Naughty Mabel Sees It All

Naughty Mabel Sees It All Naughty Mabel s back darlings and this time she s causing double the trouble as she starts seeing things no one else can in this charmingly hilarious follow up to Naughty Mabel from film and Broadwa

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  • Title: Naughty Mabel Sees It All
  • Author: Nathan Lane Devlin Elliott Dan Krall
  • ISBN: 9781481430241
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Naughty Mabel s back, darlings, and this time she s causing double the trouble as she starts seeing things no one else can in this charmingly hilarious follow up to Naughty Mabel from film and Broadway star Nathan Lane of The Lion King and The Producers fame and Devlin Elliott Mabel s back and now it s her turn to party Slumber party that is Mabel s best friends SmartyNaughty Mabel s back, darlings, and this time she s causing double the trouble as she starts seeing things no one else can in this charmingly hilarious follow up to Naughty Mabel from film and Broadway star Nathan Lane of The Lion King and The Producers fame and Devlin Elliott Mabel s back and now it s her turn to party Slumber party that is Mabel s best friends Smarty Cat and Scaredy Cat have invited her over for a sleepover, could there be anything divine There s only one thing that could ruin such a sensational soiree monsters They re everywhere she looks, and sometimes she even sees two at once But these silly monsters don t know who they re dealing with Mabel s not afraid She s just going to have to put her naughty behavior to good use to save Smarty and Scaredy Problem is, the monsters aren t the only things that seem to be multiplying Mabel seems to be seeing two of everything Are there really monsters Or is there something going on As in is it time for Mabel to getasses

    One thought on “Naughty Mabel Sees It All”

    1. Everyone's favorite Frenchie is back in Naughty Mabel Sees it All by Nathan Lane and Devlin Elliott. Mabel urgently greets the reader even before page one! She wants to make sure that her side of the story gets told.Mabel has been noticing that strange things are happening in her house. But she can't worry about that now, darlings. She has been invited to her very first sleepover! Smarty-Cat and Scaredy-Cat are ready to spend a fun-filled evening with their pooch pal.While watching a movie with [...]

    2. Naughty Mabel makes her return with this second volume, which I found a huge improvement over her first story (Nathan Lane is such a comedy genius, and for him to resort to fart humor, regardless of how funny kids will find it, left me disappointed). This time out, Mabel is seeing things, which makes her inherent naughtiness even worse, and until her parents can figure out why she's seeing things, Mabel continues to wreak havoc. Dan Krall's illustrations are perfect once again, and I'm actually [...]

    3. Not a children's book all. The first Naughty Mabel the girls kinda got after I explained a lot of the humor. For this one, though? All of the diva/show biz references went way over their heads and there was no explaining it. The book is most definitely aimed at Nathan Lane's fans and not the kids, which is fineexcept that we bought these in the children's department at a bookstore. The girls liked the drawings and they ended up mostly focusing on those.

    4. 5 ( naughty 😉) stars. This is such a funny book. But I wouldn't read it to younger audience.They make take the wrong message from it.The pictures are so fun. They are colorful, creative and burst with life.The story is really funny, and makes you laugh. Even though Mabel is Naughty, there is just no way to not love her.

    5. This was so incredibly funny that my nephew had me read it to him TWICE. I rarely give a 5 **** rating, but this book SO deserves it! Mabel was invited to go spend the night at her friends' house, but gets scared when she assumes that there are monsters in the housed makes a huge mess. I'm pretty sure that Naughty Mabel needs her own show! Oh Netflix

    6. 3.5-4. Poor Mabel - first she mistakes the potpourri for her kibble, and then she starts seeing monsters everywhere - ruining her sleepover. Why can no one else see the monsters? Cute story about glasses - with a fun attitude. Probably best for early elementary age students.

    7. There aren't enough books out there about the eye doctor. When a dog is treated by one, it can't get more adorable.

    8. Picked this book for my story time at the bookstore this week. Fun story about a dog needing glasses. Good read-aloud for parents.

    9. I absolutely loved this book. This is about a naughty dog who gets into trouble with her owners "parents". In the end she realizes that she was not seeing monsters she just needs glasses. She tries and finds the perfect pair, finally setting on contacts. The illustrations are amazing. They are full of many details that just add to the words on the page. I can use this as a read aloud to the class for a good laugh. Each page has a cliff hanger so I could have the class predict what is going to ha [...]

    10. A super cute book about a puppy who needs glasses. I will say the repeated 'darlings' were quite annoying.

    11. Pretty funny, but downgraded at least a star for giving her contacts. I was thinking this would be a good book for kids who will be getting glasses, but noooooo, she gets contacts.

    12. Naughty Mabel is a delightfully precocious dog whose stomach ailment causes some visual challenges. She thinks she's seeing monsters when really she just isn't seeing clearly. Great humor and wonderful vocabulary accompany brilliantly drawn illustration. The length of the book is perfect for school aged children and their parents.

    13. Really enjoyed both the story and the illustrations. I do think that some of the references are pretty sophisticated for kids; I don't know any child who would have any idea who Bette Davis is. But fun and funny anyway.

    14. Mabel is a rather amusing character as she misbehaves. Unfortunately, some of Mabel's misbehavior is the result of her poor sight. The illustrations are bright and fun. The cover, with the picture of Mabel behind the eye machine is definitely eye catching.

    15. Mabel gets herself into quite a few sticky situations but it's not entirely her fault. Fun story and fabulous illustrations!

    16. cute pictures, but really only suitable for older kids and very long. didn't like the fact she got contacts instead of glasses, not very relatable for kids

    17. I giggled the whole time. Mabel is very snarky and fun to read. I'm not sure how much kids would relate to her tone, but I liked it a lot.

    18. Great book, darling illustrations. And a great plot, especially for kids who might be dreading *that* visit to the eye doctor.

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