Star Shroud

Star Shroud They ve been watching us Now they need our help A hacker makes one of the biggest discoveries that will forever change the world A NASA pilot whose secret abilities may be the key to humanity s surviv

  • Title: Star Shroud
  • Author: Ken Lozito
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They ve been watching us Now they need our help A hacker makes one of the biggest discoveries that will forever change the world A NASA pilot whose secret abilities may be the key to humanity s survival Kept secret for 60 years, the discovery of an alien signal forces an unlikely team to investigate a mysterious structure discovered in the furthest reaches of the sola They ve been watching us Now they need our help A hacker makes one of the biggest discoveries that will forever change the world A NASA pilot whose secret abilities may be the key to humanity s survival Kept secret for 60 years, the discovery of an alien signal forces an unlikely team to investigate a mysterious structure discovered in the furthest reaches of the solar system Join the crew of the Athena, Earth s most advanced space ship on the ultimate journey beyond our wildest imagining Strap yourself in The Star Shroud is the first book in this action packed space opera series Readers describe them as a cross between David Weber and John Ringo If you like space opera adventure stories with clever heroes, impossible situations, and chilling discoveries, then you re in for a fun nonstop thrill ride Read it now Find out why thousands of readers have fallen for Ken Lozito s thrilling series What readers are saying about the Ascension series Hard to put down Reviewer Buckle up and hang on tight You re in for a wild ride Ed Ramos Fantastic One of the best SciFi books I have read in a long time Harold Wilson Refreshing approach to sci fi fi Fast paced and believable T I Muller Fantastic feel of classic sci fi which grows into a modern space opera Reviewer Scroll up and buy the series today

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    1. There are several sins or bad habits that writers can fall into, especially science fiction writers. This book by Ken Lozito is guilty of at least two. The first, that's common to both science fiction and thriller writers, is the information dump. There are two ways that sci-fi writers use this. Usually the reader sees it in the science info dump. This is where a writer will take anywhere from a paragraph to several pages to stop everything to describe the science behind contraptions used in th [...]

    2. This was an electronic review copy provided for review purposes.Very quickly paced. A fast and interesting read. At times, I thought it was a little too quickly paced and (at least I) would have enjoyed a bit more detailed narrative regarding the technology. I am not sure I buy into the romance portions of the relationships, but it is difficult to weave in romance and not bog down the storyline. Especially in a fast paced storyline. That may be why I am not too keen and attempts to mix the two t [...]

    3. A fine premise, adventure, & readIt is difficult these days to find a new idea for space fiction. This is a good one, and I can see myself reading future books in the series.In good best-selling fashion, it has a combination of good adventure, lots of tension from protagonist against antagonists, and a little romance thrown in for entertainment.My only beefs are that I t makes the standard assumptions that laws of physics are bendable in order to facilitate space travel, but authors pretty m [...]

    4. IntriguingThis book is a very intriguing plot. It pulls you into the story with conspiracy and then it shows you the truth behind it. I loved it.

    5. Hacker Zack Quick stumbles upon a secret that has been kept from the world for 60 years: Humanity is not alone in the universe. After he releases the information to the public and pictures of an alien structure on Pluto go viral, the world's first deep space vessel Athena, originally slated to head to Titan for exloration, is given a different mission: Travel all the way to Pluto and learn as much as possible about the strange structure. Piloting the ship is Kaylan Farrow, granddaughter of the m [...]

    6. Overall I found the book enjoyable enough. The premise is interesting and I rather liked the whole conspiracy aspect. However, I feel I should put a sort of "buyer beware" here. I don't believe the plot summary/teaser on the store page accurately describes what the book actually is. I was expecting something a bit more "advanced" from a technological and timeline perspective. The summary does not lead one to believe this is a rather low-tech near-future setting. This is not a "bad thing" in term [...]

    7. This is a pretty good science fiction tale - the author does a good job of getting you into the head of his characters, as well as making me feel as if I was right in the middle of the action as a participant vs. a reader. I picked the Kindle version up for free during a Kindle promotion vs. the normal price of $3.99 – I received more than $3.99 of entertainment value out of this one and am off to grab the next book in the series. If you enjoy science fiction, I would recommend this one.

    8. A good plot which kept me through to the end, though I hate cliff hangers. It was unfortunate for this story because the characters were a bit week. I don't care enough about any of them to want to go on to the next book regardless of how exciting the plot and ending was. His next book 'First Colony Genesis' was better, having the main character better developed.

    9. If you like space exploration and discovery themes, with a likable main characters and suspenseful and well paced plot, then this is worth the read. I finished this book and immediately purchased the 2nd one in the series. The only thing that stopped from giving 5 stars were the romantic subplots which I feel are bit forced, but thankfully they don't detract much from the story.

