Taken by the Italian Mafia: A Dark City Romance

Taken by the Italian Mafia A Dark City Romance He stole her Freedom Can she steal his heart In a city run by Luka Belmonte there is a dark and violent underbelly When Whitney Greene is in the wrong place at the wrong time she s dragged into the

  • Title: Taken by the Italian Mafia: A Dark City Romance
  • Author: Sadie Black
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He stole her Freedom Can she steal his heart In a city run by Luka Belmonte, there is a dark and violent underbelly When Whitney Greene is in the wrong place at the wrong time, she s dragged into the seedy world controlled by the Italian mafia Now she s been taken in the middle of the night by mafia thugs who intend to end her life The rules are clear never leav He stole her Freedom Can she steal his heart In a city run by Luka Belmonte, there is a dark and violent underbelly When Whitney Greene is in the wrong place at the wrong time, she s dragged into the seedy world controlled by the Italian mafia Now she s been taken in the middle of the night by mafia thugs who intend to end her life The rules are clear never leave a witness When a job goes bad, Rocco has no choice but to destroy the evidence In this case, that would be a young, beautiful woman with soulful eyes that haunt him As the new Don, Rocco understands his duty So why can t he kill her Never miss another Sadie Black release Sign up for her mailing list for new books, promotions and freebies eepurl by3uuz

    One thought on “Taken by the Italian Mafia: A Dark City Romance”

    1. This had so much potential for being a great interracial romantic thriller but the execution was lacking, mosty due to the story being rushed, the characters not being well developed and dialogue that at points seemed out of synch with the age of characters (the heroine was 30 yrs old and the hero 38 yrs old). Whitney was on the brink of being fired as a bartender due to her age ( her 21 year old sexy replacement is supposed to be better for profits than Whitney as a sexy 30 year old). On what w [...]

    2. The premise and characters including the secondary ones are interesting but so much happens so fast that and then the characters are in love. I think for this it would have worked fine for the characters to just want to be together to see how things go. Also, I didn't get the isolation of the characters where were all the men, the lawyers, etc. Every mafia movie I've seen the top dogs are rarely alone, especially during a crises. Rocco could have at least been on the phone more. And what happens [...]

    3. This is Whitney and Rococo's story. I loved the premises for the story and I really liked the couple. I would have enjoyed the story more if there was less narrative and more dialogue between the couple as they got to know and understand each other better. Other than that I enjoyed the story. Definitely worth a read.

    4. Pulse PoundingThis was a one thrill of a ride from beginning to end.The main characters exhibited so much chemistry that you could feel it from the pages.It was nice to get to see the other side of the coin,in this spin off.This was very well done and you don't get a moment were it slows or you want to scream.I look forward to more from this couple.

    5. Whoa What a great lil book. That Heroine she certainly needed a HEA. I kinda wished the book was longer. The twists in the book was crazy. Liked all the characters but it wasn't enough of them. It's a really good read over all.

    6. Loved The ActionThis book was a different mafia story. I enjoyed it a lot. The characters were interesting and I love the way it ended that it could also become a series. Keep up the good work

    7. Loved itI always love a bad boy and this bad boy is bad but so good. Whitney is a good girl in the wrong place at right time as far as I am concerned. I loved the other 2 books hopefully there will be a follow up to this one.

    8. I like mafia romance stories, and this one was better than I'd expected. Some good lines, and the two MCs were interesting.

    9. I received this for a honest review. Sadie Black’s books are ones I hold dear to my heart. She is such an amazing author and tries to bring you more than just a story. Her books always have such a deep meaning. This book is about how love can change a person, how no matter how hopeless your life is it is worth fighting for, and no matter how dark the situation that one special person can be your light in the darkness. So no matter what we go through in life or what we face we must hold onto ho [...]

    10. Wow Sadie Black does it again! This is one good, gritty, slightly darker story based on the mafia. Its not essential to have read Run this Town 1&2, but in the context of the background story it will certainly help to understand things if you've read them before. Like I said it is slightly darker than the previous stories but having said that it works very well. There is everything from kidnapping, murder, violence and of course a bit of added sex and romance. Rocco was a likeable character, [...]

    11. I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book as well as the characters. This book being a mafia romance was different from the other stories I read from Sadie Black. It was intriguing, fervent, violent, and it keeps you reading to the end to find out what happened. The chemistry between Whitney Greene and Rocco Lombardo is inevitable. Rocco, who is the Don’s oldest son, may be handsome, strong, aggressive, callous and even merciless, but it seems as if [...]

    12. i really really tried to read all of it but i had to skiped forward in order to finish it, i know sometimes as a writer u have 2 give a background story and give details, but girl you must know when to say enough, I did finished it took me 3 days cuz i was pushing myself forward and skipping descriptions in order to get to next scene, it is a HEA though.If you like the idea of instalove, mob situations and falling for ur kidnapper go for it, just beware its truly a long narritve story and descri [...]

