Fartiste Across the world there are many an artiste But none so outrageous as Joe the Fartiste The Fartiste doesn t sing he doesn t dance and he doesn t act But that doesn t stop him from taking the stage a

  • Title: Fartiste
  • Author: Kathleen Krull PaulBrewer Boris Kulikov
  • ISBN: 9781416928287
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Across the world there are many an artiste But none so outrageous as Joe, the Fartiste The Fartiste doesn t sing, he doesn t dance, and he doesn t act But that doesn t stop him from taking the stage at Paris s famed Moulin Rouge, where he performs his much loved act for celebrities and royalty with the funniest talent of all Joe is the man who has perfected the a Across the world there are many an artiste But none so outrageous as Joe, the Fartiste The Fartiste doesn t sing, he doesn t dance, and he doesn t act But that doesn t stop him from taking the stage at Paris s famed Moulin Rouge, where he performs his much loved act for celebrities and royalty with the funniest talent of all Joe is the man who has perfected the art of the fart Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer bring new wind to their mostly true story about the man who made his pants dance, which is perfectly matched with Boris Kulikov s explosive art.

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    1. I was surprised by how much I liked this (mostly) true story about Joseph Pujol, who became famous as a fartiste, cultivating his craft from the age of 8, when he learned he could control his intestinal muscles and expel odorless gas. He learned to make sounds such as music (including specific pieces by composers), animal sounds, etc. Kids who like farting and similar jokes will get a kick out of this book, which goes for most boys and many girls of certain ages.The rhyming story is excellent; i [...]

    2. "At long last he used a skill no one had;In public, on stage, he farted. Egad!Fashioning music out of the air,Blasting out tunes from his one derriere.One day a baker with butter and yeast,And the next--voila!--he was JOE, the Fartiste."This is the story of Joseph Pujol, born in Marseille, France in 1857. When he was eight years old, he discovered that he could control the muscles of his intestines. With practice, he could take air into his sphincter and release it in all manner of sounds! At fi [...]

    3. Just about the time I was starting to think "This is such an absurd concept! This would never happen!" I remembered that it was based on a true story. For this story is about a man who has an uncanny ability to control his toots! And, frankly, why not capitalize on this talent? ;)I definitely feel this book is more of a "classy" gassy book. Instead of inserting the "fart" word anywhere and everywhere "just because," the selection of flatulent words were specifically chosen and with a delightful [...]

    4. A mostly-true story tracing the incredibly true story of Joseph Pujols, baker and fartiste, about his incredible talent and career (eventually took the stage at Le Moulin Rouge).This book would bring the house down at an elementary school age story hour, or with boys of any age. I shudder to think of the repercussions, but at least they're reading, right?

    5. This book is simply hilarious--fun rhymes that have "read me aloud" all over them. The fact that it is a true story makes it even funnier!

    6. Found this book while shelving and thought, "What in the world?" So, of course I had to take it home to read for myself. It is about a French baker, Joe Pujol (sounds an awful lot like "poo hole" to me!), who learned how to control his intestinal muscles and found an unusual knack to, um, create "music." The funniest thing about this book? It's a TRUE story! This man took his fartistry to the stage at THE Moulin Rouge in the 1850s and performed for sold out crowds, including royalty! I am now co [...]

    7. Krull, Kathleen and Paul Brewer Fartiste: An Explosively funny, mostly true story, illustrated by Boris Kulikov. Simon and Schuster, 2008. PICTURE BOOK. In turn-of-the-century France, a gentleman arrives in Paris with a highly unusual talent. He gained instant fame and was highly successful. This tongue-in-cheek book with its terribly amusing illustrations looks at a real man with an unorthodox talent. If your library has Everyone Poops or the Gas We Pass, you can certainly carry this one! EL †[...]

    8. I can’t stop laughing since I finished reading this book. Fartiste by Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer is the mostly true story of Joseph Pujol. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of him before, as he has one of the most unique jobs ever and a talent I can’t even imagine! This delightful tale is told in rhyme, which makes the delivery of the information that much more captivating. The bright bold pictures are filled with details that add extra layers to the story. It is a book that begs to [...]

    9. "One minute, by chance, he was flexing his gut.The next, he had sounds coming out of his butt!"Oh my god. If I did this for storytime, the screams of laughter would collapse the school. Nobody would even hear me after page two. It would be like that Duran Duran concert I went to by accident in 1983.I think readings of Fartiste should be confined to small groups. Many, many, many small groups.See, NOT ONLY is Joseph Pujol able to control the tone and tempo of his gas - so much so that apparently [...]

    10. I think I would have enjoyed this book more if I'd read the factual part from the end first. Because all I could think as I read was that this guy was really gassy and somehow made an art out of it. At the end, I learned it's that he learned how to control (at least in part) his intestines. Which really is rather interesting. And having grown up in the family I did, I would not have been able to keep a straight face for long if I had been in one of his audience's. And probably the best part of t [...]

