Owned I own him just as much as he owns me LIZ He is testing me He must be Does he really think I d stay like a dumb lamb If I run I will never see him again I don t want that Why do I not want that LEONAR

  • Title: Owned
  • Author: Stella Noir Linnea May
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I own him just as much as he owns me LIZ He is testing me He must be Does he really think I d stay like a dumb lamb If I run, I will never see him again I don t want that Why do I not want that LEONARD This just shows how much she s messing with my head I let her get too close too soon She mesmerized me into acting like a fool I won t let that happen again ButI own him just as much as he owns me LIZ He is testing me He must be Does he really think I d stay like a dumb lamb If I run, I will never see him again I don t want that Why do I not want that LEONARD This just shows how much she s messing with my head I let her get too close too soon She mesmerized me into acting like a fool I won t let that happen again But first and foremost, I won t let anything happen to her This is the final part of a 3 part Dark Romance serial with themes of kidnapping, captivity steamy BDSM scenes Intended for audiences 18 not for the faint hearted.

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    1. I read this through Kindle unlimited. This is the 3rd and final part of a dark erotic contemporary romance. The series is good but not necessarily great. I like the psychological aspect of dark romances- the psychological "why" behind the characters. This book had that but I felt the ending was a bit easy, for lack of a better word. I don't want to give anything away but I felt the author wrapped it all up a little too conveniently. I also felt there was really no reason (beyond maybe financiall [...]

    2. I begged him not to chain me when he left now I don't know what to do. Is this a test? Is the door really open? Will I be punished if I walk out? Liz can't believe the door is open but even after she realized Leonard wasn't home she still didn't leave.Leonard keeps running from his past but now some creepy phone calls and emails from a past associate make him feel uneasy. After falling asleep with Liz and waking up to find someone in his house will Leonard be able to walk away from Liz when it's [...]

    3. When choosing to be “Owned” can you also be trusted? Liz submission and trust is tested when Leonard has an unexpected visitor. A lot is learned after this visit and choices are made.And these choices made for a Great Read!!

    4. 4 Dark and Sexy Stars.This was the third and final book of this short trilogy. While I liked the plot and the characters and found the story interesting, I was a little disappointed with how quickly things tied up leaving the romance part lacking. However, it was still an enjoyable read with some steamy scenes and good writing. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    5. The Wild Beast👹 and the Faerie💃Book 3 of 3. Don't You 💘Love Her MadlyThe Faerie💃 that is Liz has pixilated her wild beast👹 of a captor and master, Leonard.🐺🍌🌋👋. He is so infatuated💓 with her, he forgets to lock her in her room when he has to leave for a meeting. Instead of running away, Liz💋👙 takes the time he is gone to explore the mansion. When she discovers that most of the rooms are empty, she realizes he is only staying temporarily. What is to become of h [...]

    6. Decent Ending For Third Book in TrilogyEnded well, but rushed a bit. Sort of muffled when story in its entirety was open and honest with its desire and the need for control by her Master. He was mysterious, and suddenly he was openly acting like her boyfriend. Weird.

    7. After her not running, Leonard is scared that he is forgetting to lock her back into the room like he was suppose to! When mysterious phone calls from his past start coming through. Will Leonard be able to keep Liz and himself safe? When it all comes down to it will Liz use her chance to escape from him or will she stay?Great ending to the series! Loved how it wrapped everything up and left no questions about what other people thought and what was going on! Loved seeing Leonard and Liz both blos [...]

    8. When the master becomes owned. Leonard finally comes to terms with his feelings for Liz and he puts in life before hers to save her. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    9. With Liz not wanting to leave Leonard's side, he will do anything to push her away. Not wanting to leave him, Liz convinces him that she is where she belongs. They have a strange relationship but it works for them. I enjoyed reading Liz & Leonard 's wish that it was a short read

    10. Fascinating.I don't know why I get into these darker books. I think its from a psychological stand point. What makes people like Leonard tick and the women like Liz who submit and and falls in love with men like him. I always enjoy and get sucked in to the stories of Stella Noir. She spins such a web of Darkness and lust and sex into something so poetic and beautiful that you can't help but keep reading to the very end. Four stars just because I feel I got short changed on the ending. But still [...]

    11. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.This is book 3 of an AWESOME series. I was hooked from the first word to the last word, as I was in the other two books. It continues that Leonard was persuaded to leave Liz off her leash and left. She is able to escape her room/confinement and wandered around, and gets caught (on purpose) by Leonard. He does punish her and then he falls into the celebration of their one week anniversary that she came to stay with him. He "pampers" her and t [...]

    12. *ARC received in return for an honest review*I am a little ambivalent about the finale of Silent Daughter. Leonard doesn't seem interested in having Liz any other way except as his prisoner. He is obsessed with her but doesn't express any affection to her, only his lust and need to dominate, almost in a cruel way. Liz wants to be his but not like this, as a prisoner. She seems really unhappy with the way he treats her through most of this book until the kinky hot sex scene and then it seems like [...]

    13. A dark man with tightly controlled appetites is the whole centre of the story, and how he subdues his feisty captive until a blind lust is all that remains.I loved this conclusion to a twisted little tale of hidden desires and forced captivity. Why? It's beautifully written in an elegant, arousing style that caters to all the senses.Leonard and Liz share a very strenuous time in their unorthodox relationship, testing limits, and a sense of deep loss and denial was etched into their emotional sce [...]