    13. After reading Run This Town, I would not think it would be possible for me to ever like the son of Don Vittorio Lombardo, but Sadie Black has done so. You do not have to have read Run This Town in order to read this book, but it really made it interesting to look at it from the other side, the Mafia side. This book is darker, more grittier, but is a wonderful story of love. Whitney is a strong and interesting woman that brings out the soft and compassionate side of Rocco, the son of the Don, eve [...]

    14. Italian. I received the book as a ARC member in return for an honest review. I was moved by the story but I felt the story was slow. It took too long to get to the action parts. The action was great! I held my breath waiting for something to happen. Rocco defended Whitney's honor the way any man would do for his woman. I was scared Whitney might not make it. This story was more like a real mafia setting with the violence and setups that took place. The story never went back to see if any one car [...]

    15. It had potential. However, it all happened too quickly for me. It seems that in books like this the time table for falling 'in love' continues to shorten making for a rushed book. Everything (with exception of the epilogue) happened in less than two days. In my opinion if the time table were longer the author would have had the opportunity to add more detail. Reading this book was like ordering a lemon donut from your favorite shop, anticipating your first bite then sinking your teeth in only to [...]

    16. Not sureI'm not sure what to sayother book that leaves me shaking my head . Basically this girl has never had anyone love her so with her low self esteem ,she falls for the man who tries to kill her then kidnaps her. She is assaulted multiple times and she is still awestruck and in love instead of being in a catatonic shock.oke book has a few typos but other than that the writer kept my attention if not only to finish this book about this poor misguided, 30 year old woman, who really sounded lik [...]

    17. I'm loving this! The danger involved had me drawn in and holding my breath. When Whitney and Rocco first see each other you can sense the sparks flying. Whitney is strong and smart and when she is thrust into a very bad situation it leads to extreme emotions. I like Rocco and the tough exterior. This is fast paced and well worth the read!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    18. Rocco and Whitney meet in by accident. and poor Whitney will be taken and killed because she seen too much but there is something there that Rocco can not but his finger on and is having trouble killing her There is bad stuff going on and lots of twist and turns but by the end of the night will Whitney still be alive and will Rocco do something to save her? This was a awesome story kept me on my toes

    19. Loving the DonThe heroine Whitney worked as a bartender when she met mafia Lord Rocco. However, because she witnessed something she shouldn't have, she must be silenced. Can Rocco kill the woman he has fallen in love with? This mafia story was exciting and great to read. The author had good chemistry between Whitney and Rocco. Once you start reading you can't stop. I recommend reading this book.

    20. So good!This story was good! How Rocco came to conclusion about Whitney! Whitney deserve some happiness and normalcy in her life. And Rocco was it for her! So glad he took charge and handle his brother! I know it has to be part 2 because this can't end! Whitney and Rocco love them!!

    21. Wow!Great storyline,loved the relationship between the two characters. I am hoping that there is more to this story then what I've read. I also hope that he makes everything legit, maybe him and the Mayor can somehow work together. It was as good as Run This Town hoping for more of both books.

    22. Well, let´s say I was hooked. When I noticed I was already late night and in the half of the book, I had to close it so I could go to bed. I left it for the weekend and as soon as I started reading it, I was hooked again. Great development of characters, althoug the death of one character could have waited for a second book. This book deserved a trilogy at least. I loved it.

    23. So Ms. Black did an amazing job on this book. Whitney was funny and made to be real. I loved her strength and her self doubt in herself and worth. It made her seem so real and show how she can be a survival. Rocco was that Alpha male that was not afraid to kill but showed how love or finding that one makes you do things different.

    24. Whitney and Rocco.love them.I loved this sexy, romantic, action filled book. Whitney and Rocco were perfect for each other. She was the yin to his yang. When there is suspense and action included in my romance, you've got me. I now have to check out other books by Sadie Black. I recommend this book!

    25. This story starts well but it's rushed. I don't understand why or when the two main characters fell in love. It's not a bad read; however, it had the potential to be more than a facile romance with a cheesy ending.

    26. ExcellentFrom beginning to end, I was enthralled with the characters, and the plot. Rocco wasn't looking for it but he found love that Whitney had been in search for her entire life.

    27. Intense!This was a short but excellent read! Rocco and Whitney met, initially, sparks flew. Shortly afterwards, Rocco regretfully took Whitney against her will with the intent to silence her. And so their story begins

    28. Surprisingly Good!I really did not expect this book to be good. Whitney appeared to be a loser at first ,but she turned out to be quite gutsy. Rocco also appeared to be a misfit. Boy things changed in a short time! Yes I would definitely recommend this book.No Sweat

    29. Pretty goodThis story was pretty good, but I couldn't get past the fact that it covered a 24-48 hour timeframe. I wish it had taken a little more time. Could have been really good. Instead it felt a little rushed.

    30. I like Sadie Black stories but this was a little challenging to stay focus. I'm not sure how I feel about it. May again read later and have a different opinion.

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