We Can Do It!

We Can Do It Photographs show five preschool children each with a disability leading full productive and happy lives because they believe We Can Do It Glossary and resource list included

  • Title: We Can Do It!
  • Author: Laura Dwight
  • ISBN: 9781595720337
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Photographs show five preschool children, each with a disability, leading full, productive and happy lives because they believe, We Can Do It Glossary and resource list included.

    One thought on “We Can Do It!”

    1. This book is a photojournalism book featuring five children, all who are three, four, or five years of age. Two have cerebral palsy, one has spina bifida, one is blind, and one has Down’s Syndrome. They are shown with their physical therapists, families, and friends. They say some of the things they can do. The narrative is relentlessly upbeat. The difficulties they face are glossed over, but in most cases are not completely ignored. I got my biggest smile from the photo that’s on the title [...]

    2. 1. This nonfiction children's book lets readers meet five children with disabilities. Instead of pointing out what they cannot do, the children on each page share what they can do. There is Gina who has spina bifida, David who has down syndrome, Jewel and Emiliano who have cerebral palsy, and Sarah who is blind. It includes wonder photos that display they happiness these children have. Another great feature is that at the end of the book, it includes a kid-friendly definitions of each of the dis [...]

    3. We Can Do It! was a very good book. Great read for elementary school kids and interesting because for one it has young kids in the book telling their stories and it describes all the things that they are able to do even with a disability. The book introduces several young kids with different ages, different disabilities, different abilities, and different ethnic backgrounds. Having a disease does not stop those children from being a kid and hanging around other kids their age. They help others a [...]

    4. This non-fiction book addresses multiple disabilities including Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Blindness and Spina Bifida. Through photographs of children with disabilities, this book shows that exceptional children can do many things just like their abled friends. As a teacher, this book is an excellent classroom example of non-fiction showing children in real photographs. It addresses multiple disabilities with dignity and the children, as seen on the cover, will melt your heart with their s [...]

    5. This book offers an interesting look at the lives of children with various disabilities. It depicts them as happy, busy children who can do lots of things, in fact, many of the things that we do. I like the matter of fact way their disabilities are presented and the additional information that is provided at the end. It's not overly informative about any of the afflictions; mostly it is useful to dispel the fears, and misunderstandings children may have about them. We enjoyed reading this story [...]

    6. A great book, simple, and easy to understand. This book has a little about Down syndrome, blindness, Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy. AR 2.2

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