Typhoon She s done for The crew aboard a ramshackle steamer faces a treacherous storm in this gripping tale inspired by Conrad s own time at sea One of new books in the bestselling Little Black Classics s

  • Title: Typhoon
  • Author: Joseph Conrad
  • ISBN: 9780241251522
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s done for The crew aboard a ramshackle steamer faces a treacherous storm in this gripping tale, inspired by Conrad s own time at sea.One of 46 new books in the bestselling Little Black Classics series, to celebrate the first ever Penguin Classic in 1946 Each book gives readers a taste of the Classics huge range and diversity, with works from around the world and She s done for The crew aboard a ramshackle steamer faces a treacherous storm in this gripping tale, inspired by Conrad s own time at sea.One of 46 new books in the bestselling Little Black Classics series, to celebrate the first ever Penguin Classic in 1946 Each book gives readers a taste of the Classics huge range and diversity, with works from around the world and across the centuries including fables, decadence, heartbreak, tall tales, satire, ghosts, battles and elephants.

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    1. The first thing that comes to mind after reading Typhoon, while reading actually, is Conrad's absolute mastery of the language. He is an artist of the English language and the fact that it is not his first langauge makes his virtuosity all the more astounding. Typhoon is more about a storm of humanity amidst a chaotic event than about the storm itself. MacWirr is a simple, brutally honest and innocent, almost naive, seaman. No doubt Conrad had seen his like many times before. As he liked to say [...]

    2. Sea Stories. Typhoon, Joseph Conradتاریخ نخستین خوانش: سوم ماه نوامبر سال 2013 میلادی عنوان : طوفان دریا؛ جوزف کنراد؛ برگردان: سهیل سمی؛ تهران، ققنوس، 1391، در 119 ص، شابک: 9786002780331؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی قرن 20 متوصیفی که «کنراد» از طوفان دریا با نثر استوارش، ارائه می‌دهد، بسیار جاندا [...]

    3. "Don't you be put out by anything. Keep her facing it. They may say what they like, but the heaviest seas run with the wind. Facing it -- always facing it -- that's the way to get through. You are a young sailor. Face it. That's enough for any man. Keep a cool head."A few years ago, Penguin published 80 short novellas and essays and called the set Little Black Classics Box Set. Last year they expanded that set by another 46 books. This one is number 96.Conrad can take a simple idea and gradually [...]

    4. Le due cose che più mi sono piaciute: la presentazione iniziale dei personaggi, molto divertente, e l'ellissi narrativa tra penultimo e ultimo capitolo, con elegante danza dei punti di vista. Ma il grande tour de force centrale, l'impatto col Tifone, è davvero lungo e difficilmente penetrabile con chiarezza per il turbinio di termini tecnici (e la traduzione di Ugo Mursia in alcuni punti è per me quasi altrettanto indecifrabile quanto l'inglese marinaresco).

    5. Another extraordinary novella from the pen of a man who wrote about the sea like no other. Beautiful writing combined with an intense and exciting story is more than enough to satisfy me as a reader, but Conrad doesn't stop at that. Typhoon is more than a novella about how men react under stress. It is more that a story about human bravery. Conrad knows how to complex even in shorter literary forms. What always amazed me about this writer is the incredibly detailed psychological portrayal of his [...]

    6. One of the greatest examples in literature of landscape and nature treated as character. Although on one level this classic sea story is about the uneasy relations between the phlegmatic captain and his high-strung first mate, the antagonist, and in many ways the main character, is the storm itself.This is the disintegrating power of a great wind: it isolates one from one's kind. An earthquake, a landslip, an avalanche, overtake a man incidentally, as it were--without passion. A furious gale att [...]

