Goalkeepers Are Different

Goalkeepers Are Different Rising quickly to stardom a young soccer player is hit hard by the realization that the life of a professional athlete is not always glamorous

  • Title: Goalkeepers Are Different
  • Author: Brian Glanville
  • ISBN: 9780517500705
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Rising quickly to stardom, a young soccer player is hit hard by the realization that the life of a professional athlete is not always glamorous.

    One thought on “Goalkeepers Are Different”

    1. This was a seminal book in my own youth which fired my imagination to not only pursue a career in football journalism but one day try to pen a modern-day version given the seismic changes to the sport with the advent of multi-billion broadcast revenues and global exposure.

    2. pernah baca pas sma kelas 2, jaman itu yg lagi hot gigi Buffon ama nick Ventola :)) pinjem di perpus gereja atau tempat kursus bhs inggris (??). menyesal mengapa dulu dikembalikan, blom selesai pula bacanyaehehehei kisah tentang Blake si kiper muda di klub divisi antah berantah di Borough, daerah London. tim favoritnya Chelsea (klo tak salah). seting-nya tahun 60 atau 70-angi yg pernah liat buku ini kabar2in ya ?? tadi sempet googling adaartikel menarik soal buku ini.

    3. Read it first at primary school and loved it, saw it in a second-hand bookshop in Riga, aged 32 and read it from cover to cover (admittedly it's pretty short) on the journey home and loved it all over again. Made me feel all warm inside.If you like football, especially if you fancied yourself as a keeper, give it a read.

    4. "little in the way of a story, no twists or turns, no plot and it is quite a difficult read: at the age of ten, when I wanted to be seen reading it, I probably wasn’t a good enough reader, and by the age of fourteen, when I was, I had moved on." Full review of this and other football novels at: stevek1889/2014

    5. This book, as obscure as it maybe, has been a stalwart in my life. Years ago, I purchased a copy for my son and left a long note inside it. One day he'll find it and whether he reads it or not, I'm positive he'll hold on to it.

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