5/5This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books.The Summer We Danced is bursting with rom com vibes.After being publicly dumped by her rock star husband, Pippa retreats to the small town she grew up in to make a fresh start. Of course it's not going to be that easy.  There's a man, there are many feelings, and there's a dance studio in trouble!I read a wide variety of genres—if I had to choose I'd say sci-fi was my favourite— but even I need a break from spaceship [...]

    3. 4.5 StarsThe Summer We Danced is an enjoyable book that features the glamour of Ginger and Rogers style of tap dancing, a dance school fighting for its future, Pippa's re-awakening as a single person after her humiliating divorce and her old crush Tom, and his relationship with daughter Lucy. I've read a few of Fiona Harper's books before, and think I am enjoying each new release even more than the previous ones. The setting of a village in Kent, and Miss Mimi's Dance School is a great way to in [...]

    4. This book is just one big warm and fuzzy cuddle of nostalgia. It has old Hollywood musicals, old friends, an old home and the teenage crush that got away. Yet it looks forward to, encouraging all involved to move on to a new life of maybe not bigger but certainly better things. It’s charming and fun and packed with lovely feelings that I enjoyed from start to finish – and every time I had to put it down I was left humming Top Hat and Cheek to Cheek for hours.I really liked Pippa. Even though [...]

    5. The Summer We Danced,  Fiona HarperReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre:  Romance, Women’s FictionI’ve read a few of Fiona’s books, but not for a while so I looked forward to reading this one. Its been a fun read but it didn’t really engage me in the way others of hers have. She had this kind of easy to read style thats perfect when you just want something light and easy that can be put down and picked up later. Poor Pippa, bad enough that she’s supported her husband all the w [...]

    6. Pippa used to be an excellent dancer. She was so talented that she could have done it professionally, but something stopped her from going through with it. After a painful divorce from a famous rock star Pippa now lives in her hometown again. She feels humiliated and alone. Because she wants to do something that makes her come out of her shell she goes back to Miss Mimi's to take dancing lessons, exactly like she used to all those years ago. Even though Miss Mimi is in her eighties now she still [...]

    7. The Summer We DancedThis book is a must read for anyone that has romance in their hearts.Storytelling at it's best.Very highly recommended.Thank you to Fiona Harper and for the pleasure i derived from reading this wonderful book.Truly magical.

    8. This was a delightful story that I greedily devoured. Fiona Harper has created such a lovely storyline that involved community spirit, making new friends, opening your heart to new love. It was inspirational, entertaining, heart warming and just so lovelyPippa has returned to her family home following a very public break-up from her husband who left her for a glamour model he met whilst he appeared on a reality TV show. She is heart broken and feeling low and just wants to disappear in this slee [...]

    9. Pippa’s story is about perseverance in the face of diversity. Made to look a complete fool in front of the whole nation by her twerp of a rockstar husband, she has become lost in her embarrassment and grief.The loss of her husband, reputation, home and her figure, all at the same time.That’s enough to make anyone a wee bit depressed.In an attempt to get back into the swing of life Pippa heads back to her old dance school. and even older dance teacher.Pippa finds herself battling with old bod [...]

    10. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the advance copy of this book.The story centres around Pippa, living on her own in her parents old house. Her ex husband is a famous rock star who cheated on her in a reality TV show. Pippa is feeling sorry for herself having spent Christmas on her own and having put on double her body weight!! A suggestion from her sister prompts her to go back to her old dance school, where she used to dance as a teenager. Here she finds her old teacher Miss Mimi s [...]

    11. It's not difficult to fall into Fiona Harper's charming chick-lit The Summer We Danced. Pippa's life is a wreck, her rockstar husband fell for another woman live on reality TV, she's put on two stone, and she's moved back to her parents' place in the sleepy village where she grew up. And, naturally, everyone knows why she's back and likes to gossip about it.And then there's Tom. The guy she had a crush on when she was a teenager, with his cheeky smile and a fresh divorce of his own. There's stil [...]

    12. Thanks to the publishers for this Arc copy in exchange for an honest review. I have never read any books by Fiona Harper before but i really enjoyed it. It tells the story of Pippa ,who moves back to her home village after she gets divorced. Living alone, and wondering what to do with her time, she takes up Tap dancing with the one and only Ms Mimi. Pippa used to dance as a child and soon picks up the tap steps. After Ms Mimi falls ill its upto the girls to cheer her up. But what can they do. Al [...]

    13. Such an excellent book I struggled to put it down as just wanted to find out what happened next such excellent story line and wonderful characters such an easy read with romance and will certainly make you smile. Lucy has left her husband and moved back to the family home she wants to make friends with people so goes back to the dance school and learns tap but does she find love along the way and reunite with an old lover how do they both cope now they have both moved on and both been married. C [...]

    14. This was a lovely feel-good book set in a village around a dance studio that has been there forever. Pippa has returned to her old home after her divorce and to try and gain a bit of confidence, and lose a bit of weight, and she turned to her old dance school run by Miss Mimi, who also taught Pippa to dance when she was a child. Miss Mimi is now in her eighties and Pippa ends up helping her run the school by sorting out the admin side and, after Miss Mimi gets ill, helps her recuperate by helpin [...]

