Alternate Oscars

Alternate Oscars A noted film critic and author of Cult Movies offers his lively and controversial year by year choices for whom he believes should have won the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences highest hono

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  • Title: Alternate Oscars
  • Author: Danny Peary
  • ISBN: 9780385303323
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • A noted film critic and author of Cult Movies offers his lively and controversial year by year choices for whom he believes should have won the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences highest honor Photos.

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    1. Could you guess that Oscars are not dished out based only on merit? I mean, golly gosh. Is that the universe tilting on its axis? I think so. So, you see, the best picture Oscar isn’t necessarily given to the best picture. Well, that’s what it says here. Our Danny is just so spiteful about the Oscarmeisters of the Hollywood Hills – he says that politics, guilt, score settling, sentiment, and an obsession with what their shrivelled souls and mis-shapen intellects perceived as “prestige” [...]

    2. This book features its author's picks for Best Picture, Actor, and Actress from each year of the Oscars, starting with the first awards ceremony in the late 1920's through 1991 (the book was published in '93). Peary is a good, knowledgeable film writer and this is a fun exercise—we all have our picks for films and performances that we feel should have nabbed the gold, as well as long lists of stinky winners that outrageously won the day. It's an enjoyable (if not terribly consequential) tome; [...]

    3. I somehow had never gotten around to reading this volume by one of my favorite film critics, and Danny Peary brings the same depth and insight here that make his Cult Movies and Guide for the Film Fanatic books such essential reading. You certainly won't agree with every one of his choices, but you'll come away with lists of movies you need to see (and movies that Peary might convince you to re-evaluate). Here's hoping we get a new edition that gives us his post-1991 choices.

    4. "The first Academy Awards were given out in 1929. In my view, they got it wrong then, and with few exceptions they have gotten it wrong ever since. Although it was declared that awards would be bestowed based on merit only, that does not always seem to have been the case."Have you ever felt that an Oscar went to the wrong person or that an undeserving movie won Best Picture? If so, this is the book for you. Danny Peary takes the history of the Academy Awards from 1927-1991 and offers his take on [...]

    5. If you've ever contended that the Oscars were a political piece of crap, or if the Academy was incapable of recognizing a truly stellar performance without twenty years of hindsight, this is a book to look into. It provides some interesting suggestions on movies that were probably more influential (Citizen Kane, etc.) than the actual winners (How Green Was My Valley) were.Worth keeping around if you're a serious movie buff, but doesn't really have a lot of repeat-read value. Once absorbed, there [...]

    6. Another oldy but goody from Danny Peary, in which he gives his choices for the Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress awards for the Oscars from their inception until 1990. Yes, some of Peary usual quirks (left wing politics, being very concerned with feminism while openly leering at actresses)are here, but overall it's a good book with some interesting alternate takes and a whole list of movies I will need to add to my "To See" list. Recommended for film fans. Warning, though, Peary doesn't [...]

    7. This provides a good history of film through the years in excellent page-long essays, as well as catching the reader up on the critical classics of the medium.

    8. A wonderful way to discover films you might not have seen, and also to come up with your own "best of's" for a particular year.

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