One thought on “Hometown”

  1. I really enjoyed this small collection of flash fictions by poet Carrie Etter. Etter's fictions explore the hidden tensions that hover just beneath the surface of everyday life. My personal favourite is the sequence of linked stories from Manslaughter which explore the fallout of a white man's accidental killing of a black man, how the act can effect everyone in the families in some way. Powerful stuff.

  2. For some reason, I managed to miss the photo on the cover of this pamphlet (it's by William Gedney) and so when I started to read, I had no pointers as to its register. As such I read the first story and was expecting a gruesome twist. Which is an indictment of either the state of much micro-fiction these days, or me. Any road the next - Mauve - and the next - The Accident (which I loved) - put an end to that sort of thinking and by the time I got to In That Kitchen, I was fully attuned to a Ged [...]

  3. To read my review, please follow this link to the Bath Flash Fiction Award Webpage: bathflashfictionaward/2016

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