Priceless: She's Worth Fighting For

Priceless She s Worth Fighting For The powerfully compelling novelization of the major motion picture by Joel and Luke Smallbone of the band for King Country James Stevens was at one time a good man with a great life After the tragic

  • Title: Priceless: She's Worth Fighting For
  • Author: Joel Smallbone Luke Smallbone
  • ISBN: 9781617957307
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • The powerfully compelling novelization of the major motion picture by Joel and Luke Smallbone of the band for King Country James Stevens was, at one time, a good man with a great life After the tragic death of his wife and losing custody of his little girl, James is at the darkest crossroad of his life Angry, desperate, and unable to hold down a steady job, he agrThe powerfully compelling novelization of the major motion picture by Joel and Luke Smallbone of the band for King Country James Stevens was, at one time, a good man with a great life After the tragic death of his wife and losing custody of his little girl, James is at the darkest crossroad of his life Angry, desperate, and unable to hold down a steady job, he agrees to drive a box truck on a shady, one time trip cross country for cash no questions asked When he discovers what he is delivering is actually a who, the questions in his mind begin haunting him mercilessly James becomes an unlikely hero who must fight to save the lives of two young women and finds himself falling in love with one of them Can love, strength, and faith redefine his past and change the course of his future

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    1. SERIOUSLY, every single mature enough human needs to read this book and hear it's message.I'm honestly not sure if I could ever write a review worthy of this book. But I can suffice to say: it's intense, with a very mature theme and premise, and a simple writing style.(and now onto the movie!)

    2. This book was amazing. Joel and Luke have an amazing heart with an amazing message to spread: how every single one of us is priceless.This book follows the story of James, who hits rock bottom when his wife dies and he loses custody of his daughter. He agrees to drive a truck to Nevada with no questions asked about what he's carrying. But what he is carrying will change his life forever.This book deals with the issue of human trafficking and prostitution as something that is very real. That bein [...]

    3. This is a hard-hitting story with several realistic, horrifying themes. My heart broke for the young women and the disgusting things they were forced into just to survive. James had his own struggles and demons, and it was heartwarming to see him grow and mature as the story progressed. The major theme of this story is how women should be valued by men. James shows us how that should be done, with the women he discovers in the truck as well as with the daughter with whom he is trying to rebuild [...]

    4. Excellent book! I really enjoyed it, and am now looking forward to seeing the movie. I love For King and Country, and their book didn't disappoint.Beautiful message - we're all priceless - and well-written. Very good!

    5. for King and Country wrote a book and it was good, slow to start (well after that main disaster because that happened right away) but it picked up and was good.

    6. Priceless by Joel & Luke Smallbone is a book with a very powerful message. This story will surly tug at your heartstrings. A story that is full of love, hope, heartache, pain, confusion and faith. They do such an excellent job bringing this story to life. This story touches on a subject that doesn’t get the attention that is should human trafficking. It is happening all around. This is an emotionally gripping story that will capture you right from the start. Be sure to order your copy of P [...]

    7. I have never been a fan of books written from the screenplay of a movie, but this one is amazing! The story, the characters, the reality that is presented. WOW! Such a great story with the focus on a dark subject as well as real human feelings and experiences. There is no fear in presenting the realities of human trafficking as well as how our Father is always there for us in all situations and no matter what we have done. Great book and I cannot wait to see the movie!

    8. This book, to me, marks the beginning of something I hope will only expand and that we'll see more of in the years to come. And that is of Christian Fiction at its finest. With stories set in modern day today that deal with diverse characters facing some of life's greatest struggles, questions and tragedies that we as human beings were not promised to be spared from. But at the same time its books like: God's Not Dead, and Do You Believe? and now Priceless, that leave us with the message and hop [...]

    9. As reviewed on Fiction 411:Priceless, by Joel and Luke Smallbone, is a very good read. A story written to bring attention to the human trafficking, a problem in the United States that is sensitive by nature. The Smallbones take you into the trenches, fictionally, and show how the underbelly of this system works. Without being graphic or crude they take you on the journey of Antonio and Maria, two young women who unknowingly fall into this system and become trapped. It tells how James, an America [...]

    10. Title: Priceless (She’s Worth Fighting For: A Novel)Author: Joel & Luke SmallbonePages: 288Year: 2016Publisher: Worthy PublishingMy rating is 5 stars.Hold onto your heart when you begin reading this story because it really is a riveting novel! What starts with a couple leaving their daughter with a mother-in-law so they can have some time together becomes a tale of lives forever changed! The main male character is named James and while not a rich man by any means, has a good marriage with [...]

    11. To be honest, this book was saved by the events in the second half of the book. I thought that "Priceless" started out at a painfully slow pace. It wasn't until I was about 100 pages into the book before it grabbed my attention and interest. Joel and Luke Smallbone (front men for the Christian band 'For King and Country') tackle a very difficult subject of human trafficking and exploitation of young women. It's the story of two young sisters from Mexico who were sold into the trafficking busines [...]

    12. I really had no idea what to expect from this book. I hadn't heard anything about the movie or the novel until I received an email telling me about it. Now that I have read the book I have no desire to watch the movie, it is very depressing and heartbreaking. The whole idea of this story line and the selling of women is so important and so hard to face reality-this is really happening all around us. It made me so sad to read this book and the ending didn't really make me feel better. I don't wan [...]