    15. After having a horrible humiliating breakup with her husband , Pippa decides to go back home and start her life again while meeting some of her old friends too. When she realises her favourite dance instructor is in need of some help it's just the thing she needs to help get her mind of her personal life!This was a lovely feel good story , Pippa is a great friend and that is just what some of her old friends need when she comes back to the village . This is a story about friendship, love and goi [...]

    16. Oh what a lovely book! Being a Strictly fan, but with 2 left feet, I love watching and reading about dance.The story of Pippa's return to her home village, Miss Mimi's dance classes and the lovely Tom's crazy ideas about himself, is a lovely, warm, feel-good read.Lots of misunderstandings, tentative reachings out and some fabulous secondary characters all make for an interesting story. Sometimes it does take other people to point out the obvious about ourselves!Fab book, wish I hadn't finished i [...]

    17. When her rock star husband leaves her for a younger model, Pippa goes back to live in her childhood home in Kent. After months spent inside mourning her marriage, Pippa decides to get back into the world by attending tap dancing classes at her old dance school with the now 80-year-old Miss Mimi. Soon, Pippa finds herself busy trying to save the school from failure and trying to deal with her feelings for her teenage crush, Tom. It's a romantic, moving and enjoyable novel, but what I loved most w [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book. MetLineRating 4*, Jubilee.It's the tale of Pippa, who returns to her childhood village after the humilation of her ex=husband leaving her for a reality TV model! It's about friendship, self-belief, finding something you love and a smattering of smouldering romance. A fun, fabulous read - it's like a big hug! My thanks to Harlequin for an advance review copy, which I received in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    19. I love books set in villages, this is set in a village so hit the mark. There is dancing, romance and laughter. Makes one want to take up dancing

    20. I really enjoyed this book, i read it within a few days as i couldn't put it down! Its very relatable and easily engages you within the characters lives. Great Read. I would recommend.

    21. I won this book on a goodread giveaway . Strichtly in a novel a really happy upbeat dance themedromance. A great uplifting summer read with a feel good factor

    22. Thank you to Mira for providing me with a copy of The Summer We Danced in return for an honest review.The setting for the story is Elmhurst, a sleepy Kent village with a fantastic community spirit, and the story centre's around Miss Mimi's School of Dance and the villagers' efforts to save the ailing school.Pippa Hayes is a likeable heroine who has returned to her childhood home in order to lick her wounds after going through an all too public and humiliating break-up with her now ex-husband, wh [...]

    23. Review first posted on my blog 'A Spoonful of Happy Endings': spoonfulofhappyendingsspoPippa has always loved dancing. When she was younger she spent most of her time at Miss Mimi’s Dance School and dreamt of becoming a professional dancer one day. Until she suddenly dropped out and moved on with her life, eventually getting married and forgetting all about dancing. When her rockstar husband takes part in a reality show where he falls in love with someone else, Pippa finds herself going back t [...]

    24. Originally posted on: albainbookland/2016/05 The Summer We Danced is a cute story about finding yourself again, love and dancing, lots of dancing. I think the dancing scenes and references were the part that I enjoyed the most, so if you love dancing yourself or watching old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, this is your book.The story focuses on Pippa, who returns home after her "kind of famous" rock star husband dumped her for a younger model. As you can imagine, Pippa's self esteem is at [...]

    25. The Little Shop Of Hopes and Dreams was one of the first reviews I did on my blog and when I saw that this book was up I was very excited. I was expecting a warm, inviting, homely read and that was what I got. We meet Pippa who is back at her childhood abode in the village of Elmhurst after her marriage fell apart very publicly as a result of her rock star ex boyfriend. Pippa is feeling sorry for herself, which usually would lead me to thinking a character is overly negative, and yet you can’t [...]

    26. I have read a few Fiona Harper books but I have to say that this isn’t my favourite, although it is still a nice cosy, entertaining read all the same. Pippa has been humiliatingly dumped publically by her rock star ex husband and has retreated to her home village to lick her wounds and make a fresh start. When she decides to return to her old dance teacher, Miss Mimi, to learn tap and finds out that the dance school is in trouble, she throws herself into finding a way to save it. But is she to [...]

    27. Returning to dance class changes Pippa for good! She needs a lifestyle change among others and I think it's a testimony to the writing that, to use Pippa's own words, happiness leaked out of my eyes at the end. And before then for each little achievement she makes. She was so down at the start, assuming she knew what people thought of her, when in fact they weren't thinking things at all. All areas of her life need work, and the new friends and frenemies she meets all contribute that. She suffer [...]

    28. I received a copy of this book for an honest review. I love Fiona's books there is something so uplifting about them. I love the fact that between dancing there is a lovely little romance going on. You don't have to love dance to love this book, I really enjoyed it and learnt some things about dance too.All the characters are good and I liked the sound of Miss Mimi. I got swept away with the whole story and I am looking forward to Fiona's next book with great anticipation.

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