    7. [anobii Dec, 2015] mi spiacerebbe perderla Sul finire dell’estate di un imprecisato anno di fine Ottocento, sul mar della Cina Meridionale, il piroscafo Nan-Shan arranca alla volta del porto di Fu-chou. La nave batte bandiera siamese, ma è stata costruita solo qualche anno prima negli arsenali di Dumbarton, in Inghilterra, e la comanda il tetràgono Capitano MacWhirr, un incrocio tra Peter Sellers/Chance the Gardener di Oltre il giardino e il Gregory Peck/Capitano Achab di Moby Dick. La nave [...]

    8. I guess my rhythm of reading Joseph Conrad's works will always be:1st half: Forcing myself to read it 2nd half: somehow it grows on me to almost liking it

    9. "Una tempesta è una tempestae una nave a vapore deve affrontarla."Vero capolavoro di equilibrio compositivo e di intensità espressiva, questo racconto fonde in maniera perfetta una strabiliante potenza descrittiva dell'evento naturale e una sottile capacità introspettiva dell'animo umano. Le scene della tempesta richiamano alla memoria immagini, atmosfere, colori e suoni dell'Inferno dantesco, sia nello scatenarsi furioso degli elementi, sia nel groviglio violento dei corpi e delle emozioni. [...]

    10. This is one of the best short stories I have ever read. Joseph Conrad's a real craftsman of the english language. His ability to bring out the story into a vivid reality was masterful. The story itself was perfectly balanced between entertaining and informative with the right mix of adventure and character development to keep you reading.

    11. Conrad's knowledge of the sea shines through in what can only be described as an exhausting read. From the outbreak of the typhoon to the end the story is relentless. There is no room to pause for thought you are thrown from one page to the next by the constant storm. Engulfed in the waves that sweep you on to the next page. Floundering around on the wind swept deck of each page you wonder if you will make it to the end of the sentence or pulled under by the fingers of the mighty ocean.Wonderful [...]

    12. Read from February 22 to 25, 2013Why do I like Joseph Conrad so much? I am drawn by the power of the sea and of dark, barely explored lands, held by the power of a good yarn, but most of all amazed by astonishing character studies presented in flawless prose by a man who did not speak English until his twenties and had no published works until he was thirty-five. In Typhoon, Conrad steers us into the eye of a storm with the taciturn, unimaginative Captain MacWhirr in command. Whether we shall co [...]

    13. I remember this work with fondness from my early college days. It holds up well as a character study between a stolid captain and his over-imaginative first mate during a heinous typhoon. The descriptions of the storm are fantastic, and Conrad's Captain MacWhirter is a hero for the ages.

    14. بعضی از توصیف ها و فضاسازی ها خیلی زیبا بود. درکل لذت داشت خوندنش.

    15. In which a ‘she’ll be right’ sea captain blunders into a hurricaneWith a hold full of surly Chinamen, frantically scrabbling with nervous strainTo protect their silver dollars from the crew they think wish to pinch them.(If I was the captain, though, I would have been sorely tempted to lynch them!)

    16. So far in my reading of Conrad's titles, I would confidently nominate the 'storm' passages in this action-filled book, his best-ever 'sea'-writing. They are thunderous and phenomenal. Prior to this read, I would have labelled The Nigger of the Narcissus as his best; but not afterwards. 'Typhoon' is surely tops. Great story overall.

    17. رمانهایی که فضای داستان کم و بیش در دریا میگذشت و خونده بودم پیرمرد و دریا بود و داشتن و نداشتن که هر دوشون رو به غایت دوست داشتم.این کتاب نر روونی نداشت.نمیدونم یا ترجمه خوبی نداشته یا این که اصل متن خوب نوشته نشده یا من درست نخوندم.خودم هم نفهمیدم!ولی در کل آن چنان که از توصیفا [...]

    18. This was a second reading because I mostly forgot what it was about when I first read it some forty years before. The middle chapters are a tour deforce account of a huge storm which overtakes a steamer on a relatively short transport of Chinese workers coming back home with their earnings saved in silver dollars. It’s a masterful description of a raging sea as only someone who probably lived through one could tell it. It all comes to as good as could be expected resolution.