    13. Wow. Let me say wow. Blown away by the writing of this powerful book. Filled with passion and emotion, and running with important themes of self worth, respect, and honor throughout; this book tells the story of a lost man and a human/sex traffic ring. How one man had his life thrown upside down in the blink of an eye, and the series of mistakes he made that would make him come face to face with the brutal reality surrounding him. It then tells of the hard story of his last chance to make it rig [...]

    14. Loved this book. So sad how they were treated,but turned out great in the end! I was really excited to read this book because for KING & COUNTRY is my absolute favorite band!!! Hope to see the movie too! Great reminder that everyone is PRICELESS!

    15. Priceless is a book every Christian should read. While it definitely has the feel of a novelization — short on character development and long on visual descriptions — it portrays the very real, yet little discussed, epidemic of sex trafficking in the United States. This book was an eye-opener for me. Like main character James Stevens, I will never view a box truck or low-rent motel the same way again. Priceless plunges the reader into a world of desperation, hopelessness and despair. Lives a [...]

    16. I thought this was a Christian book, but some of the content labels this as NOT a Christian book. This book was a more detailed account of the movie, which made it very good. It was well written and the story line was one of redemption, hope, and love. The theme that women are priceless and should be held to that standard was evident.As much as I loved reading the book, there were quite a few things that caused me to be disappointed in it. Good writing is the ability to show the crudeness and th [...]

    17. The topic of human trafficking has become more prominent both at my work and my church for the last couple of years. While this story is in the genre of Christian fiction, it doesn't completely shy away from some of the seedier aspects. Contained both psychologically and physically intensive scenes but was cleanly told despite the dark subject matter.

    18. I read "Priceless: She's Worth Fighting For." It was great. The book is about human trafficking. James, the main character, meets two kidnapped girls. My favorite character was James because he was really funny and he's also in my favorite band, For King and Country. My favorite part of the book was when James found out he was shipping two girls to another state because he was freaking out and depressed. The book made me want to keep reading on forever because it was so interesting. "Priceless: [...]

    19. I liked the heart of the story, but a lot of what went on is not realistic (the rescue parts at least as well as something else at the end). I don't want to really give things away. The whole idea of how the trafficking ring worked is very true to how some function, so I liked that they did talk about that. Also, the main character had good development throughout it, that was enjoyable.A Walk Across the Sun was a similar book. Both were the perspective of men trying to rescue women from the sex [...]

    20. For King & Country is a great band with an incredible message. It's hard to imagine that the brothers would make great authors and movie makers but they really are. I watched the movie first and then read the book and I have to say I loved them both. This book was phenomenal. It had romance and adventure and a good underlying theme that you are never alone. God is always there with you, even in the trails and tribulations of life. I recommend this book. I recommend this movie. This song. Thi [...]

    21. If any book ever deserved a five star rating, it's this one. I was so blown away by this novel. It broke my heart and fixed it all at the same time. I didn't think I could love for KING & COUNTRY any more, but I do now. Joel and Luke's writing is simple in a straight forward, incredibly genuine way, and it worked so beautifully throughout the pace of this book. The message was just as powerful. I'd recommend this book to just about anyone, and I can't wait to lend my copy off to a friend to [...]

    22. This is now one of my top favorite novels.This story has everything you could ask for in a thought provoking inspiring novel. This happens. Everyday this happens.Human trafficking is real and its astonishing that people think its a joke or maybe "not that big of a deal." Its a HUGE deal and happening all around us.This story is eye-opening, inspiring and beautiful. Was it hard to read some things? Of course because human trafficking isn't beautiful but the power of this story and Gods love conqu [...]

    23. Read by: Brooklyn HansonI really enjoyed reading this book. It makes you feel like you are involved and you catch yourself asking what you would do if you were in James's position. This book is also very realistic and has many plot twisters to make you want to keep reading. The one thing I liked a lot about the book is that even when James is ready to give up on everything he turns around and makes the right decision in the end.

    24. A heart wrenching story that delves into dark, ugly subjects, but is done in such a way, that there is light and hope throughout, even in the darkest moments. The book is written by King and Country; two brothers that are a very successful Christian band. Their love of Christ, family and true belief that all are created equal and should be treated as such, is apparent throughout this book, and throughout their music, as well, if you're interested.

    25. At last, I have had the privilege to read this great novelization of the movie "Priceless" and it did not disappoint! Written beautifully, it provides a fresh new look at the story by fleshing out more of the backstory, and offering more depth to different characters' perspectives. I love the heart behind this, and the hearts of those who made it, to remind women of their worth no matter what pain they have suffered. It is a beautiful and much-needed message: ladies, we are priceless!

    26. I started reading this book with high hopes, but I could not finish it. I stopped after only 44 pages. So much had happened in those pages, but not enough attention was given to character development and I simply did not care what happened to them. I think a more developed character may have allowed for a greater connection and interest. I simply could not get into this book and I really wanted to.

    27. This book touched a place in my heart that I didn't know existed. Human trafficking has been at the forefront for years but I've never been touched by it so it wasn't something I gave much thought to. After reading this book I understand better how this kind of thing can and does take place. I highly recommend this book to anyone but especially to those with young girls in their lives.

    28. Priceless is eye opening about life on the streetsI've known about the horrors of what could happen but to understand the depth of the corruption is unbelievable. Praying and taking action is needed.

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