Negotiation Sarah Hastings has watched over her little brother most of her life so when he gets in trouble with the mob she approaches Roman Rinaldi about settling his debt He isn t interested in her first offe

  • Title: Negotiation
  • Author: R.E. Saxton Kit Tunstall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sarah Hastings has watched over her little brother most of her life, so when he gets in trouble with the mob, she approaches Roman Rinaldi about settling his debt He isn t interested in her first offer and negotiates with a counteroffer one that has her in his bed and at his mercy She may be in over her head, but it s her heart she has to worry about as she starts to warSarah Hastings has watched over her little brother most of her life, so when he gets in trouble with the mob, she approaches Roman Rinaldi about settling his debt He isn t interested in her first offer and negotiates with a counteroffer one that has her in his bed and at his mercy She may be in over her head, but it s her heart she has to worry about as she starts to warm up to the seemingly ruthless mobster, who finds her equally compelling Can there be a happy ending for a Cosa Nostra underboss and a sweet kindergarten teacher, or is their negotiation destined to end in bullets and heartbreak Please note this is a novella length story featuring a mafia man, but it isn t as dark as some of R.E s other mafia stories This is the start of a new series unconnected to the previous mafia men.

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    1. Sarah is twenty-three years old and still a virgin, her life has been devoted to taking care of her younger brother Robbie, their mother died when she was six and Robbie was three years old. She's a kindergarten teacher and still looking after Robbie who's now twenty, he's in trouble and she's trying to settle his debt wth Roman Rinaldi.Terms are agreed and Sarah becomes Roman's mistress but for how long?This is a short book/novella at only 146 pages and it's a quick easy read, there's no real d [...]

    2. First time read by this author, enjoyable story about virgin kindergarten teacher (is there any other) and mafia underboss who is a triplet.In order to repay her brother's debt,heroine has to be the mistress of the mafia don and do everything he wants,no holds barred.Some hot sex scenes.Actually a really cute story and will definitely read about the other two brothers .There was a side character of a Lithuanian crime boss who looks intriguing.

    3. This h didn't even put up a fight with her being a virgin she gave her virginity to the H really fast and she knows how to give a bj?? LMAOThe jerk ass of Hero made her crawl across the room and told her to beg for his co** because he didn't like that he asked to see her two days later after he fuc*** her for the first time he also called her a slut and a whore. What a amazing hero!!! Unbelievable!!!

    4. I was so looking forward to reading this one, a kindergarten teacher and a mob underboss - WOW!!!Unfortunately this story let me down. I know and understand that this is a novella but within the 146 pages I expected a somewhat believable story instead I got a story that was lacking in background story or even fillers or anything mob related - I needed more that chopping off fingers and a shot to the shoulder. I just could not relate or like the characters, their "I LOVE YOU'S " in the the end wa [...]

    5. DNF @ 72%.I was so disgusted by the abuse the h suffered at the hands of the H. He treated her like utter garbage and was disrespectful to her all the time. Of course, the donkey h has stars in her eyes the whole time hoping the H feels more for her. ABUSE IS NOT ROMANTIC!!!

    6. This is a good mafia romance. They're beginning was a little unconventional. But you see how quickly that changes.

    7. I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewI ABSOLUTELY Love this book. (I am very much so looking foward to the brothers books too.) It is the light vs the dark style starting off. Enter Sarah, the good girl who is innocent in his world's ways (including being a virgin), she is a kindergarden teacher who is out to protect her brother who has done something very bad and she sacrifices herself so he can escape the payback for what he did. Roman, one of the men that Sarah's brother has [...]

    8. What an enjoyable sexy read. I was pulled in from the start & didn't put it down until I was finished. This is great start for the series and I can't wait to see where it ends up. Sarah is a kindergarten teacher who would do anything for her brother. Robbie has gotten himself mixed up with mob and hopes his sister can save him. She offers to go to the mob boss that is after him and offer up herself as well as her 401K and whatever money she can get from selling her grandmothers jewelry. Roma [...]

    9. This is the first book in the Triple Threat series by the very talented R.E. Saxton. Sarah Hastings has always taken care of her little brother, she's a kindergarten teacher and still a virgin. When her brother gets caught trying to steal a cargo shipment from the Rinaldi brothers he comes to her for help. Sarah goes to see Roman Rinaldi at his office to offer him her 401k so that he won't kill her brother. Roman is one of identical triplets, he is the underboss, his brother, Dominic is the boss [...]

    10. This was an excellent read! I received an ARC for and honest review and unlike most Mafia books, this one was lighthearted, kind of funnyuntil people started loosing fingers! R.E. Saxton is moving to the front of the line as my go-to Mafia author!

