Noční můry!

No n m ry Charlie se u t i m s ce po dn nevyspal Sotva za ne pod imovat ocitne se ve sv t kde se to hem arod jnicemi sk ety hady up ry a v emo n mi jin mi hr zostra nostmi jak si lidsk fantazie dok e vym

  • Title: Noční můry!
  • Author: Jason Segel Kirsten Miller Karl Kwasny Dana Chodilová
  • ISBN: 9788075053138
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Charlie se u t i m s ce po dn nevyspal Sotva za ne pod imovat, ocitne se ve sv t , kde se to hem arod jnicemi, sk ety, hady, up ry a v emo n mi jin mi hr zostra nostmi, jak si lidsk fantazie dok e vymyslet Stra tu i klauni nebo hu at b l kr l ci Jedna no n m ra je ale ze v ech nejhor a Charlie se s n mus vypo dat, jinak se toti z e zl ch sn u nCharlie se u t i m s ce po dn nevyspal Sotva za ne pod imovat, ocitne se ve sv t , kde se to hem arod jnicemi, sk ety, hady, up ry a v emo n mi jin mi hr zostra nostmi, jak si lidsk fantazie dok e vymyslet Stra tu i klauni nebo hu at b l kr l ci Jedna no n m ra je ale ze v ech nejhor a Charlie se s n mus vypo dat, jinak se toti z e zl ch sn u nikdy nedostane a p ivede do z huby i sv kamar dy, rodinu a cel m sto.

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    1. ~ Interview with my 9 almost 10 year old ~Describe Nightmares in five words: Fun. Exciting. Adventures. Funny. Awesome.Did you the like the audiobook? Yeah. The guy who wrote it did a good job reading it too. You should tell him. (Um, I don't know Jason Segel personally, but I'll let the publicist who gave us the audiobook know.)What I Liked: The fact that Charlie and Jack are brothers. And the purple mansion they live in.Was it scary? Only if you're Charlie. Regular kids who read it shouldn't b [...]

    2. Because It's a Hot Windless Summer Night!And reading light Horror always a welcome breath.And the author of this is a familiar faceBecause in Hot Windless Summer Nightyou either sleepless.or having Nightmares!And this brilliant story is about Nightmares, Loss, Darkness, Feard even BelieveSo drop everything and face your worst fears with Charlie Laird in his stepmonster stepmother's Purple HouseAnd in this Hot Windless Summer Night let's know more of Nightmares MonstersWitchesPortals to Darkness [...]

    3. Last summer, I went to BookExpo America in NYC on the children's/YA day. To my excitement, Jason Segel was there, signing pamphlet thingies (which had an excerpt from this book in them) and I MET HIM. At the time my hair was dyed dark purple and he was like, "Cool hair! It matches the cover of the book." And I was like, " um yeah haha thanks bye." I was very awkward, plus the line was moving very quickly, but yeah. AHHHHH. It was still pretty cool. I also got to meet the co-author of the book ( [...]

    4. So, I bought this book as soon as I saw it, simply because of Jason Segel's name. I'm a semi-moderate fan of his, meaning that I loved him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, This Is The End, and the maybe 35 minutes or so that I've ever seen of How I Met Your Mother, but I don't like follow his work or fangirl for him or anything. I just got excited when I saw this because I was interested to see what he'd do with a midgrade book, and the title was intriguing, and the cover is gorgeous. So I bought i [...]

    5. This was a neat little audiobook. I know Jason Segel as an actor, but he's a pretty good writer as well. It was a nice bonus that he narrated the story. I only gave it three stars because it wasn't ground-breaking for me. I thought it was a cute idea, and I liked the message about conquering your deepest fears, and dealing with grief. I felt bad for Charlie's step-mother, whom he treated really awfully, because of the fact that she wasn't his mother and his dad and brother seemed to be moving on [...]

    6. This was wonderful! Why did it take me so long to pick this up? If you're looking for a good middle grade book I definitely recommend this! The illustrations were wonderful and the message of overcoming fears and the obstacles we create for ourselves had a lot more depth than I was expecting! Will definitely be continuing the series.

    7. Para los que no reconozcan el nombre, Jason Segel es más reconocido como Marshall Eriksen en la serie de televisión How I Met Your Mother. Desde el momento en que supe de la existencia de éste libro supe que lo quería con cada fibra de mi ser. How I Met Your Mother es de mis series favoritas, y ella ha logrado que le tenga un cariño muy especial a todos los actores que le dieron vida a esos personajes que me alegraron tanto. Y el buen Jason Segel es uno de mis favoritos. Me encanta como act [...]

