One thought on “The Ivory Mischief”

  1. This book is my Grandma's book, she died when I was only a year old. It makes me feel close to her when I read it. I've read it about six times now. I never tire of it. It's a true story of a family in France in the 17th Centuryembellished I'm sure for the reader's entertainment, yet not too obnoxious and/or flowery.d stays true to the events and time lines.

  2. I was enthralled, beginning to end.An intricate, gossipy novel of manners set in the 17th century. The best part is the author's note at the beginning: "None of the characters in this novel is imaginary."All the people, all the affairs, all the adulteries, all the backbiting, all the clothes and vacations and furniture, all the social ins and outs--the author took these delicious things straight from the many memoirs and letters of the social and literary lights of Louis XIV's Paris. The main ch [...]

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