TFS Theseus

TFS Theseus Welcome to the Pelaran Alliance With those simple words the Guardian spacecraft openly revealed itself to Humanity heralding a new chapter in its year long mission to cultivate our world Earth s

  • Title: TFS Theseus
  • Author: Tori L. Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to the Pelaran Alliance With those simple words, the Guardian spacecraft openly revealed itself to Humanity, heralding a new chapter in its 500 year long mission to cultivate our world Earth s population must now make its first, planet wide decision join the most powerful alliance in our galaxy, or chart our own course deciding for ourselves which civiliza Welcome to the Pelaran Alliance With those simple words, the Guardian spacecraft openly revealed itself to Humanity, heralding a new chapter in its 500 year long mission to cultivate our world Earth s population must now make its first, planet wide decision join the most powerful alliance in our galaxy, or chart our own course deciding for ourselves which civilizations are worthy of our trust Will we be the first world to decline the Pelarans invitation, or does their offer come with an implied threat Aboard Terran Fleet Command s flagship, TFS Navajo, Admiral Kevin Patterson assembles his formidable but untested forces in hopes of defending the Earth Knowing that an attack is imminent, he must risk everything in hopes of finding his enemy and taking the initiative Returning from TFC s first battle, Captain Tom Prescott learns that his frigate, TFS Ingenuity, is heavily damaged than expected Now he must race against time to prepare a new ship, then execute a daring mission to save Earth s last and best hope of avoiding full scale interstellar war _________ TFS THESEUS is the second book of the Terran Fleet Command Saga by author Tori Harris The story is typically associated with the military science fiction, space exploration science fiction, colonization, first contact, genetic engineering, space opera technothriller, galactic empire, or alien invasion categories.

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    1. Enjoyed and can't wait for moreNice and easy read that is interesting and compelling. Loved it and will definitely read the next installment. Well written

    2. As I have noted in other reviews, I read a lot of military science fiction, because it tends to be more disciplined in its thinking as a genre than other subgenres of sci-fi, let alone fantasy. Why do I think that is important? Because good story-telling means taking a few good ideas and seeing how they would play out if they were true. I try to exert that level of discipline in my own writing too. A lot of sci-fi and fantasy is weak because it is undisciplined - if the writer gets in a corner t [...]

    3. Waiting for the next. Good read. Keep them coming. Good science fiction. Looking forward enjoying to further story developments. Encourage readers pick up book one of the series.

    4. TFC saga. By Tori HarrisI read all of Book 1 yesterday and all of Book 2 today. Both were GREAT books. Nonstop action. I recommend these two first books in Tori Harris' new saga.

    5. Good BookSecond book in stage series and it is good. Picks up where the first left off and ends with a hanger.

    6. Excellent follow upThis book is. Very well written, and edited well. After surviving their first battle in space, the ingenuity crew come home and find themselves with another mission, and a new, more powerful ship awaiting them. The Theseus is a 3 times as big, and more powerful. With a splinter faction of the Sajeth collective known as the Pelaran resistance, massing for an attack on earth, the Theseus will embark on a mission to stop them. With plenty of political intrigue on the ground regar [...]

    7. ExcellentThis second novel in the series is almost as good as the first. There are a couple of contrived situations and I would have preferred a little more battle action. Having said that, these distractions were very minor, and the book is a real page turner despite my not picking.

    8. RecommendedI've read two of these so far and am very impressed. The author knows the military (I don't) and develops the story and the characters accordingly. The technical stuff sounds second hand to him and that makes it easy for me. Great battle action. More, please!

    9. Fun series. I like it a lotFun light read not overly complex, but a nice diversion. The story seems to be in its infancy so I would guess that there are quite a few more books still waiting to be written

    10. This was just fun. Half the book goes into some details on Fleet operations 300 hundred years into the future and the other half is about the mission with some politics thrown in. FUN

    11. Excellent bookBook #2 offered a good mixture of action and intrigue. Written in a manner that was quite captivating. I look forward to book three.

    12. Couldn't put it downCan't wait for the next book. Get in your study, office, cubicle what have and crank that out! What a great read, I highly recommend this series!!!

    13. Before moaning I should say that I like the story and I am still willing to keep reading this series, but there are so many things that really annoy about this book.I had hoped the author had got most of the technical information out of his system in the first book and could now concentrate on telling the story. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and again too much of the book was a technical manual.Having allocated so much of the text to describing the technicalities it is then galling to find [...]

    14. Before you pick this one up to read, please note it is book #2 of a series: you need to have read book one first or this one won’t make much sense to you.Without having a spoiler, the author picks up right where he left off with book on. The battle scenes are realistic, and the author paints the picture as if you are right there in the middle of things. I stayed up late one night to finish this one, as I didn’t want to leave it or walk away to finish another day. The ending was rather abrupt [...]

