Nesly no Ve sv t bez zvuku sly jedna d vka jak ji cosi vol D vka jm nem Fej ije v horsk vesnici kterou sesuvy kamen zcela od zly od sv ta P e it vesni an zaji uje jedin lano po n m jim p es zr dn skaln st n

  • Title: Neslyšno
  • Author: Richelle Mead Jan Netolička Rajka Marišinská
  • ISBN: 9788074981104
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ve sv t bez zvuku sly jedna d vka, jak ji cosi vol D vka jm nem Fej ije v horsk vesnici, kterou sesuvy kamen zcela od zly od sv ta P e it vesni an zaji uje jedin lano, po n m jim p es zr dn skaln st ny pos laj j dlo lid z doln ho kr lovstv.Naprost z vislost nen v ak to jedin , co Fejinu vesnici su uje kam a pam sah , zdej lid nesly Jako by tVe sv t bez zvuku sly jedna d vka, jak ji cosi vol D vka jm nem Fej ije v horsk vesnici, kterou sesuvy kamen zcela od zly od sv ta P e it vesni an zaji uje jedin lano, po n m jim p es zr dn skaln st ny pos laj j dlo lid z doln ho kr lovstv.Naprost z vislost nen v ak to jedin , co Fejinu vesnici su uje kam a pam sah , zdej lid nesly Jako by takov to proklet nesta ilo, za naj nyn ztr cet i zrak Tak z silky j dla p ich zej c lanovkou se za naj ten it Nadch zej asy zk zy obyvatel m horsk vsi hroz tich temnota a smrt hladem.Pak ale jedn noci probud Fej dr sav hluk Vedena zvuky, n m do t doby naprosto nezn m m, se Fej vyd v na velkolepou v pravu sestupuje po nebezpe n strm ho e do tajemn ho kr lovstv Pej kuo, kde nalezne neuv itelnou pravdu o sv vesnici i l sku, kter ji nav dy zm n ivot.

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    1. 1 star seems so harsh, but I honestly do not have anything good to say about this book. I tried to come up with something redeeming about it, but there is nothing. Mead has always been a bit hit or miss, but Soundless is my least favourite of her books to date.I mean, firstly, if I dressed up in traditional Chinese clothing for Halloween and started calling myself Ling, I would actually be more Chinese than this book. I cringe every time I read that promotional line: "A breathtaking new fantasy [...]

    2. I'm heartbroken at having to give this a two, but I'm afraid there is little to redeem this book, one for which I've waited since I knew of its existence. I adore Richelle Mead, she is among my favorite authors, but I have to say that her latest two series have let me down. The two stars is because I like Richelle Mead.1. It was boring. It lost me almost since the beginning. Pretty much nothing happens in this book. The dialogue was dull. The main character has no character, no spirit.2. There's [...]

    3. 3.75 stars: review coming soon to my YouTube channel! I really liked Soundless and although I wish the world building could've been better, it was an enjoyable, quick read!

    4. This one unfortunately, whilst the concept was unique and intriguing, didn't live up to its full potential. There was practically no world building or dimension. Being 250+ pages, there was plenty of room to flesh things out and paint a more vivid picture of the story world, but for the most part it just wasn't there.I will say that I love Richelle's writing, and her books are such a breeze to read. I just wish there had been more of the story and world to enjoy.

    5. B/c curiosity will one day kill me:Okay, clearly, I loved SOUNDLESS, but ever since I finished reading it and posted a pre-preview, I've heard over and over again, "This is the first highly rated review I've seen for this book." That wasn't surprising to me. I'm often a black sheep. Whatev. I like what I like, and I don't what I don't. But for unfathomable reasons, I scanned a half dozen of the MEH to WTF-is-this-crap? reviews today, and now I feel the need to elaborate. The common complaints ar [...]

    6. I'm setting this aside at 100 pages. It's fine, and in a different mindset and at a different, more patient point in my YA reading career I think I might've been more into this. But this story and world and characters are not nearly as interesting or complex as they should be--even with a quieter (heh) heroine and less action-oriented plot. Not only soundless, but a bit colorless and lifeless as well, to be honest.I do appreciate when authors try new things instead of cranking out the same stori [...]