    8. I'm really wavering between four and five stars on this one, actually. I have been super-duper jazzed about this book since I first heard about it. And I heard about it FROM Jason Segel at Book Expo America, and he was so enthusiastic and charming, and Kirsten Miller is so great, and the design of the book (it's sparkly purple and silver! With illustrations!) is fantastic. But was the story up to the hype?Well, yes.The book is absolutely charming, and the story is truly inventive. I loved Charli [...]

    9. 4.5 / 5Simple en esencia. Genial en sentimiento. Una lectura excelente para chicos y grandes.Reseña: eternamenteentiniebla/

    10. Als ich Ende 2014 das Buch zum ersten Mal gesehen habe, hab ich mich sofort in dieses ungewöhnliche Cover verliebt! Diese knalligen Farben mit den düsteren Schattenrissen, das sieht einfach toll aus - und der farbige Schnitt setzt nochmal eins drauf. Was aber etwas ganz besonders ist: Die Schrift und ein paar kleine Geister sind in fluoreszierender Farbe und leuchten im Dunkeln! Schon als Hingucker ein richtiges Highlight!Aber auch innen fällt die liebevolle Gestaltung auf, denn immer wieder [...]

    11. + 2 stars +I'd been eyeing this for a while and recently had it recommended to me by a lot of people. To save myself, I went in expecting nothing but a good reading time I didn't even get that. I read 38 pages before I got uninterested and an extra twenty before I finally gave up. I ended up reading the rest just to see if it would change my mind but all in all it was an alright read. I do have to say that Charlie was a bit of a dick to his stepmother within the first 17 pages and it kinda made [...]

    12. I wanted to like this book more. I listened to it on audio and really enjoyed it for awhile. It's read by Jason Segal so it's well done. It was just a little longer than it needed to be and probably could've been cut by 75 pages easily. I probably would've enjoyed this one more if I was younger. I just didn't fall in love with it the way I had expected to. I would still recommend it for younger kids, there is a lot about this book to enjoy.

    13. ¿Todavía no lo entiendes, verdad? Todos le tienen miedo a algo.¡Pesadillas! ha sido una creativa, interesante y bonita historia que invita a superar nuestros miedos, a ser solidarios y ver más allá de nosotros mismos. Mientras conocemos personajes muy diferentes con características físicas y psicológicas únicas, los autores dejan claro que no hay que ser prejuiciosos y que no podemos hablar y asegurar hasta ponernos en el lugar de los demás, en sus pesadillas. Es imposible no volver a [...]

    14. I really wanted to like this one, but it just wasn't for me. It felt like a simple concept that was stretched way further than it needed to go and the development of the characters needs work. I'm trying to be gentle, knowing that this is written for a younger audience, but I feel like the author recycled some fairly famous stories rather than creating his own.

    15. Cinco estrelas SIM porque eu me diverti tanto com esse livro <3 Depois faço uma resenha mais completa, mas meu amor pelo Jason Segel só aumentou.

    16. I’m not a huge middle grade reader, but at times, when I find one that I just know I have to read, I try to con my 9 year old into joining me because to be honest he’s more of a graphic novel reader and I want him to get more into chapter books. Sadly, it isn’t working but despite him deciding to move on to something else, I couldn’t put this down once I started it. I ended up seeing Jason talk about why he had to write this book at BookCon just before it came out, and I just knew I want [...]

    17. For more reviews, gifs, Cover Snark and more, visit A Reader of Fictions. I would be lying if I said I had any interest in Nightmares! aside from the fact that Jason Segel wrote it. Have I been disappointed in innumerable celebrity books in the past? Why, yes. Do I think that actors are necessarily talented authors? In many cases, probably not. Will I ever learn? Unlikely. But, hey, sometimes celebrity books aren’t just capitalizing on fame for a book deal; sometimes they’re good. It’s tru [...]

    18. Das ist eine der schönsten Kinder(grusel)geschichten seit Harry Potter. Die Idee ist absolut unterhaltsam und die Figuren sind liebevoll gestaltet. Das, wie sagt man so schön, "World-Building" ist sehr phantasievoll. Ich kann mir absolut vorstellen, dass jungen Lesern bei dem Buch ein wohliger Schauer über den Rücken läuft. Diese "Albträume" sind absolut empfehlenswert (für Kinder ab 9 Jahren). 1-2 Logiklücken habe ich wohlwollend ignoriert.