    11. A quick read that was good I felt like everything just unfolded. It happens in novellas so much ground to cover in a small amount of time

    12. Negotiation was really the story that I have been craving for ages.I liked that this story wasnt long or annoying. Usually, the female character is always confused, but she wasn't and I was super happy. Roman so sweet and amazing, I wish I could be his forever. I really feel in love for Roman and this story. Sarah was so cute and understanding. She was strong and weak at the same time, which was really fit with this story. I love it.Like 100%.I am a bit sad that the brother is the bad guy, Sarah [...]

    13. Negotiation is the first book in the trilogy by RE Saxton. It was a good, quick read. Sarah is a kindergarten teacher who is sweet and innocent. Roman is the underboss in his family's mafia. From the start there was great chemistry between the two. Roman decides to accept what Sarah negotiates because he can't help himself with his attraction to her. Sarah is really an innocent but soon learns that she likes the darker side of things. She agrees to be at Roman's beck and call whenever he wants a [...]

    14. The author did an exceptional job with this novel and I love it. I connected very easily with the main character Sarah and Roman. The chemistry between these two was amazingly hot although, I thought Sarah went over the limitation of rescuing her brother Robbie because in life, people should be responsible for their own actions. I wanted to shake Sarah at times and ask her WHAT GOING ON IN HER MIND. Roman is a triplet and a bad boy (including being part of a mafia) and due to Sarah's brother be [...]

    15. Not a fanThis was my first time reading from this author, as I enjoy mafia romance novels. I found some parts of it too far fetched such as the level of seduction from Sara considering she was a virgin and Roman being a stranger. I did not feel that the relationship evolved sufficiently between the characters to convince me of how natural Sara accepted his adventurous nature in the bedroom to not be more resistant. I couldn't help but skip through parts of the ending to see if it might improve, [...]

    16. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I'm not a big fan of Mafia themed books, however I did enjoy this one and was pulled in from the beginning. I really liked Sarah from the beginning, and while Roman took some time for me to warm up to, I did like him by the end of he book, and was glad to see him and Sarah get their HEA. The book was well written and I did enjoy it. However the reason for the three stars is due to a twist that I didn't like, involving a betrayal th [...]

    17. Here we have a young Sarah Hastings has watched over her little brother most of her life, so when he gets in trouble with the mob, she approaches Roman Rinaldi about settling his debt. She thinks if she gives her innocence and hopefully not her heart to the mob boss, her brother will turn to the right path. But you will find that her brother is not so innocent that she thought he was. With some twist in turns will Sarah make it out alive and still have her heart intacted? Will Roman be the pers [...]

    18. Holy cow, what a great book! When Sarah offers herself to Roman Rinaldi, she thinks she is saving her brother from his girlfriends machinations. Turns out Sarah doesn't know the brother she raised at all, and it puts her life in great danger. Definitely a somewhat dark romance, but I thought this was a fantastic book. I look forward to the next book in this series!I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    19. This is fine Really is a fine , it really felt a little incomplete. Could have done without a few standard cliches but hey it's a book about Alpha males in the mafia. I did spend quite a lot rolling my eyes at the plot and characters, however you can tell this author has a talent for story telling. Her description is not bad but the dialogue between characters is not done very well at times.

    20. A good short, fast paced book. Even though their relationship started off as a negotiation they seemed to fit each other well, and the author made their uncoventional relationship believable. I just wish we would have gotten to see more of them falling in love. Looking forward to the other brothers books.

    21. 3.75 starsThis book had promise. I just wanted and needed further background information--on the characters and the Mafia because it progressed way to fast. I just wanted the interaction and feelings to grow. What did life end up meaning to a kindergarten teacher and her mob lover? How did the fall into balance? Great start just left me wishing for more.

    22. I really like Sarah and Roman. They have great chemistry. She is a kindergarten teacher and he is in the Mafia. Opposites do attract and love wins out. This story has lots of action,steamy sex and a wonderful ending. I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    23. Very good start to seriesSarah sacrifices her freedom for her brother's. Roman is intrigued by Sarah's loyalty to her brother and strongly attracted to her. Roman and Sarah end up having true feelings for one another which makes Sarah a target for a sadistic family.

    24. Not badI had no idea I'd enjoy this as much as did. But surprise surprise. Love when that happens, because it's so rare. Loved both characters. If you overlook that fanciful storyline of a kindergarten teacher and a mobster, hey, you got yourself a good read.

    25. So hotThis was exquisite. Panty melting hot. Yes it's a little far fetched to think a bad bad mafia guy will forego thief for a mistress, but hey it's a story and it works. It so works. I loved this book !

    26. Great storyI'm not a big fan of novellas. But this one was done real well it didn't seem rushed and that was a nice change. This book had humor and link it even made me cry I really loved Roman he was a awsome character can't wait to read about the other brothers next

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