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  1. If you haven't picked up a Gina LaManna book yet, this one is perfect to start on. She is going to become your go to author when you need a great book to settle down with.This is the first book, in what I feel is going to be an awesome series. I loved all the characters, especially our heroine Scarlett. She is from a small town, with big opinions. She has been living there all her life. And she has one little wish, that she hopes will come true at some point. Of course there is a sassy BFF with [...]

  2. I listened to this book on audio form. I enjoyed meeting these characters. The narrators voice brought these characters to life in this small town. The plot was interesting and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. I'm interested in what book 2 will have to say.

  3. A very heart felt story that had me in tears by the end. This is a sorta spin off of the Lacey Luzzi series. It goes into Mack's (from 'Seasoned') history.There is the romance, the mystery, those zany characters we all love to read about, and even those we hate. Of course I loved it all! =)A 'nobody' living in a small town keeps finding dead people, and try's to prove she wasn't involved. With the help of 'the one who got away,' Scarlett turns a deaf ear to all the rumors, and seeks out the trut [...]

  4. Sweet storyThe characters were well developed, and the mystery contained plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. I didn't find it believable that she could be suspected or disliked so fiercely and want to stay in Luck, despite her positive friendships. I realize there was supposed to be a mix of feelings with her hometown relationships, but it didn't come off quite right.

  5. I enjoyed it!It was a little hard to get into it but when I did it kept my attention until the end and guaranteed that I would be reading book 2. This is a very good rating, as far as I am concerned.

  6. Couldn't put it downSo much to love about this one! I felt I could really connect with the main character. The dialect made it fun to read. Suspenseful yet heart warming! Can't wait to read the next one!

  7. Good beach readLight and fluffy chic lit for holiday reading, light on substance but simple escapism works too. Recommended for turning off the brain

  8. Fun readEnjoyed the plot- didn't see it coming. Gina - as usual, this was an excellent read. Did not want to put the book down.

  9. Gina is one of my lucky stars authors! I found her books last year and I have been ravenously  picking up her books trying to get caught up on her awesomeness haha I was a little hesitant about starting a new series ( I know silly right?! But before this book I had only read books in the Lacey Luzzi series and was like umm no Lacey? No Meg? But I wanna hear more from my friends!) But I was worried needlessly because I adore this new series! In begins simply enough but if you have read any  Gin [...]

  10. I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review. I am new to Gina LaManna books but overall, this was a good book. I wouldn’t say this is so much a romance as it was a mystery/suspense novel with bits of romance in it. A little more would have been nice, personally.I did find I had some issues with the book though. For me, the biggest issue was the “Dear Diary” moments. I felt they were unnecessary and broke the flow of the book. It made it choppy for me. I was alrea [...]

  11. Oof. This book sounds like it is written by someone who has never visited a small town, or Texas, or the South, or Earth. It is awkwardly developed and doesn't make a lot of sense.I read it because it was on a list: What to read after you finish the Sookie Stackhouse series. While on paper this has some similarities to those books (Southern heroine, small town, mystery), it is nowhere close to that level of storytelling. I loved the Sookie books because they were cute, funny, a little sexy, and [...]

  12. In 'Seasoned' - a Lacey Luzzi book by Gina LaManna we were introduced to Mack, a handsome and mysterious stunt driver. In this book it is revealed Mack has once broken someone's heart (and his own in the process?) so I was happy that Gina revealed Mack's story would be told.And here it is! One Little Wish Scarlett has lived in Luck, Texas all her life. Luck is a small community and once in every 10 year there is a Reunion everyone looks forward to. All the people that have left the town will com [...]

  13. I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review free from persuasion by the author or anyone related to the book. One Little Wish was my first encounter with Gina LaManna's writing and I have to say I fell in love with her style immediately. In One Little Wish, Scarlett is, for the most part, just your average everyday citizen in Luck, Texas. She holds a perfectly normal job, as a nanny, and goes to church on Sunday just like everyone else in town. In a town named luck, Scarlett [...]

  14. I am a huge Gina LaManna fan, and when we met Mack in "Seasoned" I knew he was too good to be a one time character! I am so glad Ms Lamanna decided to do a spin-off series that gave me a chance to know and understand him. Mack and Scarlett are wonderful characters that I hope we see often. In "One Little Wish" Scarlett uses her diary to reveal feelings and thoughts that in turn make her real. I admire the way she handles bad situations, no feeling sorry for herself or moping around. It is wonder [...]

  15. Great Book!This is a great book; this is the first book in the Little Things Mystery series written by Gina LaManna. Scarlett is using her diary to reveal her feelings and thoughts. Scarlett has lived in Luck, Texas all her life and everyone is coming to town for their ten year reunion. Mack Montgomery, is the love of Scarlett’s life who left her 10 years ago who she hasn’t gotten over. When Scarlett finds a dead body, everything starts to go downhill. If you are looking for a great book, th [...]

