The Code Girls

The Code Girls A heart warming and inspiring story of incredible women on the home front during World War II from the author of The Bomb Girls Can four girls protect a whole country It s and the country has bee

  • Title: The Code Girls
  • Author: Daisy Styles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A heart warming and inspiring story of incredible women on the home front during World War II from the author of The Bomb Girls Can four girls protect a whole country It s 1941 and the country has been turned upside down For the aristocratic Walsingham family this means being pushed unceremoniously upstairs while their grand home is taken over by the Army But for A heart warming and inspiring story of incredible women on the home front during World War II from the author of The Bomb Girls Can four girls protect a whole country It s 1941 and the country has been turned upside down For the aristocratic Walsingham family this means being pushed unceremoniously upstairs while their grand home is taken over by the Army But for newcomers Ava and Maudie this is a chance to get something from life They are at Walsingham Hall to become code girls and break German encryptions.So being sent downstairs to work in the kitchens isn t exactly what they had in mind But they do their duty, make new friends and soon even romance looks to be on the horizon Though life is tough, it has never been exciting Meanwhile, upstairs, Lord Walsingham is hiding something And Maudie and the girls realize that the safety of their country might actually be in their hands after all .

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    1. The name of this book is quite misleading. I thought I would be reading all about the women who learned to code and their lives. While there is a part of it about code, the actual Code Girls are just mentioned as to how they were fed and where they stayed while on the course. The rest of it is all about the girls who worked downstairs in the kitchens.An easy read for a wet Sunday or a day at the beach.

    2. Novels set during WWII are one of my favourite genres of reading, so when I saw "The Code Girls," I just knew I had to read it. I'm fascinated by fiction and non-fiction about Bletchley Park, and the amazing work that went on during the War, to defeat the tyranny of the Nazis and the Axis Powers. Wise Churchill, correctly called it 'the Golden Goose that never cackled.' Imagine my disappointment when what I thought was a book about the code-breaking girls of Bletchley Park wasn't. Just a backgro [...]

    3. I am no stranger to books set during this time, but they are usually based on the home front, so this was a little different. It follows 4 main female characters as they go about doing their bit for the war effort, even if it wasn't quite what they were expecting. Along the way they form strong bonds, and there are many ups and downs as they make their way through the second world war.This is the first book I have read by author Daisy Styles, but it certainly won't be the last. I am amazed at ho [...]

    4. I haven’t previously delved into historical fiction before in my spare time, so I felt this book was a really great starting point. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed reading about World War two in the form of fiction. Although some of the topics were heavier than I was used to, the author still managed to make it easy reading most of the way through. The whole feel of the book had a cosy and warm hearted vibe to it, even though the setting wasn’t so uplifting.The title suggests that [...]

    5. Actually, I read the wrong book. I had seen Satya Nadella on The Daily Show. He is the CEO of Microsoft. A few days later, the Wall Street Journal asked several celebs what books they had recently read. Nadella, whose name I would not have recognized without having seen The Daily Show, mentioned Code Girls. Unbeknownst to me, there are two books with the same title. The one I read takes place in England during WWII, while the one to which he referred is about American code girls. I double checke [...]

    6. I absolutely loved this World War 2 saga. Its a brilliant story about the cooks and code girls at Walsingham Hall. The stars of the book are Maudie, Ava, Ruby and Bella. They are new friends who have the extremely difficult task of cooking with rations for the Walsingham Hall family and the code girls. The work is very tiring but over the years they all find time for romance. There is great drama with a few tears along the way.

    7. Daisy Styles has done it AGAIN! There i am sitting reading what i think is a lovely story with lovely happenings and then BANG out of nowhere she breaks my heart, just like in 'The Bomb Girls.' If you have not tried either of Daisy's books yet, what are you waiting for!!

    8. We owe women in WWII more than we think. Sure, Rosie the Riveter built tanks and planes, USO girls served coffee and doughnuts to servicemen, and nurses cared for the wounded. All of these were useful contributions, but perhaps not so useful as the accomplishments of the titular code girls. Daisy Styles has written a thorough history of the thousands of women who were recruited by the US government to break the codes used by the Germans and Japanese. Women who were usually relegated by society t [...]

    9. Quiet Interesting look at the women who worked in secret decoding German and Japanese messages during WWII. Sometimes the details are a little petty, but overall nice look at their lives during WWII.

    10. I think I would have enjoyed this book more if it hadn't been for all the mistakes and such. Even so, Daisy Styles is still a good writer and I look forward to reading more of her works in the future.

    11. One of the best books I have read recently about women working to decode Japanese signals during WW2. Love the interviews with the gals & real life stories.

    12. I really enjoyed Daisy Styles 'The Bomb Girls' so was overjoyed to find she had written another set in the same era. I have always been fascinated by Bletchley Park & the code breakers so I was a bit disappointed to find that this really didn't involved much code breaking for most of the book. It is because of that I did not feel able to give it five stars.Nevertheless this is a really good story with interesting likable characters The era is captured very well and the action moves at an enj [...]

