The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well

The Book of Hygge The Danish Art of Living Well The most beautiful guide to the Danish custom of hygge the everyday life philosophy for better living Hygge is a feeling of belonging and warmth a moment of comfort and contentment This beautiful li

  • Title: The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well
  • Author: Louisa Thomsen Brits
  • ISBN: 9781785034466
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The most beautiful guide to the Danish custom of hygge, the everyday life philosophy for better living.Hygge is a feeling of belonging and warmth, a moment of comfort and contentment This beautiful little book will help you to find hygge and embrace it every day Make a pot of coffee, relax in your favourite chair and discover for yourself how life is better with hygge BThe most beautiful guide to the Danish custom of hygge, the everyday life philosophy for better living.Hygge is a feeling of belonging and warmth, a moment of comfort and contentment This beautiful little book will help you to find hygge and embrace it every day Make a pot of coffee, relax in your favourite chair and discover for yourself how life is better with hygge Best book for the philosophy of hygge You Magazine a philosophy for mindful living The Guardian Her book is a thing of beauty Irish Examiner

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    1. Почти книга-медитация.Q: Иностранцу сразу видно, что есть в Дании датского. Hygge (уют), tryghed (безопасность) и trivsel (процветание) — три отличи­тельные черты датской культуры и человеческих взаимоотношений. Samfund — датское слово, обозначающее общество в целом, имеет также значение [...]

    2. This is a beautiful little book, with some gorgeous images and some lovely sentiments. Hygge is something that seems both delightful and yet also deeply claustraphobic. Part of me gets the feeling that the emphasis on Hygge is a reaction to a Danish past where showy, violent one upmanship was the norm. Having read a few books about life in Denmark I am not sure that I could survive in a society that seems to value group cohesion and conformity above all things. In some ways I get the feeling tha [...]

    3. The main thing I took away from this beautiful little book, was to appreciate the small things in life. This may seem really obvious, but in reality it is something that can be quite difficult to remember to do with a busy lifestyle. It is certainly something at this moment in time I need reminding of. The book encourages you to really examine the relationships you have with the people and surroundings in your life, to appreciate and cultivate them into something that makes you happy. To create [...]

    4. I won Louisa Thomsen Brits' The Book of Hygge from a Books Are My Bag competition on Twitter, and couldn't have been happier with my prize. As an object, the book is beautiful; it is a sturdy yet compact hardback, which has been filled with the most lovely and calming photographic accompaniments, some of them double paged spreads. Thomsen Brits' book is essentially a manual on hygge, and she demonstrates how to notice the little moments and take pleasure in everything. Hygge is a big thing in my [...]

    5. This is a beautifully produced book, lovely to hold in the hand, with an attractive cover, lovely illustrations, and printed on high quality cream paper. It clearly explains the concept of 'hygge' and all it encompasses; a blend of mindfulness, cosiness and sincerity; a focus on people and relationships rather than things and business. It also makes Denmark sound like a wonderful place to live, a sort of egalitarian utopia, and it is true that it regularly appears towards the top of any quality [...]

    6. Naprosto zbytečná kniha o tom, že pohodu a spokojenost naleznete v místech, kde se cítíte bezpečně a s lidmi, které máte rádi. Autorka pořád dokola mele to samé a celé je to úplně zbytečné a receptu na štěstí se nedočkáte. Ilustrující fotografie jsou podle mě depresivní. Celkově vzato zcela vyhozené peníze a promarněný čas, který jsem mohl věnovat něčemu užitečnému. V podstatě cokoliv by bylo užitečnější než čtení této knihy.

    7. A bit on the heavy side - more of a philosophical/historical guide to hygge. It's worth noting that the author is making a donation to a homeless charity for a every copy that is bought.

    8. Koncept hygge je zaujímavý a som rada, že som si o ňom mohla niečo ucelené prečítať. (Opäť sa mi potvrdilo pravidlo - neplať za knihu, kým ju neprečítaš.)Myšlienkové podanie (a trochu aj grafické) je na úrovni úmorne repetitívnej dlhokánskej bla bla powerpointovej prezentácie. Z textu úplne cítiť, že ho písala cituplná žena, čo nie je samo osebe zlé, ale potrebovala by som taký nejaký rozumovejší pohľad na vyváženie - teda ďalšiu knihu.A prečo som čít [...]

    9. procitajto/2017/01/16/hyg Riječi nastaju iz kulture, povijesti, podrijetla i mjesta. Oblikuju ih vrijeme i navike te se pričama, obredima i vrijednostima prenose s jedne generacije na drugu, zapisala je Louisa Thomsen Brits u uvodnom poglavlju svoje knjige Hygge : sretan život na danski način. Neke su riječi, doista, povezane s podnebljem kojem pripadaju ljudi iz čije povijesti i kulture izviru, govornici čije su se priče, davnih dana, oblikovale u krugu čvrsto povezanih tijela okupljen [...]

