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  1. A short little book about what happens when a little boy digs into the dirt and all he can find. There is much to see and all sorts of life in the ground, which has also been something that Neo notices every time he turns over a rock. By the end, Neo felt it was high time we should start gardening, which is something a friend of mine has already been hinting. Looks like I better get some gardening gloves before they sell out!

  2. "I dig in the dirt…and find a worm. Worm wiggles. I did in the dirt…and find a rock. Rock sits. I dig in the dirt…and find a pill bug. Pill bug curls. I dig in the dirt…and find a seed. Seed waits. I dig in the dirt…and find a spider. Spider runs…I dig in the dirt…and find a sprout. Sprout grows. I dig in the dirt…and find dirt! Dirt squishes. Then I water the dirt and find…MUD!"Simple text, great large illustrations (so everyone in a large storytime will be able to see details [...]

  3. Full review with teaching tools and author guest post: unleashingreaders/?p=9291Both of Cindy Jenson-Elliott’s books have truly made me want to get down and dirty in the garden which, if you know me, is exactly the opposite of what you would guess I want to do. Jenson-Elliott has a way of making the ordinary, and dirty, seem extraordinary. It would be great to have students catalog all of the things they find in a dirt. This would make their trips outside quite exciting!

  4. A simple presentation of some of the wonders of digging in the dirt. The expressions of the worm are my favorite part and my adult curiosity was frustrated the reader doesn't learn what the seed grows into but overall a great introduction to spring, gardening, bugs, and dirt!

  5. This would probably logically be good for storytime, but I don't like it. Art is weird and the concepts are a little weird too.

  6. A little boy digs in the dirt and finds all kinds of fun stuff a worm, a bug, a seed, a rock, etc. A cute, fun story to read with a toddler.

  7. Explore the fun of the outdoors, and digging in the dirt, with this cute picture book. Dig In! is a great book for kids who love getting their hands dirty, and exploring the outdoors. Young readers will love discovering what they can find when they dig in and play in the dirt. With cute illustrations, and an easy to read story, readers will find a worm, a seed, a rock, a potato bugs (pill bugs), and more. DigIn! and discover the fun adventure of the outdoors with this adorable picture book! You [...]

  8. Reading this book made me want to get outside in my garden! Oh, I cannot wait for spring! When my son and I read this book, I kept pointing to the pictures and telling him about all of the digging we will do this spring, and I am excited to have this book (and Jenson-Elliot's Weeds Find a Way) on hand for when the time comes! We live in Connecticut, so we can't quite do any digging yet. This book emanates warmth, and it will make kids want to go outside and start exploring! Cindy Jenson-Elliot s [...]

  9. An original presentation of a forever-favorite place to play - in the dirt!Repetition of the phrase, "I dig in the dirt" will encourage little ones to read along. The sentence starts on the right hand page and the reader has to turn the page to see what happens - encourages predictions and relating personal experiences.From the CIP data: "Illustrations were created using linoleum black prints on paper with some digital touch ups." Full color with little specks, resembling dirt with it's special [...]

  10. Dig in to this vibrant picture book that celebrates all the surprises found down in the dirt!I dig in the dirtd find a seed. Seed waits. I dig in the dirtd find a spider. Spider runs. Explore all of the creepy, crawly, dirty, muddy, green, and growing things that can be found outside in the garden. From pill bugs to worms to leafy green sprouts, young readers will love discovering the muddy garden habitat within the pages of this book--and outside in their own backyards!

  11. Teachers could use this book to introduce a unit on earth and earthworms for kindergarteners or 1st graders. It has a lot of simple words and repetitive phrases that would make it a great early reader for classroom use. The pictures are also simple and straightforward and could be adapted for bulletin board or flannel board. For ages 2 -6.

  12. Fun, colorful illustrations show a child having fun exploring in the dirt. Kids can easily relate to this story in real life! Easy text makes this a quick read and allow for parents to engage in conversation with their child(s) about what they find when they dig in the dirt!

  13. As a reader who spends quite a bit of time out in the garden with her 2yo, I was hoping that this colorful book with simple sentences would be a fun read for us. I appreciate the pill bugs and mud, but it just wasn't very compelling and the illustrations not my favorite.

  14. A very simple book that explores a few of the wonderful things you can discover while digging in the dirt!

  15. The perfect book for a storytime about mud, spring, worms or seeds. Nice repetitive phrase for audience participation.Large and up close illustrations are fun and colorful.

  16. This is a great exploration of nature in simple sentences that could appeal to preschool age and would be great for storytime.

  17. A simple concept of discovery. The simple text and larger than life illustrations, make this suitable as a board book rather than a full-priced picture book.

  18. intro to some of the things you might find in the dirt, good for preschool age, wish it included more of the things that make up the dirt.

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