    11. Written in rhyme, Fartiste is the "explosively funny, mostly true story" of real-life baker-turned-flatutainer, Joseph Pujol, who was born in France in 1857. A list of sources lends credence to the four pages of author's notes and "mostly true" parts of the text. Kulikov's characteristically bold style and leap-out-of-the-page characters are a perfect match to this glimpse at a playful period in history. Recommended for K-3.

    12. A book about a guy who passes gas for a living. Based on a true story. Written in rhyme. And it's good. I mean, really, this is like God's gift to elementary school boys. Especially if they can get their mom to read some of the parts and say "butt" and "fart". My 8-year old said there is no way his school would ever have this book in their library. I don't know if that's true, but it's sad if it is. What 8 or 9-year old boy wouldn't love this?

    13. What a hilarious, cute book for children! The fartiste is not only the mostly true story about a real man with a great farting ability, but the author spins great rhyming humor that makes the story funny, entertaining and even educational at the same time. The illustrations are clear, colorful and definitely benefit the story, while the ending that includes a biography of the real fartiste adds a nice finishing touch.

    14. Kathleen Krull wrote this with her husband. She said in her keynote that it took awhile to find a publisher who would publish it. This is the story of a baker who discovers as a child that he has control over his bowels and so to make ends meet, he performs a stage show at the Moulin Rouge where he farts. No joke. True story.

    15. Because it is based on a unique and true individual, this book is way more fun than if someone made up all the antics and talents that Joseph Pujol had. The rhyming text actually flows without being too trite and the exaggerated illustrations (all the people seem to have gigantic noses and very large heads) fit the tale well.

    16. This is another local library book sale find. Catchy title! Cute story! Now, the most difficult decision is to whom should I send it? My brother-in-law, the fartiste? My brother, Joe, who shares not only the main character's name, but also his talent? I think the "winner" is my 7 year old nephew in France! I think he'll really enjoy it. :)

    17. Oh wow. I can hear the peals of laughter already. This rhyming picture book about the life of Joseph Pujol, who really did become famous performing a fart act at the Moulin Rouge, would be a hit from kindergarten on up, for storytime, class visits, or a grossology program. Plus, there are so many fun puns between "art" and "fart" ("fartistic training," etc.).

    18. I think a little snot came out of my nose on the third page"One minute, by chance, he was flexing his gut.The next, he had sounds coming out of his butt!Joe gasped with the shock, then roared with delight,And soon he was sucking in air day and night."A very funny story. Plus it rhymes.

    19. This hilarious read-aloud biography tells the story of Joseph Pujol, the French man who had a talent for farting (yup). The story is told in rhyme with double page illustrations to show the various events in his life as he rose to popularity at the Moulin Rouge.Prepare for kids to be rolling with laughter when you read this one. Sound effects appropriate here!

    20. Hilarious. Recommended for anyone who thinks farts are funny (or even those who don't). Fart humour is constant in our home so this lyrically written, somewhat historical account of Joseph Pujol, the baker who became rich and famous by farting, was a must read. I think it may have burnt with the library last May. I should look into that; I'd like to read it again.

    21. Grades 1-5. Who knew? Apparently there was a famous performer in France at the beginning of the 20th century that made his living by farting. He found he could control his rear end and create a wide variety of sounds. Hilarious and true. Boys especially will LOVE this title.

    22. A hoot. The grandsons loved this book based on a true story about Pujol, who entertained at the Moulin Rouge. His ability to make farting sounds from animal cries to classical music especially got the boys laughing.

    23. I am clearly a 9 year old boy at heart, because I thought this was fascinating! This guy could fart (without smell) at will! Left me with far too many thoughts / questions about his digestive tract, really.

    24. How could I not check this out when I happened upon it? The best part is, it's based on a true story! The rhyming is awesome, but it was above the head of my 2 year old. I think it's meant for an older audience.

    25. Pretty awesome book that has to be read to be believed. While some of the rhymes in the text are hilarious, others are a bit awkward. Still, great book - can't really imagine reading it aloud to a group of kids, though. It would probably start a riot!

    26. Okay, kids love anything that has to do with bodily functions, but I think this book is geared more toward an adult audience. The fartiste, Joseph Pujol, actually lived and farted in turn-of-the-20th-century France.

    27. I picked this one up at the library because the cover and title caught my attention. I loved it and would love to share this one with some kids. It was funny and well illustrated. The Encore was great too and makes me want to learn more about Joseph Pujol.

    28. Imagine Walter, the Farting Dog with brains--and a true-life historical pedigree. My husband and I--who have the senses of humor of preschoolers and giggle at anything flatulence-related--thought Fartiste was a gas!

    29. I was very suprised that this book was about a real person. But, once you read the real history of this man that is in the back of the book, you have a whole new respect for the book as a whole.In short, Interesting & Gross!

    30. This book gets an extra star purely for being different. This is the mostly true account of Joseph Pujol who reached the heighth of fame in turn-of-the-century France which his unique talents. Story is told completely in rhyme.

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