    19. Vor einiger Zeit ist man diesem Buch überall über den Weg gelaufen. Obwohl ich nicht so wirklich wusste was mich erwartet, war ich doch ziemlich neugierig auf das Buch.Es hat mir generell auch ganz gut gefallen und konnte mich einigermaßen unterhalten. Die Gestaltung der Welt war sehr kreativ und es gab auch einige witzige Sprüche. Dennoch konnte mich das Buch einfach nicht richtig packen, ohne dass ich erklären kann woran es gelegen hat.Ich war dann doch ziemlich froh, dass ich endlich dur [...]

    20. Charlie Laird has been having nightmares ever since he moved into the purple mansion with his little brother Jack, his dad, and his stepmonster Charlotte Dechant who he thinks is a witch. When he thinks his little brother is taken over to the land of nightmares a.k.a. the Netherworld, he runs off to find him. Can he succeed and face his fears before the nightmares devour him? Read on and find out for yourself.This is How I met Your Mother and The Muppets star Jason Segel's first ever book and it [...]

    21. Ahora que tenemos la Navidad a la vuelta de la esquina, regalar libros es una opción perfecta, y si tenéis algún hermano/a, primo/a, sobrino/a, o a quien sea, de entre 6 y 10 años, Pesadillas es un libro a tener en cuenta.Escrito conjuntamente por Jason Segel (sí, uno de los protagonistas de la serie Cómo conocí a vuestra madre) y Kirsten Miller, nos traen la primera parte de una trilogía, en el que el protagonista es un niño de 12 años, Charlie, cuya vida ha cambiado, dramáticamente, [...]

    22. 4.5/5 starsI super enjoyed this book! I listened to the audiobook narrated by Jason Segel which is why it got an extra half star. His narration was so incredible and really brought the story alive for me. I loved Charlie's friend group and all the nightmares that helped him along in the Netherworld. This book gave me Monster Squad/Monsters, Inc. vibes the whole time. It was funny, touching (I may have teared up a few times), and a cute story for kids and adults alike who sometimes have trouble f [...]

    23. Charlie es un niño que perdió a su madre, que odia a su madrastra y que cada vez más siente que la oscuridad se apodera poco a poco de él llevándolo a ser grosero y frío con su familia. Esto pareciera algo común entre cualquier puberto pero detrás de esa oscuridad se esconde un secreto y una aventura. ¡Pesadillas! es una historia de aventuras que rompe un poco con los clichés de la casa embrujada, la madrastra malvada y el miedo. Para esta historia, el miedo es necesario porque nos ayu [...]

    24. This book was really good! And surprisingly, it had a lot of depth for a children's novel. I loved Charlie and all of his friend and even his adorable little brother Jack. I also thought the Netherworld was really well developed and I enjoyed the characters that were based there. Not only did Meduso and Dabney make the coolest and oddest duo ever, but they were hilarious. Oh! And I can't forget the book's illustrations! The art was really great and aided in the storytelling so much. I'm so excit [...]

    25. A perfect book for a younger audience! The characters, world building and storyline were lovely and well written. Nightmares and traumatic events are always a difficult topic for children. And I think that this book describes and works with these issues really well.

    26. wonderful story, facinating pictures.a little to long for the age it's directed at but still good to read to the kids.

    27. The nightmare world was truly frightening. My favorite character was the stepmonster. ;) The book cover is gorgeous too. Scares up all kinds of fears just looking at it.

    28. ¡Pesadillas! es la primera parte de una trilogía fantástica y terrorífica middle-grade escrita por Jason Segel y Kiersten Miller. Esta novela es una historia ágil para leer en cualquier día del año (¡incluso en Navidad, como hice yo!) y nos adentra en el mundo de las pesadillas, el cual está concebido de una manera sensata y trabajada, creando diferentes matices de un reino desconocido que, poco a poco, y gracias al protagonista, iremos conociendo más a fondo, sin dejar nada en el tint [...]

    29. “Do you know why people think nightmares aren’t real?” Charlie was too confused to answer. Something had changed. This nightmare was different from the rest. The witch had never spoken to him like this before. “Because most people wake up.” Nightmares! is a middle grade book that follows the adventures of a kid named Charlie. Charlie lives in a purple mansion with his dad, his little brother Jack and his stepmother. His mom is dead and he really misses her. He hates his stepmother Char [...]

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