Lot No. 249

Lot No From the master of the detective story and creator of Sherlock Holmes the first ever tale to feature a supernatural mummy

  • Title: Lot No. 249
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • ISBN: 9780241251560
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the master of the detective story and creator of Sherlock Holmes, the first ever tale to feature a supernatural mummy

    One thought on “Lot No. 249”

    1. 1884 Oxford and a medical student buys up a bunch of Egyptian stuff at an auction – including lot no. 249: a mummy! Shortly after, the medical student’s (laughable) “enemies” start getting attacked by a mysterious assailant. Surely it’s not the mummy, what??Arthur Conan Doyle may have written some stonking good detective yarns with Sherlock Holmes but his attempt at horror in Lot No. 249 is pretty crap.I’ve never found Conan Doyle’s writing to be especially standout and it’s very [...]

    2. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best known for his Sherlock Holmes stories and the Lost World, but he also wrote a few horror stories, among which are about mummies. And the story "Lot No. 249" is probably his best short story, and a creepy one at that. With old Oxford University as the setting, this tale is about a group of students sharing the same building for their lodgings. One is a medical student, the other's course of study unmentioned, and the third with an interest in Eastern languages and i [...]

    3. A tiny little dip into the world of mystery/horror that is entertaining but not hugely shocking for modern readers. The main character is as bland as bread, but the story isn't really about him it's about his mysterious ancient Egypt-obsessed classmate/housemate.Overall the story is pretty tame by modern standards, but it was entertaining enough to hold my attention, and interesting as he first story to feature an Egyptian mummy with magic powers. From little things big things have grown and thi [...]

    4. I thought this book was still related with Sherlock, but the author wrote so much differently, but still about mystery that kind of Sir Arthur, so far i enjoyed the book, why I didn't read it right away at that time ? 😅

    5. Oxford 1892 in einem Studentenwohnheim. Als der Medizinstudent Abercrombie Smith von William Monkhouse in das Zimmer seines Freundes des Ägyptologie Studenten Edward Bellingham gerufen wird, findet er diesen ohnmächtig vor. Abercrombie Smith gelingt es, Edward Bellingham wieder herzustellen, dieser verhält sich jedoch weiterhin sehr abweisend dem Medizinstudenten gegenüber.Allgemein rät man Abercrombie Smith Bellingham zu meiden, da dieser seltsam wäre und in seinem Zimmer unheimliche Ding [...]

    6. 44 pages of properly creepy stuff. Abercrombie Smith is a young medical student an Oxford. His rooms are above those of Edward Bellingham, an Eastern studies specialist who has recently bought a 4,000 year old mummy. Following a series of strange episodes, Smith discovers that Bellingham is hiding a dark, threatening secret. Conan Doyle achieves the perfect balance of realism and supernatural in this story; it’s chilling and scary without being over the top. At 44 pages long, it’s an ideal s [...]

    7. Having finished one collection of short ghost stories, my appetite for the paranormal was not yet satisfied. I bought this little book fairly recently and I did so on the basis that it would be spooky! It's written by the same man that wrote the 'Sherlock Holmes' stories of course, and I'm a big fan of his writing style. But it was learning that this book is the first ever paranormal story about an Egyptian Mummy that really drew my attention, and rightly so. This was a short, fun read that took [...]

    8. This was the most amazing short story I've ever read(I haven't read that many though) ugh it perfect in every way. The reason I read it is because we've been studying and reading gothic literature in English--this is Definately gothic 100%Recommend this to mummy lovers

    9. The four stars represents everything except the very end. I felt somewhat let down by how the story ends. But the rest is brilliant. I’d have loved to have seen this adapted into a film by Hammer back in the day.

    10. This was pretty spooky. I really enjoyed it even though I expected another twist from the ending (view spoiler)[like, maybe it wasn't the mummy after all but the crocodile or another of Bellingham's artefacts (hide spoiler)]

    11. I didn't know that Conan Doyle wrote horror. Was expecting Mr Holmes, who did not appear.This was a short novel with a horror theme. Interesting setting & such. Not really suspenseful or complex.Meh.

    12. The opening description of Oxford alone is worth the read! Delightful gothic horror read, and the first story featuring a supernatural mummy to boot!

    13. I’ve not read much of Conan Doyle beyond Sherlock so this was a fun read. Perfect spooky tale for a chill October evening!

    14. Not a bad little story at all. This is typical Conan Doyle, a well written storyline with engaging characters. Even at his lowest he is better than others.

    15. No hace tanto hablábamos de una faceta de sir Arthur Conan Doyle más bien poco conocida por el gran público: me refiero a su faceta de aficionado a la arqueología y, más concretamente, a los misterios ocultos en el pasado egipcio. De la mano de Julià Guillamon habíamos repasado esporádicamente los primeros pasos de los arqueólogos occidentales en el subsuelo de Egipto, allá en el siglo XIX, y el nacimiento de una literatura asociada (Théophile Gautier) a partir de la cual surgieron lo [...]

    16. The story centres around three students who occupy rooms in a secluded part of their college. Life is quiet until a series of strange occurrences begin to take place on campus.The story is dramatic with moments of tense and atmospheric action. There is also the traditional element of an unbeliever finding the truth thrust upon him.Yes, to the modern reader the plot may feel familiar and obvious but for the first mummy story of its kind I can imagine this was something of a spine chiller back in [...]

    17. Abercrombie Smith, being a medical student of sound mind and equally sound character is thrown into the mysterious when a fellow neighbour gentleman wields an Eastern power he alone understands. From the pen of the famous Doyle comes a tale that, like Sherlock Holmes, serves curiosity. While not a mind-bending read, and containing an obvious plot to the modern reader, Lot No 249 still aims true with its account of gentleman scholarly life in Briton circa 1890 and is an entertaining tale all the [...]

    18. Conan Arthur Doyle - after reading Hound of the Baskervilles, I had decided that I couldn't get into his writing style, but after reading this I'm actually more into it and will hopefully pick up the Sherlock Holmes collection in the next few months!I was looking for a good Mummy read for AGES - so much so that I started thinking it was a monster never written about in literature - but this definitely scratched that itch! What good fun!

    19. Some part of me wished that this was slightly longer, because there was suspense held in the mystery surrounding the mummy - but that was only up until the point that Smith just comes up with a theory (so suddenly too, may I add) that just so happens to be exactly what happened, in terms of how all those people got attacked. I just got flashbacks toYoung Sherlock Holmesmore than anything, for some reason.

    20. I've never read a story written by Arthur Conan Doyle before, but I quickly fell in love with his writing. I'm a fan of Lovecraft's works and Lot No. 249 reminded me a lot of them, although its plot is more obvious.If you don't know what this short horror story is about, you'll find it quite exciting - if you already do, it can still be an enjoyable read.

    21. Classic creepy stuff from the creator of Sherlock Holmes! I admire the way he creates so many chills in such short stories! This is quite a simple tale with more supernatural than you may be used to from the author, and rather typical in its execution. It still manages the slow build up before the horror reveals its nature and that is the true power of the craft of the author. Great, quick read.

    22. A satisfying read. Although the plot is nothing special (or at least, not in the modern day, in his time it was more original), the story was extremely well - written, I was transported to Oxford ' s old college in just a few words.

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