How The Warrior Fell

How The Warrior Fell SHE was the Chief s daughter in a small tribeTo bring an end to an ancient feud between her tribe and another Leawyn s hand in marriage to Chief Xavier was the only way to ensure peace HE was the fie

  • Title: How The Warrior Fell
  • Author: Nicole René
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 319
  • Format: ebook
  • SHE was the Chief s daughter in a small tribeTo bring an end to an ancient feud between her tribe and another, Leawyn s hand in marriage to Chief Xavier was the only way to ensure peace.HE was the fiercest warrior of them allPlucked from everything she s ever known, and bound to a man she hates, Leawyn must learn to be strong Each passing day renews Leawyn s longingSHE was the Chief s daughter in a small tribeTo bring an end to an ancient feud between her tribe and another, Leawyn s hand in marriage to Chief Xavier was the only way to ensure peace.HE was the fiercest warrior of them allPlucked from everything she s ever known, and bound to a man she hates, Leawyn must learn to be strong Each passing day renews Leawyn s longing to escape, but when a new threat from a mysterious foe puts the tribes in jeopardy, everything changescluding her feelings for Xavier Bound between duty and honor, Leawyn must make the decision that could change everything Can she stay and accept her new life, and her husband Or is Xavier s heart too cold for her to melt Lines will be broken Blood will be shed.With love being their biggest battle of all, only time will tell, if it will be enough make her warrior fall.

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    1. The H hits the h, rapes her, and he even brands her with a hot iron, like a cow! While I understand that behavior was par for the time, those actions didn't exactly endear me to the H, who was a giant dick and completely unredeemable after what he did.

    2. HTWF is an incredible story with dark and delicious elements! Five star alreadydark and delicious??!!! Jackpot!So first this story is historical. Now don't get your britches in a wadis book is fantastic! Although historical, this book has every element of a modern dark romance. Xavier is a possessive, jealous, unfeeling, tall, dark, incredibly sexy alpha dude who is the chief of his tribe. He's an incredible specimen of a man and doesn't take no for an answer. It's his way or the highway. Sounds [...]

    3. I wish I had known this was a fetish book for the masochist, I seriously tried to get past the rapes and abuse imparted by the hero and pretend she wasn't black and blue and bite marked for most of the book but I gave up when he was about to mark her with a hot iron to make sure everyone knows she belongs to him. Of course by then she has started to like his kind of "loving" even though she's still claiming to hate him. So not coming back from that, just like when I accompanied my great auntie t [...]

    4. Xavier was a huge jerk, mean and nasty for the first half of the book. I get his a big tough Viking who's never known love, but did it have to take so long for him to realize that he loved Leawyn. Then the ending . there's a big hole between the last chapter and the two year later epilogue. The next book will be good. I loved the chemistry between Namoriee and Tyronian was great in this book and I'm sure will be off the charts in their's.Must all the names be so weird and hard to pronounce and k [...]

    5. If you are a fan of The Vikings show or like historical clan based reads this is a book for you. Apparently this is the author's debut novel, all I can say is wow and well done I really enjoyed this book.Leawyn is betrothed the leader of another clan, she hasn't met him and doesn't want to marry him.Xavier is to marry a girl called Leawyn, his not bothered but is going through with it - his a warrior not a husband.What can I say Xavier is horrible to Leawyn, treats her like property and forces h [...]

    6. Why?I read like breathing, but rarely do I bother with reviews. Just do my stars, and shelves, then off to the next adventure. But just have say WTF MAN?!?Let's start with pros:-interesting story-enough subterfuge and twists to make me have to finish; even when the outcome becameThe cons however are staggering:-there was no real world building, and only a passing mention of the culture's originse tribes aren't really touched on, besides a passing mention of the weak one, the heale [...]

    7. I don't know quite what to say about this book. The writing is excellent, very good story telling. BUT I can't say much for the so called hero. He was so brutal, raping and bruising etc. Not sure how the heroine didn't get killed! It's a shame she made the hero such a brute you couldn't possibly find him romantic or nice at all. However the heroine was lovely and kind and the other characters were very good. The author obviously has talent but did she have to make the hero so bad! Still I had to [...]

