Phoenix A boy with unprecedented power must turn to the terrifying Alien enemies of humanity to discover his true nature and bring peace to a galaxy at war Lucky lives a relatively normal life on a remote moo

  • Title: Phoenix
  • Author: S.F. Said Dave McKean
  • ISBN: 9780763688509
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A boy with unprecedented power must turn to the terrifying Alien enemies of humanity to discover his true nature and bring peace to a galaxy at war.Lucky lives a relatively normal life on a remote moon of the planet Aries One, safe from the turmoil and devastation of the interstellar war between Humans and Aliens Lucky has seen images of the horned, cloven hooved Aliens bA boy with unprecedented power must turn to the terrifying Alien enemies of humanity to discover his true nature and bring peace to a galaxy at war.Lucky lives a relatively normal life on a remote moon of the planet Aries One, safe from the turmoil and devastation of the interstellar war between Humans and Aliens Lucky has seen images of the horned, cloven hooved Aliens before, but he s never seen one up close Then one night, he dreams that the stars are singing to him and wakes to evidence suggesting that he is not so normal after all When Lucky s mother sacrifices herself to help him escape an elite Human military force called the Shadow Guards, he must rely on the Alien crew of a ramshackle starship, where he finds that humanity s deadly enemies seem surprisingly Human up close In fact, they may be Human than Lucky himself, who has a dangerous power that could change the course of the war and the fate of the galaxy if he can learn how to use it Star Wars fans seeking another saga to love need look no further than this epic middle grade adventure from SF Said, illustrated by Dave McKean with remarkable white on black spacescapes.

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    1. What a gem of a book!I’m actually surprised this sci-fi middle grade novel is so under the radar, because 1) the story is really well written and 2) the hardcover is kick-ass gorgeous. Plus it has tons of cool illustrations inside!Granted, I sure would have liked it if those illustrations actually illustrated the world Lucky lives in, more than the kind of abstract part with the stars. But they do add to the lyrical atmosphere, making this a more than poetic work.It took me so long to feel int [...]

    2. I’m a big fan of SF’s Varjak Paw and can’t wait to get my teeth in to this beautiful new tome, wonderfully illustrated by Dave McKean. JS

    3. S. F. Said is one of those rare writer's who, despite writing books for a younger audience, manages to pack very vivid well-developed characters and difficult themes into his books whilst never bogging it down or slowing the pace. Having previously read Varjak Paw when I was younger and again a few years ago, I knew to expect brilliant writing and themes from Phoenix but with this being a science fiction novel, obviously this would be a departure from the more philosophical Varjak Paw stories.Pa [...]

    4. The absolute brilliance of SF Said has bought a story that brings fantasy of science fiction to be so real life and heart warming.Brilliant illustrations by Dave Mckean and fantastic writing by SF Said, make this book so fascinating. Every page you read you can create a picture in your mind. Every chapter leaves you with wanting to read on and the story fills you with warmth through Friendship, will power and the ability to bring new things to light!My new favourite book!

    5. A brief diversion before I begin this review. Once, a long time ago, I went to see Persepolis in the cinema. For those of you who don't know it, it was an animated adaptation of a wonderful graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi: -The Complete Persepolis. The film is glorious in many, many ways but there was one particular scene which tore me open and stands with me now. Marjane is on her way to study in Austria. Her parents wish her well at the airport. Farewells are said. Smiles. Hugs.And Marjane tu [...]

    6. Originally reviewed for YA Books Central: yabookscentral/yafictiA beautifully illustrated sci-fi fantasy (heavy on the fantasy), seemingly aimed at the younger side of the Middle Grade audience. The story is told in past-tense third-person limited from the perspective of "Lucky," a young boy who lives alone with his mother on a human colony in some indeterminate distant-future reality. The humans are at war with an alien species known as the Axxa--for which Lucky holds a fearful disdain and only [...]

    7. A phenomenal sci-fi story by SF Said - perfect for UKS2 to support a topic on Space. Opportunities to pair with range of non-fiction texts to support understanding and even war poetry to discuss futility of war which is key theme.

    8. Up until recently Moontrug was not a fan of science fiction books. E.T. kind of stressed her out and even WALL-E made her feel a bit shivery. But SF Said’s latest book, Phoenix, is packed full of the best aliens ever – and Moontrug is starting to realise that there are boundless stories lingering up there in the stars. Phoenix is a cracker of a book, as Moontrug knew it would be after meeting the author, SF Said, back in October, but when the book started topping Best of 2013 Children’s Bo [...]