    10. This book was quite boring. The most interesting parts were the quotes from other writers! If anything, it made me want to read their works, so I shall list them here in case anyone wants to skip a step and just go straight to the sources. The writers she quoted are: William Morris, Sensual Home by Ilse Crawford, Annie Dillard, Gaston Bachelard, Erich Fromm, Tove Jansson, Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life by Thomas Moore, and Ordinarily Sacred by Lyn [...]

    11. With Spring just around the corner, I'm kind of over the whole "let's get cozy in front of the fire with hot cocoa and fuzzy slipper-socks" thing. Cabin fever has set in with a vengence. Probably not the most optimal time to read a book about Hygge.Still, it was all right. Much more accessible than other Hygge books I've read. For example, this Hygge book didn't try to sell me candlesor encourage unhealthy eating habits, like binge-eating cakes and pies and such. This book also didn't suggest th [...]

    12. Un livre rapide à lire, quoi qu'un peu répétitif, sur ce sujet tout doux qu'est le hygge. On revient sur son histoire et ses différentes caractéristiques et c'est plutôt intéressant. Mais pourquoi avoir choisi cette couverture austère pour un sujet aussi doux ?!

    13. This was a warm little book, interspersed with relevant quotes in large type (I like that!). The entire book is about the essence of hygge; I was hoping for a little more instruction but what the author did was kindly impart, in friendly details, all you'd ever want to know about hygge. She's Danish so I trust her POV. While the book isn't quite what I expected, she does a nice job. For me, the photos inside and the quotes are the best parts. Truly beautiful.

    14. It's beautiful, no doubt. It's vaguely inspiring. It also meanders around the topic with no clear direction and a host of ephemeral pleasantries. However, points for including excellent quotations from other writers.

    15. I'm partway through, and I'm glad I stuck with it! It's very repetitive, but there are gems hidden inside.I'll finish it, but honestly, a shorter book with more pictures like it has would have been better.

    16. I like the idea of this book, it's more of a slow down and smell the roses theory. Live in the moment, take joy in the small things and use your "special" dishes every day.

    17. A beautifully produced lovely little book which in itself is a little bit of Hygge. With a focus on finding the special in the everyday rituals of life, and on the importance of pausing and making the time to appreciate what we have this is a book which makes you realise that Hygge is more than a Scandinavian way of living but is something that we should all welcome into our lives. Peppered throughout with beautiful photography and thoughtful quotes this is a joy to read and a book that I will r [...]

    18. While the book is not hard to read in just one afternoon, I think the author is repeating herself a lot in this little book. That made me often think, that I was reading the same page or chapter.What I liked in this book were the beautiful pictures.

    19. Yes. A beautiful little book that says the same thing over and over and over again. 2 stars instead of one because it has good photos and design.

    20. I enjoyed this book. Reading it was a pleasant experience and learning about Danish culture was interesting. However this book became extremely repetitive and long winded.

    21. Beautifully laid out and written. It is poetic and mindful -- full of quotes and encouragements to recognize beauty in the simple, mundane aspects of everyday life.

    22. I'm interested in the concept of hygge, but I found many of the ideas here a bit too abstract. What is heartening is that this book stresses that hygge is not something you can buy, but something relatively easy to create. I simply found some of the ways Danes incorporate it into their lives a difficult concept for someone not used to having it come naturally to them.

    23. This book does a decent job of covering the concept of hygge but it doesn't really get into practical application aside from the two or three stereotypical examples - candles, warm drinks, blankets. There are better hygge books out there with more engaging authors full of ideas for applying hygge into your life.

    24. Prý je to nejslabší z hygge knih, což docela doufám. Je to pěkné a inspirativní, ale že hygge je sednout si ke krbu a mít pohodu, s lidmi, které máte rádi, s oblíbeným čajem, v dece, se svíčkou, se dozvídáme neustále dokola a ve všech kapitolách je víceméně totéž.

    25. The photos were serene and beautiful. Poetically written. HoweverLighting candles and lanterns, gathering around open fire, textiles and tactile objects, connection, contentment, intimacy, mindfulness, presence, ritual, togetherness and warmth were the most discussed concepts leaving me with an unrealistic concept of Danish utopia. More questions were raised than answered.

    26. Meet basic needs. Middle class over upper class. Simplicity over luxury. Candles, fireplaces, and lanterns.

    27. Requested this book accidentally when I meant to request a different book on Hygge. I didn't like this one. It was very repetitive and didn't really say very much about anything.

    28. I read this one because I see Hygee is becoming a trend among many of my friends, so I wanted to understand more about the true meaning of "Hygge". I love to read about different cultures and their habits and customs, and what Hygge encompasses is a beautiful thing indeed; but when you start to build your life around Hygge as a principle, you quickly place yourself on a very slippery slope (not all fall down the hill, of course, but they still find themselves on a very slippery slope). Hygge can [...]

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