    8. Betrothed Five Amazing Stars I was completely thrilled to now read the first book of this most incredible,amazing series, Falling Warriors. Written by Nicole Rene. I was so absolutely excited to read this romantic historic tribal adventure of all time. As Leawyn sat waiting until her handmaiden, Brees could find her. Breed was upset and angered at her for her disappearance. Brees had worked for Leawyn as her servant for so many years. Brees had cared for her so deeply, she was just like a mother [...]

    9. I could not put this book down! It had me captivated. What I loved about this book was that I started out hating Xavier and feeling sorry for Leawynn but this author had you slowly falling in love with Xavier. You found yourself routing for the characters. It was beautifully written and the characters were well thought out. The plot moved effortlessly, the characters were believable, and the scenes were descriptive and entertaining!Thank you for sharing such a lovely story!

    10. How the Warrior Fell was an absolutely incredible story that I did not want to end. With fantastic storyline complete with twists and turns, intriguing characters, and stellar writing, I felt like I was transported to another time and place while reading this tale of dark and gritty romance. The dialogue was fantastic, the action was suspenseful, and the plot had me on the edge of my seat the entire time."You'll never escape me, Leawyn. Wherever you are, I'll find you."This author is effortless [...]

    11. 3 and ½ Stars - Erotic Bodice Ripper Set in Ancient Sumeria The story is set in ancient Sumer, Mesopotamia (no date is given but the author told me it is 3000 BC and that is consistent with the time of the Sumerians). This is the story of Leawyn, the daughter of the chief of the Rhoxolani, who, in order to end the feud between their tribes, was forced to marry Xavier, the fierce chief of the Izayges. I found this debut novel difficult to rate. The concept and the action are both great and the p [...]

    12. When it comes to dark historical romance, I think I lost my proverbial cherry with this one. Yes, it was painful, but also oddly exhilarating.An arranged marriage between two tribes is bound to be loaded with violence and domination. And it was. Oh my, the chief is a man to fear and make a quaint innocent damsel quake. Of course, he does. He's a brutal man who inspires lots of tears in his new bride. I really felt sorry for her, at his mercy and bruised by his forceful passion. Even though it's [...]

    13. I literally wanted to get my hands around Xavier's throat and squeeze as tight as I can. I had this desire for a good portion of the book. Leawyn was a strong beauty daughter to a clan chief. To build an alliance and shut down an ancient feud she was push to marriage. Treated worse than property. She pushed on. She had the purity, strength, and determination to stick to her resolve. This debut brought brutality, battles, betrayal, pain, pleasure, and stirred strong emotions. I battled with mysel [...]

    14. Such a great start as a debut author. The story was captivating and intriguing throughout! I was able to delve into Leawyn's world and picture all she went through by reading Nicole's words. She did amazing at bringing the characters and setting to life. Something about all of the characters made me fall in love with each of them in a different way and I love, love, love Killix. ;) I can't wait to read book two!!

    15. This story was filled with such horrible abuse that the h suffered by the H's hands. It was brutal, disturbing, and disgusting. The second a H physically hurts a h, he is NO LONGER a H! As for the story, it was too convoluted by the end and really fell apart. The author's treatment of Tristan and the h's BF sucked. She did not do them justice.

    16. Let me preface this review with this is not my normal go-to genre. I can't even remember off the top of my head if I have read any historical/fantasy romance before. And I LOVED this book. Leawyn is the daughter of a tribal chief, who's tribe has been in a tumultuous feud with Chief Xavier's tribe for generations. Their marriage has been arranged to try to douse that feud. Easy as that, right? Not so much. Leawyn and Xavier's relationship is rocky, at best. And the great thing about this is that [...]

    17. This is the debut novel by Nicole Rene and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed great story. Nicole Rene has given us a very captivating and intriguing story , that will draw you in and keep you there from start to finish,and then will leave us wanting more from this author. The characters are so well written and the whole story was amazing through out , and the plot moved the the story effortless and the scenes were interesting and quite entertaining. As I'm reading this awesome story the secon [...]

