The Splatter House Rules

The Splatter House Rules In Jeff O Brien s The Splatter House Rules he takes us to rural Oyster River New Hampshire where seventeen year old Tabitha has reluctantly agreed to the mayor s offer to make her a counselor at Ca

  • Title: The Splatter House Rules
  • Author: JeffO'Brien
  • ISBN: 1482340038
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Jeff O Brien s The Splatter House Rules, he takes us to rural Oyster River, New Hampshire, where seventeen year old Tabitha has reluctantly agreed to the mayor s offer to make her a counselor at Camp Montejo Lake, a camp that mysteriously closed down almost twenty years ago for reasons undisclosed Many a rumor and urban legend had surfaced since then about a mysteriousIn Jeff O Brien s The Splatter House Rules, he takes us to rural Oyster River, New Hampshire, where seventeen year old Tabitha has reluctantly agreed to the mayor s offer to make her a counselor at Camp Montejo Lake, a camp that mysteriously closed down almost twenty years ago for reasons undisclosed Many a rumor and urban legend had surfaced since then about a mysterious cabin deep in the woods known as The Splatter House Thinking of the mayor s offer as just a taste of freedom away from the tyrannical rule of her overly religious parents, she figured it couldn t be all that bad Finding herself and getting in touch with her true identity out in the woods, she also found true love to perfectly compliment her newfound identity But as the other counselors began disappearing one by one, she found out a lot about herself than she bargained for, and something far worse The Splatter House is real.

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    1. A funny ultra-gory mash-up of genres: slasher movies Friday the 13th style, lovecraftian monsters in lakes, axe-wielding ghosts, politicians monsters for real and secret government organizations reminding "The Initiative" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and the "Cabin in the wood" awesome movie one.A not bad reading if you like insane trash/horror b-flicks.

    2. This is yet another book that I would not have read if not for it being a group read in the Bizarro Fiction group, and yet again it's a winner. I have really come to enjoy reading shorter bizarro books (as opposed to 400 page novels), I am really impressed at how invested I can become in the characters even at the much shorter page count.I have a feeling that anybody who didn't grow up with cheesy 80s slasher movies may not truly appreciate this story to its full extent. The tropes are here: the [...]

    3. The Rules of the Splatter House are simple: Shut the fuck up unless you are expressing physical pain that is inflicted upon you by me(not a direct quote but first rule of Splatter House)A perfect homage to the 80's slasher films like the Friday 13th franchise, or Sleep Away Camp or even most recently The Cabin in the Woods (there is indeed a cabin in the woods). Absolutely a perfect little horror movie in the form of a book. The delivery and formula stays true and is spot on without being redund [...]

    4. If you are down for buckets of blood and gore, or just have a soft spot for classic horror films, then this might be the book for you. No . . . actually, wait . . . scrap that! If you like all that blood and guts malarkey . . . then this is - MOST DEFINITELY - the book for you! Influenced by an array of 80's classic horror flicks, this book is a mix mash of all the great things that mindless slasher has to offer; pretentious dicks being mutilated, geeks, outcasts, big boobed chicks, constant kni [...]

    5. I'm not usually a reader of Bizarro, but this book wasn't too bad. It was a good Lovecraft-themed Friday the 13th romp. If you don't like strange sex and gory scenes then this book is definitely not for you. While that isn't normally my cup of tea, I thought that this book was well done and it kept me reading straight through to the end.

    6. There is so much going on in The Splatter House Rules' relatively lean page count that it's daunting even considering how to summarise it adequately. But here we go. There's the legend of a camp site killer, a ghost with an axe, a great evil stirring at the bottom of the lake - not to mention its off-shoots that pave the way for its coming by committing murder and mayhem - and then there's the government secret labs, the sexual awakening of a young woman, and a corrupt man of power trying to com [...]

    7. This book is an incredible amount of fun. O'Brien takes me right back to all the comedic horror movies I spent so much time watching back in the late eighties and early nineties, and manages to tell a very new story within that framework. He does it so well, giving me something I can't quite get by reading other kinds of horror fiction or even re-watching some of my old favorites. It's a wonderful use of the form and yields some great reading. It's well worth checking out and a splatter-filled g [...]

    8. I am a huge fan of O'Brien's and the more I read the more I realize that you can't just dump his books into one category. He brings the punk, DIY aesthetic to his writing and it works. These are books that remind me of those classic B-movies that are full of cheese but have a an interesting plot that holds it all together. Splatter House is a combination of the bizarro/horror hybrid that he's become the master of. His fiction may not be for everyone but it's a blast to read and that's really all [...]

    9. I think (could be total bullshit but just leave it that way for the review :P ) this is one of Jeff's earlyer works. It's "just" a horror story, bloody, disgusting at some pages but nothing really surprising (Like Friday the 13th, Evil Dead or Halloween) oh and even if it's by far not as funny as his later books but still an ocasional giggle on every other page.The writing is (how should I name it?!?) lets say more "rude" not as "smoth" as in Big Boobenstein or the two books from The Leedham Chr [...]

    10. When I won this through FirstReads, it wasn't hard to guess what the book would be about. And if you're into very explicit, X-rated slasher books, this is probably for you.Just not for me. I made it to page six, which was the point when the killer cuts off a girl's arm, spanks himself with it, and then uses it to rape her. Enough said, I think.Couldn't do it. Did not finish.

    11. Very unique plot but I felt that it ended abruptly. I loved the gore, and the campy scene. But I wish there was more background about the "killers". I did not guess the ending in the least, I expected everyone to die lol.

    12. If Lovecraftian Camp Splatterslash were to become a marketable niche genre, this book would serve as a keystone for the arch you'll have to walk through.

    13. I loved this book. Simple as that.Jeff O'Brien writes about one of the biggest clichés in horror fiction: The camp killer, with boucy-boobed blondes, dark-haired outcasts, nerds, jocks, a corrupt politician. But this book is so much more than that.It's a true masterpiece of horror fiction, it's entertaining as hell, and you'll imerse yourself in this world. When it's over, you'll want to cry."This can't be it! I want more! This can never be over!"I did that. I ran naked through my house, crying [...]

    14. That settles it. After reading Bigboobenstein and now The Splatter House Rules, I am now a certified Jeff O'Brien fan for life. Here we have another underground gem with life-affirming, positive messages floating deep beneath the river of blood and gore that the story is submerged in. This book may be the greatest B-Horror/Slasher/Monster movie never (or yet-to-be) made. I won't go into the details of the story so as to not give anything away, but, I want to publicly say that I feel that the fam [...]

    15. From the campy cover to the final lines, Splatter House Rules is a love letter to the slasher movies of the eighties, as well as some of the sci-fi creature features of the day. The mash up blends these themes with the right amount of gore and humor with the right amount of suspense and realism in order to create its own mythology in this highly entertaining offering from a very talented writer.

    16. More Tentacles Per Page Than A Cephalopod Picture BookThis is one crazy, scary, and laugh out loud read. At no time was I bored and hated for it to end. If dismemberment, skinning, castration, decapitation, and hot lesbian sex are your thing, (seriously, why wouldn't they be,) then get this ASAP.

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