    10. One of the best sci-fi books I have read. The author pays close attention to detail - his writing is smooth, the story flows crisply from beginning to end - an indication of his careful oversight is his thank-you to the proofreader, Tamara Blain.

    11. A good story with terrible dialogue actually it's not the dialogue, it's the authors use of "character" said. I'm sure there's a name foe that but I am having a brain fart and can't think of it I'm gonna try the second book and hope his writing improves.

    12. Addicted!!I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. Alien contact, secret research, space travel and espionage!! Loved it!

    13. Great scifiGreat story line with good characters and a great storyline. I cant wait to dive into the next book! Adventure scifi exploration aliens

    14. Enjoy ableFirst time reading kens books. I found it interesting and fun to read. Similarities to other similar subject author's. But with some different takes on genre.

    15. Incitefull & entertaining 5 state worthy Sci fi, great story line with a plot you won't believe. As I turned the last page I was extremely disappointed to see that it was the end. Oh well! I'm about to read book 2 now.

    16. This was a pretty darn good science fiction book. It involves conspiracy theories, big corporations, hackers and astronauts all in one story. I don’t think you can get much better than that. Well, maybe you could.The book cover leads you to believe that a spaceship exists called the Star Shroud. That’s not the case. In 1986, we’re involved in some highly questionable psychic activities conducted by a corporation, the Dux Corporation, that is working for the military. The military isn’t s [...]

    17. In the 1980's the government used remote viewers (psychics) to monitor as far as they could into outer space. One day every remote viewer and coma patient went into a strange trance and spoke of unusual things. Bruce Matherson the projects lead for Lux Corporation quickly shut down the program because he didn't want the military and other agencies to have the information. Jump to 2046, where Zack Quick, a former gifted and talented program student at M.I.T hacks into Lux Corporation files and ma [...]

    18. "Are you really this paranoid?"When the research team first received the message in 1986, they didn't know what it was - so they told no one. When, decades later, a probe returned pictures of an alien structure on Pluto, the corporation intercepted them - and told no one. Eventually, some 60 years after the first contact, a brilliant young hacker named Zack found the encrypted files and photos and and shared them with the world, causing immediate public interest and speculation. A scheduled spac [...]

    19. Decent SciFi Storyline and Writing"Star Shroud," Book 1 of the "Ascension Series," is a decent SciFi read, better than most of the eBooks offered. The storyline has merit, though ridden throughout by the usual SciFi cliches-benevolent alien race monitoring and subtly "nudging" humanity in the near future, as competing governments, space agencies and monolithic corporations advance into the solar system. Discovery of alien structures leads to exploratory mission and havoc.The writing is competent [...]

    20. Star Shroud (Ascension Series Book 1)By: Ken Lozito5 out of 5 starsThe story Star Shroud (Ascension Series Book 1) by Ken Lozito is a science fiction/fantasy series that will hold your interest from the first chapter to the ending page. It is an action packed story that will have you hooked. The storyline is awesome and the characters are really well developed. I like my science fiction to pack a punch and this book delivers. It will keep you wondering “Could this really happen?” As this is [...]

    21. Great story!I've been reading SciFi since I was in elementary school (late 50s) and I have to say that this is one of the most original set ups and beginnings that I've read. Not only that but the characters in the story and their interactions are very engaging. I am looking forward to moving on to volume 2!

    22. Pretty goodThe story and in particular the plot was quite good. There were times where events would occur that needed more explanation to draw you into the event. There were other parts that were not particularly important at all and probably should've been cut. Overall though the story was enjoyable and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    23. Good Discovery and Science Space Adventure Mixing elements of history and technology with fictional discoveries, Lozito has created a fantastic (and optimistic) tale of a future NASA flight to the outer planets. Readable, enjoyable and intriguing, this story promises to be very interesting as it moves forward. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    24. This was a fascinating tale about a special space mission to Pluto to find a possible alien structure. The main character, who's a brilliant hacker and knows computers, is a very interesting character. I loved his story and his two possible love interests. The narration on the audio book was perfect, and I really enjoyed the story.

    25. This book has made me a sucker for SF with alien tech discovered in our solar system. Also okay with the cliff-hanger since the next book is out (and already on my kindle). In a similar vein though a standalone, I also recommend Europa Journal.

    26. The pacing of the book went from tolerable while building up the world/characters to way too fast for the rest of it. The longer the book went with this super cliff notes version of what happens and what needs to be solved, the more I didn't care.

    27. Great so far really building solid characters and suspenseful storyline. Glad I found this series. ----------11.18.16 Finished today great book , narrator is the type that can use voice's and does a good job I hope he continues as narrator in the rest of series.

    28. Avoid this if you are looking for science fiction; this is science fantasy.This is well written and and engaging science fantasyif that is what you want to read. Sadly, the synopsis sells this book as hard SF space opera, and was disappointed.

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