    18. "'I've loved you since I was sixteen years old,' Asten growled against her mouth, moving down her neck with little nips and kisses. 'I still do. I never stopped loving you.' He pulled back, reaching up to grasp her chin and tilt her head back until her eyes met his."5 dark warrior stars!!! I don't read this genre much, but this book has me wanting more!!!As I stated this isn't my usual genre, I'm not into the whole fantasy thing, but I love a good dark book. And this book has opened my eyes to a [...]

    19. I don't often write reviews but felt compelled with How The Warrior fell. Rarely does a character elicit such hate as Xavier did in a significant part of this book. He is a abusive bastard and as I read I was hoping Leawyn would gut him in the next chapter. Leawyn was beaten raped and branded by the man who sought to own her body and soul. Yet she was bound to him first through her body then her soul. She saw in him there was more than the warrior ruler of his people there was a man that had nev [...]

    20. Holy hotness! I loved this book! I saw some reviews that thought it was too violent and dark especially the rape of the heroine. With that said you HAVE to remember the era it is set in! Seriously do people do not know history? This was a common thing in the old ages with kings, Chiefs etc! Sometimes the bride being way younger. The men in those days were brought up with the mentality that whether the wife wanted sex or not they were entitled to take her especially with the intent to provide an [...]

    21. Okay, so this one, most definitely, would probably have your blood boiling here peoples. Butd there is a butIt'll either be in a good wayor in a bad way. I first encountered this story from this very lovely author on Wattpad and I, along with countless others were SO happy to hear about her future publishing endeavors however, due to the fact that she was publishing, she couldn't complete the book on wattpad. Butd there is another but because the story and its characters were riveting from the o [...]

    22. **5 I DIDN’T GET ANY SLEEP STARS!!!!**Yeah, you read that right! I stayed up all night reading this. I couldn’t put it down! Once I started, I couldn’t stop, and now. Here I sit. At work. Bone Tired, but totally ok with it! Where do I even start with this review? There’s so much I want to say, but I also don’t want to give anything away. I’m gonna start with my characters and go from there. Leawyn-- God I love her. I love everything about her. From her strong will to her open heart, [...]

    23. Barbaric. Beguilling. Staggering. Stimulating. These are the words that come to mind as I try to gather my thoughts in response to this book. It is rare that a novel completely consumes me as this one did and leaves an indelible mark on my soul, and as such, I am at a loss to express everything I want to say about it—except it is absolutely amazing! Yes, it’s harsh, and from many of the low-rated reviews, it offends modern feminist sensibilities (view spoiler)[containing rape and physical br [...]

    24. I had mixed feelings about this novel. There were parts of it that I loved and parts that I hated. My main problem with it was Xavier's treatment of Leawyn when they are first married. I have come across similar treatment of a man to a woman in other books, but only because the man never came across the knowledge he needed to treat a woman correctly. It was clear that Xavier did know the right way to treat and please a woman and he decided to mistreat her anyway. As an example, I compare it to K [...]

    25. I read this book .t on wattpad and I instantly got hooked by it. This book grips you by passion which it hold inside its pages. I am glad that Now I have a proper copy of the book“You are the most beautiful flower, Leawyn. Don’t let people crush you. Even if it’s me.”[image error]I liked the character Leawyn ,e is strong, kind , sassy and everything a queen of tribe should beI really found some instances of book disturbingke branding.d in the first half of book when H used to take h for [...]

    26. Great book! Could not put it down The relationship between Leawyn and Xavier is so emotional and it's one of those things that you don't expect to go right. Characters are so full of emotion and I love the little bits of laughter that are sprinkled throughout the story. If you love a relationship that doesn't start romantically but ends beautifully this book is for you!

    27. Nicole Rene is my new favorite author. When I started this book I wasn't really all that hopeful but as I read on I was completely hooked. I read the book in a single day. I couldn't put it down. I loved Xavier and Leawyn. Keep up the work and can't wait for the other books.

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