    9. It is rare to find good science-fiction for children, but this really pulls it off whilst also being so much more. Set in a distant galaxy, where the Humans are at war with the devil-like Axxa, an alien race, our hero Lucky is growing up with filled with prejudices against the enemy. But when he finds himself on board an Axxa spaceship, he is soon to discover that there is more to the Axxa - and more to himself - than meets the eye. Maybe one day he will discover why he can sometimes hear the st [...]

    10. Phoenix is so good, it shot straight up into my list of 20 best books of all time. SF Said manages to cover life, death and the meaning of the universe in one story, with big dollops of humour and pathos thrown in. Lucky is one of the most interesting and unusual protagonists in MG fiction, and the truth about his clothing's unfortunate tendency to spontaneously combust in a crisis makes for a fantastic reveal at the end. Populated with wonderful characters, Phoenix explores everything from the [...]

    11. Excellent book. Science-fiction for children with gorgeous illustrations by Dave McKean.I was worried at first because Said's Varjak Paw books are a bit different and this was a whole different genre really, even though also written for children. I shouldn't have worried so much, Said has a very original and coherent writing and thinking, so it's always a highly enjoyable reading experience. Aliens, space battles and exploding stars what more could you want.Phoenix & Varjak Paw deserve more [...]

    12. What a lovely book! As it begins, a young boy called Lucky, asleep on the planet Phoenix, has a vivid dream of flying among the stars. When he wakes, he finds he's somehow burned a hole in his sheet. His mother, appalled, insists they have to flee.Phoenix is a peaceful world, but Lucky has grown up in a galaxy at war. Since before he was born, the alien Axxa and the humans have fought each other. The Axxa look like mythical devils, have glowing eyes, and worship the stars. They're also said to e [...]

    13. I really can't think of a category this book fits into 100%. Sci-fi? Definitely, but also with a strong spiritual element that grew and was revealed as the story progressed.Lucky, the book's protagonist, is an innocent young boy, suddenly left alone in a galaxy at war after his mother is killed. He knows only that his father is far away and fighting for humanity against the Axxa, an devil-like alien race and he vows to find him.As the story unfolds, we follow Lucky's journey as he discovers a lo [...]

    14. Finished this in a matter of hours, I didn't want to put it down! I completely fell in love with the characters, the twists and turns & the mystery of Lucky and his Alien friends. I would never have picked this up if it wasn't a recommendation from a friend, as this isn't my usual genre of choice, but I will definitely consider more in the future!

    15. Epic, visionary and beautiful. S F Said has written a classic which every part of what it is to be alive and what it takes to be part of the universe. Dave McKean brings his unique view to bear through the most remarkable illustrations of his career. Spread the word, Phoenix deserves a wide audience.

    16. One of those books that I have no idea why I didn't like - I should, real SF, but couldn't be bothered to finish.

    17. I absolutely could not put this book down. It pulled me in and kept me hooked until the very end. It's a sci-fi adventure that starts off with a bang and keeps on going at high speed. There are high stakes and a mystery about identity and choices running underneath all of the action. There are also some really great themes about war and how we treat others. The prose and the illustrations are equally beautiful and their presentation is well thought out and majestic. I am still trying to fully pa [...]

    18. Pretty good d at the young adult market but in honesty maybe one of the better sci fi novels I have read this yearPossibly in part due to me mainly reading tie in fiction in that genre.Lots of interesting metaphors mixed in which lock some reality into the fantasy distrust between races . this human and alien.d even in regard imprisonment a bit that reflects on the dehuminisation plus the ultimate tale is one really of the interconnectedness of welleverything.Nicely done and some brilliant illus [...]

    19. Chapter 6 upset my nine year old dreadfully. In a flood of tears she begged me to stop reading. Things got better after chapter 8 but she had bailed by then and I was left to continue alone. It was an enchanting read but I wish my target audience had been able to enjoy the ride. Hence 4 stars, not 5

    20. I had been recommended this as a good book to use with a class for a topic on space. How right they recommendation was! A fantastic adventure set in space with amazing detail and characters you care about. Fabulous - can't wait to share with my class.

    21. I do not normally read sci-fi, but checked this book out for my daughter to read. Instead I read it. It was an interesting read. I especially liked the ending.

    22. A fabulous book, that should transcend being just a 'children's' book. Beautiful story, great characters, hugely enjoyable.

    23. Almost three stars. I wanted to like it more, because there just aren't a lot of options for sci fi in junior fiction, but I didn't feel as deeply for the characters as I know I was supposed to.

    24. A lot of action spurs the along. Characters are developed slowly but the story unfolds at a good pace. Really like the illustrations.

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