    13. The Code Girls is the second book from author Daisy Styles following on from her thoroughly enjoyable début The Bomb Girls. Over the past year I have become an even firmer fan of wartime sagas, be they set in World War One or World War Two, and it's great to discover a new author who brings a different slant to a topic which has been covered in minute detail many times before. Similar to the first book The Code Girls follows a group of women during World War Two when conscription for women beca [...]

    14. If you're going to write historical fiction, Ms Styles, do some basic research:*the miracle of the rescue of the British troops took place at DUNKIRK - not Normandy (for goodness sake, just watch the movie if you can't be bothered reading a history book!);*NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN was PM at the start of WW2 - not Clement Atlee, and it was Chamberlain who sombrely announced in 1939 that: "this country is at war with Germany." There are many people alive who remember him giving the speech. (Getting tha [...]

    15. I read this on the KindleThis was a good one you have Ava & Maudie who both are good cooks in their own way but sign up to be in communications but are when they get to the place they have to go to are cooks they find Ruby who is & has been since she was 14 in the service of the Lord & Lady of the houseAnnabelle is Lady Annabelle who is the youngest daughter & is ignored by most of the family, she gets the Brig to take her on the code cause, she also makes friends with the downst [...]

    16. This must be the most mis-named book ever! I've read some from the author's Bomb Girls series, about- not surprisingly- women working in a wartime bomb factory. So, seeing Code Girls I immediately thought Bletchley Park, codes and ciphers, Nazi spies, etc. Errr, noTwo of the main characters, Ava and Maud, sign up to train as code girls and are sent to a requisitioned stately home in Norfolk. Where, as they're both cooks, they are immediately sent to work in the kitchen. There they meet Ruby, a h [...]

    17. A disappointing book in that it was presented as a story of the WW II girls who coded and decoded messages during the war. Expecting to read an engrossing technical story of the programming and cryptoanalysis that was done, the book instead turned out to be a Harlequin style book, not about the girls who were being trained as coders in an English mansion but instead about a group of girls who were rejected as coders but put to work as cooks in the basement of the mansion, preparing meals under w [...]

    18. It is 1941 and the call has gone out to the women of England to do their bit for the war effort. With stately homes requisitioned as well for the war effort, things look as if they are never going to be the same again.For four young women, the war will bring them a life that perhaps they would never have had if Mr Hitler hadn't declared war on England. Ruby is a servant at Walsingham Hall which, much to the disgust of the Walsingham family has partially been requisitioned for war work so when Ma [...]

    19. A lovely light entertaining read, full of believable characters who soon became friends as you lived the events with them, some Characters disappointed that they didn't become the Code Girls they had set out to be , but none the less had important roles to play & eventually did end up breaking Codes if not in the conventional way! Having heard stories from family members who served both at home & in the Armed forces during WW11 I could identify with much of what was happening maybe more [...]

    20. An amazing story of the strengths and contributions of women in WWII if a bit hard to keep up with all of the different names. What saddened me, probably in this era of #MeToo, was that women gained so much in that time of need only to be shoved back and shackled to the home or the "accepted" professions, like teaching afterward. It took many years for women to again reach out into careers and is still in process, although the harassment hasn't changed, as we've seen. It was as if those years an [...]

    21. The title is a misnomer in that although the girls apply to be code girls they are forced to be cooks and the book is more about derived recipes than it was about decoding messages. I felt that in an attempt to move quickly through the story the historical setting played second fiddle and it was more about getting the girls married off than providing a realistic entertaining storyline. Not my kind of thing although I am sure there is an audience for it.

    22. I think I wanted to like this book more than I actually did. I did listen to the audio book so the descriptions of some of the codes was tedious instead of interesting. I think I would have really enjoyed that aspect if I could actually see it. I also realized that I'm not all that interested in WWII. That aside, I learned a lot and was very impressed by what these women were able to do. Some of the anecdotes were fascinating even though I'm not interested in the war as a whole.

    23. The Code GirlsThis book gave me lots of history. The characters who I got to know had me laughing, crying and sitting on the edge of my seat. Staying up to read just one more chapter. Thank you Daisy Styles for your wonderful books. Keep them coming. I advise anyone to read this book.

    24. Even when times of tough!Another heart warming story well written and I couldn't put it down. This time based in Norfolk and although called code girls this isn't what the book is about. Love in the face of adversity, friendship, good times and bad. Can't wait for the next one.

    25. I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.The title is misleading because the main characters are not code girls.Saying that this is still a nice, good feel story.Well worth taking to the beach.

    26. Wonderful storyg women who definitely affected the outcome of WWII and helped save lives. I love the fact that the author completed the story by telling what happened to each of them up to the present day! Long but worth finishing( had to check it out twice)!

    27. I got this free through giveaways!This was truly a delightful book. I found myself smiling, laughing, and crying right along side the characters.

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