    15. The plot thickensIn this book things really start to heat up for the earth forces as plots within the representatives of the world govt start to try and force the military too surrender two ambassadors from a distant society so that a different agenda could be put in place that is not necessarily good for the people of earth

    16. A definite improvement over the first book. The same flaws are still there, but they're less noticeable this time around, giving a more consistently enjoyable read. You'll still find yourself wanting to jump ahead at times and have the story just get on with it, but less so than in Book 1. And when the book is ripping, it's a great read. And the great read is a bigger percentage of the book this time around. Unfortunately, this one also ends *very* abruptly, with no sense of resolution or even o [...]

    17. I really enjoyed the first three TFS books. Harris' writing is fast-paced but not dizzying, rolling along like the best page-turners. The main characters are well fleshed out in their current setting, though we get very little backstory for any but a few of the major characters. The point of view remains with a small set of major characters, essentially one in each location, so there aren't any dizzying point-of-view changes.Aside from the storycraft, the setting is familiar space-opera territor [...]

    18. OKThe humans in this universe are in a tight spot and The plot is open-ended. It moves along at the right place for me. The challenges are understandable but are beyond me to solve. It's entertaining to see how the characters deal with this new galactic order. The characters work but as is often the case, Anglo-centrism is front and center. I'm not impressed with a global military that is all north american. The U.S. has lost any technology advantage and is losing its financial dominance. It's p [...]

    19. The continuing story of Terra's (Earth's) first venture into the cosmos. Even at this early stage, Terra must decide whether to align themselves with the Pelaran Alliance, the Sajeth Confederacy or stand alone. Captain Tom Prescott, commanding the TFS Ingenuity, has just returned from Terra's first interstellar mission, limping home with battle damage from an encounter with a renegade Sajeth sect. As Prescott assumes command of TFS Theseus, a much larger ship than TFS Ingenuity, his efforts are [...]

    20. Good, but not so grippingDon't think of this as a three. But more of a setup for at least a four.I have the first book cover stars and the characters and story line are still interesting and developing in interesting ways.I suspect the next book will be outright amazing; but this book, for me, has been a bit too heavy on developing one side rather than the others. Your left with the impression that it is all going their way, which means there hasn't been very much suspense.At the same time thoug [...]

    21. I went back and re-read TFS Ingenuity before starting this volume. This story continues smoothly, not much rehashing of earlier material (I like that) and the story line progresses well. My hope is that future volumes do not lose the quality of writing for the sake of rushing another book to press. The science is believable, at least to my mind, and seems to develop from the story rather than have the story find excuses to introduce newer technology. I am willing to suspend belief somewhat and t [...]

    22. Simplistic & Entertaining SciFi Space Adventure Book II, "TSF Theseus," is a simplistic, yet enjoyable continuation of the series. Humans have attained interstellar flight, along with other advanced technologies, from a benevolent or malevolent AI emissary of an advanced race. Others races in the stellar neighborhood, have issues with Terrans as a result.The writing is adequate, though a bit wordy at times and prone to repetition. A competent editor would easily clean it up. Look forward to [...]

    23. Okay I found the story interesting, it was great fun seeing how things developed, but it felt like half of a book. Just as the story started picking up it ended.The battle had barely paused, not finished but paused with other ships finding the enemy annnnnnnnd nada. I know authors like cliffhangers and I don't mind a few, but this didn't feel like a cliffhanger but rather a complete halt.Now I like the story, I'm interested as to where it's going, but that kind of sudden stop made me happy I got [...]

    24. A fun and rapid read!The writer's work has gotten a LOT better since book 1. A thoroughly enjoyable and professional read. The author embraces the complex dynamics of their story deftly. Space warfare depicted well. I highly recommended this series.The only down side is the cliffhanger ending of this book. Dear author, that sucked. At least give us a release date of the next one, if you are going to pull that.

    25. Great military space opera terrible release formatI would of given this series a five star review if it weren't for the unsatisfactory sudden abbreviated endings. Otherwise I love the world that is built and the detailed tactical view of the combat.The only way I would recommend reading the series is it was finished. Because I think I will put this series down and not come back till the author is done.

    26. Great follow up bookHaving just finished book two of what I am sure will continue to be a very good series of books. We see the how the guardian introduced himself to earth, and the build up of the Wek resistance forces. Captain Prescott and his crew are sent out to hopefully stop a war from breaking out. I am sure book three will continue with the oncoming battles both in space and on earth.

    27. Good readI don't rate space opera's harsh because its up to the author to develop new technologies and alien civilizations that help make a story. Harris has done a really good job with this series as it was easy to follow and the technology makes sense. With Jack Campbell's Lost Fleet series as my benchmark, this series could be a really good second place

    28. I don't like mid-story cliffhangers.This author has a talent for crafting very exciting Space battle episodes. This novel was a fast and enjoyable read. With that said, this tale will leave you hanging at a most inconvenient point in the story. To make it worse, the author states that he has no idea when the next installment in this series will be available.

    29. Fun sci fi with minimal politicsWith the 2016 political season I couldn't stand anything with politics in it. This filled that spot for me of giving me an escape from the craziness into a fun filled world where we have spaceship. Thank you.

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