Big Cat, Little Cat

Big Cat Little Cat There was a cat who lived alone Until the daya new cat came And so a story of friendship begins following two cats through their days months and years until one day the older cat has to go And he

  • Title: Big Cat, Little Cat
  • Author: Elisha Cooper
  • ISBN: 9781626723719
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There was a cat who lived alone.Until the daya new cat came .And so a story of friendship begins, following two cats through their days, months, and years until one day, the older cat has to go And he doesn t come back.Big Cat, Little Cat is a poignant story, told in measured text and bold black and white illustrations about life and the act of moving on, from award wThere was a cat who lived alone.Until the daya new cat came .And so a story of friendship begins, following two cats through their days, months, and years until one day, the older cat has to go And he doesn t come back.Big Cat, Little Cat is a poignant story, told in measured text and bold black and white illustrations about life and the act of moving on, from award winning author Elisha Cooper.

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    1. This is a fantastic book to read if you want to start sobbing at the information desk. Seriously though, very beautiful.

    2. Although I am a grown ass woman, this little picture book still ripped my heart out. I started thinking about the great circle of life and then about my cats dying and now I'm crying again. Super.

    3. 50 year old woman almost started crying at this children's book! Totally didn't expect it. What a beautiful book on the circle of life, friendship, death, mentoring. So many life lessons rolled into one little book. Bravo, AuthorBravo! This is one to read to children and purchase worthy. Such a powerful little book partnered with equally powerful, yet simple illustrations.

    4. My ONLY issue with this book is that after the older cat "had to go" and "didn't come back," "that was hard." "Until the day a new cat came."And that bothers me - as the human companion of Ersatz, Gizmo, Buzz Aldrin, St. John Bosco, Brother John, and Babe, I can say definitively that it remains hard to deal with the demise of an elderly cat well after the new kitty comes.But other than that, lord love Elisha Cooper drawing cats.

    5. This is one of those picture books that is truly universal: I can see both kids and adults loving this book. It's simple and honest and very, very sweet in a completely pure sort of way. It'd be a great book to use to talk about death with kids in a non-scary and straightforward manner. I think I loved it because of the way it depicts the life of house cats.

    6. A tear-jerker about two cats becoming friends, and one of them passing away. A beautiful, though quite sad, book about the circle of life.

    7. Oh the feels.I hadn't read the reviews for this and was caught completely unprepared; one of my staff came in as I finished this and asked me if I was ok? No, no, not really.Beautiful, simply-written, elegant, from the heart, lovely, graphic, and excuse me while I go cry again.

    8. I sat down to eat a turkey sandwich and got destroyed by this book. I'm glad my husband is in the yard and not here to catch me weeping over imaginary cats. I don't even LIKE cats! 😩😭😩😭😩😭

    9. A simply told story of two cats, a white cat showing the other, a black cat the ropes around the house until they become fast friends. The White Cat gets old and dies and the family and Black cat miss the him very much.But after a while a new cat comes and it is now the Black Cat's turn to show the other the ropes.A good book for young readers.

    10. It isn't often I have this happen, but the illustrations in this book just grabbed me! This is a Caldecott Honor title. My favorite illustrations are when the cats are curled up next to each other, white cat and black kitten. Although the illustration of the black kitten, then much later, the white kitten, falling into its drinking bowl are wonderful too. Also, the one of the black cat, white kitten using their litter box is just so perfect, especially the tails. The story is very simple and cou [...]

    11. there are now two picture books that can make me cry in just a few pages: 1) city dog, country frog by mo willems 2) big cat, little cat by elisha cooper

    12. First sentence: There was a cat who lived alone. Until the day a new cat came. The cat showed the new cat what to do. When to eat, when to drink, where to go, how to be, when to rest. Big cat, little cat.Premise/plot: A simple yet profound book on life, love, and legacy. Dare I say we're talking meaning-of-life stuff here? The story at its most basic: Big Cat trains Little Cat on how to cat. Little Cat grows up to be a Big Cat. The two enjoy each other very much. My favorite line, "For five minu [...]

    13. A story about friendship, life and grief told through cats. Big Cat, Little Cat is beautifully told with simple illustrations and words. It tells of two cats who live together and then one, who is older, goes away and doesn't come back. The one cat left behind grieves for his friend (as does the family) until the cycle begins again. This would be a wonderful book to read to children who are grieving a loss, whether it is for a family member, friend or pet.

    14. Master picture book crafter, Cooper tells the gentle and poignant story of the friendship between two cats. The white cat lived alone for some time in his home until a new little black cat came. The older white cat helped the little cat learn what to do, how to use the litter box, when to rest, when to eat and drink. As the days and months passed, the black cat grew to be just as big as the white cat. Then one day, the white cat was gone and doesn’t ever return. Still, life continues and bring [...]

    15. Elisha Cooper captures the essence of cats in her drawings here! Simple and reassuring. This DID make me cry. I'm not entirely sure I like the sentence "and one day he had to go and didn't come back." I'm thinking about this but it feels vague to me and something that might have to be explained to young children. The next few page turns do clarify the idea but I wonder if it doesn't generate more questions for a child. I'm pondering this and will give it a spin with my young grandsons whose old [...]

    16. I mean, I knew where it was going, being shelved in "life issues" and all but I couldn't help crying. So simple and beautifully done!

    17. Oh my heart. This book is the cat version of what I'm living right now with losing one of my dogs. It's both heartbreaking, beautiful, and uplifting all at the same time.

    18. Explore the life cycle of cats with this simple yet touching picture book. Beautifully and skillfully told with straightforward, sweet illustrations, Big Cat, Little Cat tells the story of a cat who lives alone until a kitten comes to live at the same house. The cat teaches the kitten all it knows; the two grow older together and become great friends, until the cat goes away and doesn't come back. This is an excellent choice for explaining death to the youngest of children, but also great for an [...]

    19. Warning: do not read this book to inquisitive children who you have not had the death talk with yet. Because unexpectedly, this book deals with that sad fact of life and it hit me right in the face. I always read the new picture books at my library if the title or subject interest me. With this being about cats, it was a no-brainer that I would love this book. But then shit got real and now I'm sad. Tears actually welled up when the big cat went away and didn't come back. It's still a cute story [...]

    20. Excuse me, I've got something in my eye What a sweet and simple book about mentorship (or new sibling), death, and the circle of life. Have Kleenexes handy if you've got cats."For five minutes every day, they went wild."

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