    19. Conrad is more than Heart of Darkness with its portentous but very powerful prose. Typhoon is a mariners story told with great expertise. It's nearly a lesson to writers in how to sustain action without tedium or repetition. It might be prefect for a screen adaption but then we'd lose the very effective and skillful writing.

    20. Un dannato capolavoro, un genio della scrittura. Mi sono ritrovata a passare da un comodo divano a una nave in mezzo a una tempesta, preoccupandomi per la mia sorte e altalenando tra la speranza di rivedere casa e la paura di perire insieme ai coolies.Fortunatamente (oppure no?) alla fine mi sono ritrovata sul divano.

    21. Impressionante e potente; come sempre Conrad riesce a trasformare l'avventura in uno strumento d'osservazione dell'animo umano. Anticipare il contenuto di queste pagine sarebbe un crimine, è sufficiente dire che chiunque ami la letteratura di mare troverà questo racconto prezioso, per la vicenda narrata e per la quantità di significati allegorici che vi si possono trovare.Non dimenticherò il capitano MacWhirr, alla fine del racconto ho sentito per lui un enorme affetto. La sua decisione, que [...]

    22. I gotta love Conrad's character names. He writes a novella called "Typhoon" and his main character is Captain MacWhirr - I suppose Captain Whirlabout was a step too far. The steam engineer is called "Rout". The first mate who is tossed to and fro at the storm's and MacWhirr's bidding is called "Jukes". Almost as good as Dickens, that.The writing is majestic - the tension of the plot, the depth of the characters (or intentional lack of depth as it suits the theme), the moral dilemmas, the shifts [...]

    23. Once again, Joseph Conrad's prose is nothing less than captivating. He addresses the theme of human ability to face extreme adversity, with the captain standing out with a monolithic strength in spite of his seemingly "stupid" nature, according to Jukes. Jukes himself has a cynical slant that leads him to describe the captain, who he ended up depending on entirely during the storm, in that manner. The typhoon is described in such a way as to become a character iteself, as mentioned by another re [...]

    24. If you've only read Heart of Darkness, you probably don't know what a fantastic sense of humor Conrad has. Typhoon is short and thrilling and funny. The plot is persistently engaging, but Conrad's real aim is to show you how his characters react under the stresses of their world.

    25. The tale of Captain Macwhirr of the Nan-Shan who, whilst returning Chinese workers home notices unusual barometric readings but refuses to change course believing his ship could withstand any natural opposition. Throughout the disaster he is ably assisted by his first mate Jukes.

    26. L'ho di gran lunga preferito al tanto osannato 'cuore di tenebra'. Un dipinto a tinte ugualmente forti ma meno 'ermetico'.

    27. "Bastava, ripensandoci, a darti l'idea di una mano immensa, potente e invisibile conficcata nel formicaio del mondo per agguantare spalle, far cozzare teste l'una contro l'altra e volgere le facce ignare dela moltitudine verso mete inconcepibili e in direzioni mai sognate"."Di tempeste ne aveva incontrate, naturalmente. Era stato bagnato fino all'osso, sbattuto, travagliato Ma non aveva mai intravisto la forza incommensurabile e la collera smodata, la collera che passa e si esaurisce senza mai p [...]

    28. A powerful novella, just long enough to show Conrad's range and raise some disquieting questions, but short enough to avoid padding. I liked this book despite my least favourite word that crops up in 19th Century novels appearing in the opening line - physiognomy. I get that folks' faces are symbolic and inordinately interesting to our ancestors, but please. Every bloody 19th Century novel has to go on at length about the menacingness or not of a man's brow? Enough already. Anyway. After racing [...]

    29. Conrad was the master of stories with sea-faring backgrounds,although the stories in this collection from 1903 cover much more than the waterfront & nautical language! He always has flawed characters as his protagonists,& sets them adrift in precarious environmentsth physical & psychological, whether on the open sea or ashore.He describes a lost world of relentless globe-trotters & maritime misfits,& you can taste the salt in the air on almost every page.Recommended to seriou [...]

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