Serendipity A warm funny story of one woman s brave quest to avoid love Best friends Hero and Sunday are holidaying in New York when Sunday persuades the normally conservative Hero to don a siren red wig and the

  • Title: Serendipity
  • Author: Melanie La'Brooy
  • ISBN: 9780143007791
  • Page: 495
  • Format: None
  • A warm, funny story of one woman s brave quest to avoid love Best friends Hero and Sunday are holidaying in New York when Sunday persuades the normally conservative Hero to don a siren red wig and the persona of Lola, a do anything, anytime trapeze artist.

    One thought on “Serendipity”

    1. The main characters names are introduced in virtually the first page as "Hero" and "Sunday" and it got cornier from there. It is a really bad book full of unbelievable characters and all these "chance" encounters. Full of clichés, it just drags on. It reached its worst part when Oscar is at a cemetary talking to his deceased fiancée and a leaf falls and sticks on his cheek like a 'soft kiss' which he a takes as a sign from his fiancée. Really?

    2. A warm and laugh-out-loud funny story of one woman's brave quest to avoid true love. Best friends Hero and Sunday are holidaying in New York when Sunday persuades the normally conservative Hero to don a siren-red wig and the persona of Lola, a do-anything-anywhere-anytime trapeze artist. Disguised as Lola, Hero crosses paths - and a whole lot more - with gorgeous Oscar. Sparks fly, but Hero can't admit to Oscar that she's not who he thinks she is. Flash forward two years and Hero is back in Sydn [...]

    3. To this day, I have read and loved every single one of Miss La'Brooy's books. Loved them. Hugged them (on occasion), even. However, whilst I was thrilled to be reading another La'Brooy novel, this one fell short of my expectations. It made me laugh (the scene in the sex shop, not to mention the bridal fair, were stand-outs), but Hero's snobbery reduced this to a four-star read for me. Here's an example - during a phone conversation with her mother, Hero learns that a new Indian restaurant has op [...]

    4. I liked this much better than The Wish List. It was more believable, in some ways anyway. I sat down and read the whole book today in a few hours. The book takes place over a fairly short amount of time, it jumps from Hero and Oscar meeting in Manhattan to two years later, but the feel of the book isn't rushed because of it or anything.The way both Hero and Oscar act can seem very over the top, but it kind of gets explained in a way that makes it justified. I wouldn't mind if someone would send [...]

    5. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and read it in one day. It's frothy and sparkly and just so much fun. While the character of Hero is a bit pigheaded and uptight, she also recognises this and learns from herself. The supporting characters - especially Sunday and Toby - are wonderful and propel the plot along. Sydney really comes to life as well, for anyone who has been there, the suburban stereotypes are taken and played with, to great effect. I laughed out loud more than once. It's perfect for l [...]

    6. If your type of guy is the one that stalks you, sends you unwanted gifts, and won't take no for an answer then go ahead and read it!Extra bonus is racist use of different culture for comedic use.Really a shame because Melanie is a good writer, but obviously likes unwanted advances are a must have in men.As a woman it scares me that she would promote this as all right and no I won't be donating the book. It goes straight in the bin so no one else can be brainwashed into thinking that behavior is [...]

    7. My guilty pleasure.I have adored this book from the moment I first read it, almost ten years ago! Serendipity is my go to if I am feeling tense and just need something to make me laugh, smile and not take life too seriously. I love that it is Australian and think it's the perfect book for a lazy wintry day.

    8. La'Brooy brings the cringe! Laughing out loud I found myself needing to share the highlights with my husband - I enjoyed every page. Would love to see Serendipidity as a screenplay the over animated dialogue between the characters would be so easily transferable and would be great entertainment for audiences to enjoy! I look forward to my next Melanie La'Brooy read.

    9. For those who love chick lit, this is a very light, funny and sweet read - holiday material, perhaps? Being a new Sydneysider, it was great to read about locations I'm just starting to get to know. Enjoyed reading it - and enjoyed the characterisation! Ms la Brooy has a talent for developing interesting and quirky characters.

    10. Another amazing romantic comedy, Serendipity was filled with my favouraite aspects of romance novels, as well as some very unexpected twists. The humour was great, and the characters well defined and lovable. This book was wonderfully written!

    11. Omfg Oscar. In real life, he would drive me absolutely crazy and I'd probably end up pushing him off a cliff, but the entire time, I was practically screaming at Hero to fall for him the way he fell for her.

    12. This authors books are the type of book that make people ask me what I'm reading because of the giggling!

    13. I enjoyed reading the book, and really liked the Oscar character and his ultimate optimism in love. Made me feeling all warm and fuzzy about love. :)

    14. Melanie La'Brooy is my favourite author. I literally laugh out loud when reading her books. This one doesn't disappoint.

    15. This is my absolute favourite book ever!!! I have read it a thousand times, it comforts me and makes me laugh!! Thank You for this great gift :)

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