  16. First off I would like to make a confession - I judge books by their cover. I know! I should be flayed or something! Especially since I did so with One Little Wish. I saw the cover in passing and thought "nah, not for me". I'm not into historical romance books which I thought this was until, out of respect for Gina's writing, I decided to give it ago I was WRONG. Soak it up, I don't admit that often. This is a great book. It is far from love-y dove-y nonsense that makes me want to hurl and is in [...]

  17. Great first bookThis was a great first book I this new series. I enjoyed getting to know Mack more and I lobed Scarlet. I'm intrigued by what else this series has to offer. Gina LaManna is a great author. Her books flow really well and the series make sense. I don't feel like I missed out of chunks of time. I always look forward to her new releases. Mack is a spinoff character from her Lacey Luzzi series. I really enjoyed his character and his secretive past. So when she wrote this book to furth [...]

  18. One Little Wish is book 1 of The Little Things mystery series but it does not end in a cliffhanger. This was my first book by Gina LaManna and I really enjoyed it. Scarlett Powers finds herself in the middle of a huge mess of things going on in her town. I really felt bad for Scarlett because of the way the people in the town treated her. This book was full of suspense and intrigue and kept me guessing the entire time. There were also some really funny moments. I really loved the friendship betw [...]

  19. Ok I loved it I really did but by the time I got to the end I was so disappointed that Mack didn't give Scarlett her true wish it was heartbreaking all over again, and even though I know it's not the end of the story I was so hoping Mack would man up.What I really loved about this book was the mystery I so didn't see the bad guy at all and I loved how surprising that was I also love how Scarlett can be so strong and sassy plus completely vulnerable all at the same time.I laughed, I cried I got r [...]

  20. I procrastinated over reading this book and couldn't figure out why. I realized that I never put reading one of Gina LaManna's book before, so why was I putting this one off? I didn't want to be interrupted and have to put it down for any reason!We met Mack Montgomery in Lacey Luzzi: Seasoned and this has an in-depth look at his character. We also meet Scarlett, the main character of this story from fictional Luck, Texas.It is another wonderfully written story. It has everything I think makes a [...]

  21. Can't put Gina LaManna's books down!I love how different the characters are from the Lacie Luzzi series. It wasn't till the end of the book that I realized he was " that Mack" from one of the Luzzi series. I can be so thick at times I should have realized. So glad Mack got another chance with Scarlett. Can't wait for more stories from both book series. Thank you Ms. LaManna for such wonderful stories.

  22. I love Scarlett and Noelle her best friend. I love Mack, the love of Scarlett's life too. These characters are well written and fun to read about. The mystery is really good and it was not easy to figure out. You do find out what the One Little Wish is toward the end of the story. The only negative I found was that there is not enough back story on Scarlett, so we don't know much about her family.

  23. Okay!I was kind of bored ready the beginning story lines especially the Dear Diary which I kind of skipped over. I wanted to here more about Mack and why he did go home for his reunion and the girl he loved. Yet I was hopping Mack was going to be more of a best friend to our loving Anthony. I guess he can do both and here's hopping the also visit Luck for an assignment.

  24. Loved this book. Gina has done it again. Once again we sexy Mack Montgomery is in her book. There definitely was a small town feel to this book and many twists and turns. The murderer was a total shocker and the ending was sweet thanks to her loving friends Noelle, Mary Ann and the "GURLZ" who are a hoot. Best of all, I was happy to read that Scarlett and Mack will be back in more books.

  25. I really enjoyed this book, although the folksy language was over done. The plotting was good and characters are more developed thanI really enjoyed this book, although the folksy language was overdone at times. The plotting was good and the characters are developed more than usual for a book of this nature. I do recommend this book.

  26. First chapter made me think it was a younger girl and I thought about putting the book down. Glad I waded through two chapters. It definitely gets better as you meet the characters. If you enjoy Gina Lamanna's writings, you'll enjoy this. One character from "Seasoned" shows up in this book. Enjoyable.

  27. Love Love Love Gina LaManna! Another great read by Gina LaManna. I love these characters. Story was funny and sweet and kept my attention throughout. Definitely recommend all her books and this one is no exception.

  28. Have yet to find a Gina LaManna book that I don't love. I knew Mack would be an amazing lead character, but I loved seeing how Gina made Scarlett the perfect match for Mack. Can't wait to see where the sequel leads us.

  29. In “Seasoned” (part of the Lacey Luzzi Series), we were introduced to Mack and this book gives us more of Mack’s story. You do not need to read the Lacey Luzzi series before reading this book, but you will be missing out on a great series if you don’t read it! Loved this addition!

  30. Gina LaManna needs to be my best friend. She is an awesome author and I've LOVED everything I've read by her. I love Scarlett, I love Noelle, I even love Grey. Luck is the cutest town. And the story was so fun!! Bring on Two Little Lies!!

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