    14. This is the third part of a dark romance and even though parts are hard to read, I couldn't stop. It pulled me in and kept its hold until I read the last word. I absolutely loved this story and am thankful to have been given the chance to experience the works by these two authors. Leonard still has Liz as a captive in his home. He is getting closer to her then he wants but can't seem to stop his feelings. His forgetting to lock the door to her room at the same time as she convinces him to not ch [...]

    15. Stella Noir and Linnea May placed a lot of unexpected twists in this conclusion of the Silent Daughter trilogy. I didn't know how things were going to play out and I was sitting on pins and needles until the last couple of chapters. I was thrown for a loop with the realization that the book was over, I wanted it to continueI wanted more! Great trilogy which I am sure I will be rereading sometime soon.

    16. This is the 3rd book in the Silent Daughter series and I do recommend reading them in order. Liz is getting to Leonard, he is getting careless, and Liz has the opportunity to escape but doesn’t take it. Someone from Leonard’s past is threatening him. Liz’s training continues. This is a quick read with lots of drama and suspense. The chemistry between Liz and Leonard is sizzling. I think in this book Liz shows Leonard that she doesn’t have to be locked in a room to belong to him, no matte [...]

    17. It is lackingWhile the story idea is an interesting one.glected daughter is kidnapped by man who has shady background and trains her as sub/slave, the execution was lacking. So much detailed pages on the forest scenes, traveling to him but how he trains her every day is glossed over. We are told her parents neglect her, no evidence shown. Told he has business but who knows what criminal acts. Some guy shows up from his past, after he changed cities and name and he doesn't wonder how? Where did C [...]

    18. Well this book did not end the way I expected. I thought that Leonard and Liz would just remain hidden in the big castle for ever after.I was surprised that they did go out in public. I didn't know how they would go back without Leonard being arrested for kidnapping.Again this book went on and had a abrupt ending. I was ready for the ending to see if Liz would accept Leonard and stay.I am glad each got what they wanted in life. Still a feel good book.

    19. Again, definitely not for the faint of heart. And please heed the authors' warnings when they say the book contains scenes and subject matter that may be difficult to read. I'm still not comfortable with the enforced confinement that makes up most of this series, but I can see how the close quarters has brought the relationship between Liz and Leonard to the point where they had choose to between the walls around their hearts or each other. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

    20. I really enjoyed reading this series - what an exciting way to spend a few hours! The whole thing was well written, and I quite liked the characters. I did not like the ending, however. I wish this could have been stretched out into more books - there's certainly enough story potential! It felt as though the authors realized that they were nearing 100 pages and needed to wrap it up, so the whole ending was wham, bam, thank you mam.

    21. I really enjoyed this whole series, and thought the ending was very good. I think that Leonard realized that he needed more than to just have Liz in chains for a while, and that she needed him just as much. They both, however, really need to work on their communication skills if they have any hope of lasting a long time. I really need to go and read more by these two as they have captured my attention fully. I was given an arc for an honest review.

    22. Fantastic conclusion! Liz is shocked when Leonard forgets to lock her door when he leaves. When Leonard returns from his business meetings he is furious to find Liz standing in the foyer. Liz just may regret not running when she had the chance. Sizzling hot BDSM, attempted revenge, and happily ever after. I loved this series!I received this ARC free from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

    23. To finally feeling complete.I have read all three books in one day. Could stop until I finished all three. I was drawn into Liz's and Leonard's very unique, maybe a little dark relationship. What started out as a temporary training for Leonard. Turned out to be more permanent when he comes close to loosing and trying to push Liz away. I highly recommend this series.

    24. No, I don't want it to end! I've fallen in love with this series and hate to see the end.I love the characters Liz and Leonard, and liked reading about them. The story was dark and sexy,and made you keep reading till you were done. So do yourself a favor and read this book!I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review

    25. Not so great The first book was ok but then the storyline never really progressed in anyway! There was no development of the characters and you become painfully aware that the author has no knowledge of business and pulls details out of left field! I think she has talent but just needs to take some time homing her skills!

    26. Stockholm Syndrome Well written. A few editing errors. Strong characters. Entertaining story. My problem is that any BDSM relationship must be built on trust and kidnapping your slave is not the correct foundation for the relationship! 100% consensual from the first moment.

    27. I wish this was longer! It felt really rushed at the end. Just, BAM, over. I loved how taboo the plot was and it could have been amazing if it had a little bit more writing. Still, I really enjoyed reading it and won't bash it for not being never-ending.

    28. Great ending to a short seriesThey were short but I loved them. It had everything from drama of a family who didn't understand and the BDSM world and a master who wanted to own a sub. Makes you want to be more in that world. Loved it

    29. The final book in this series and it's as hot as the rest. She owns him as much as he owns her. He finally shows his true feelings for her. Great read, can't wait for more books by this dynamic duo.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    30. Cute but psychoah that fitsI read each book as they came out. Don't do it like that. This is a dark stormy night read them all straight through from beginning to end kinda story. Trust me, you're gonna love it!!!

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