    7. Y'all this was bad Not even going to write a full review for it because I just don't think it's worth the time and effort.Soundless wasn't put together and was boring as hell. This book seemed like it was going to be a win with it's high talk of extreme cultural influences. We were suppose to get a high action novel that wove deaf and Asian culture together This is not what we get with Soundless. We got a thrown together, no world building, book that seemed like it was aimlessly written overnigh [...]

    8. DNF. This was equal parts boring and horrible. Mead essentially relies of the readers' knowledge and perception of Asian culture because there is absolutely no world building to be found. I was excited initially for this because it seemed like Mead was branching out. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a complete waste of time and words can not express how disappointing this was. I hate to sound harsh, but it really felt like this was written overnight aimlessly. I kept trying to power through [...]

    9. I read this today the whole thingWhat an interesting story this is. I am a fan of Richelle Mead and this novel got me really excited! I am in LOVE with the setting and romance of this novel. It was really believable until the endBrilliant read.I just did not much like the end

    10. AGH. SO DISAPPOINTED. I went in with very low expectations because I've bascially only read negative reviews on this bookbuuuutTHE PREMISE. It's golden. A village entirely of the Deaf? Set in an Asian fantasy world? Set in a mountain with the only way to get off is a zip-line?! HECK YES. But only 70-pages in, that kind of changed to heck no. I'm actually really upset right now and it was very hard to finish the book.Why? Well. Well, let me chat to you, my friends, about why I was so sad:I though [...]

    11. A fantasy with a Chinese-inspired setting? An isolated village high up in the mountains, full of deaf people? A heroine who regains her hearing back and aims to use it to make a difference? WOW, BADUM-TSS!On a perfect, ideal day, this would have been an absolutely great treat. Just from these few sentences, we can already feel the diversity of the premise!But, alas, it is not a perfect and ideal day, because this book is boring and dull as hell. But hey, there's one thing positive from this: I [...]

    12. Soundless is about a village on the top of a mountain where for as long as anyone can remember there has been no sound. No one can leave the mountain because the climb down is too dangerous and there is no other way out. The village must rely on a zipline that carries food up the mountain in exchange for the metals that they mine. Villagers are starting to lose their sight and food from the zipline starts to decrease. One day Fei wakes up with a strange new sensation. She can hear. It is up to h [...]

    13. *I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*4.5 starsREALLY, Really enjoyed this book! I thought the Chinese Folklore was really interesting. Also reading about these character's senses or lack there of was super interesting. Richelle Mead is an incredible author and I'm sure it wasn't easy to write a book where none of the characters could hear and they all used sign language. She did it beautifully though!

    14. This book is one of the coolest I've read all year! I loved that it was based on Chinese folklore, and I especially thought that it was so cool how everyone was deaf, therefore sign language was used the entire novel. I thought this was so different than anything i've ever read, and it was written really nicely, as well. My only problem with this book is that it was just entirely too short. For a fantasy standalone, 270 pages just didn't do it justice. There wasn't enough world and character bui [...]

    15. Well I thought the book was bloody awesome! *****SOME SPOILERS*****Fei and her sister Zhang Jing live on a mountaintop with many other people. Their village has been here for some time and they have no means of getting down the mountain because they can't hear. Yep, no one can hear, so if they try to go down the mountain, they will most likely be killed by falling boulders they can't hear falling. The village gets their food sent up on a zip line from the town below. They are told the zip line c [...]

    16. Okay. I didn't dislike the characters, plot or setting. What I hated was wasted potential in this story. And to comment on all the Asian culture issues: I didn't really feel like there were any because the only thing Asian about the book was the names and a few terms (so in reality, it probably shouldn't have been marketed as such b/c it didn't deliver on that front, in my opinion. Disclaiming that I am Filipina, not Chinese. I am not an expert on culture or folklore. I think the issues regardin [...]

    17. 4 stars “Look what we've done so far. We're pretty good at the impossible.”I didn't expect to like this one. The only book I've ever read by this author was Vampire Academy, and I wasn't super impressed by that one (despite loving the movie as a guilty pleasure). So Soundless was a bit of a risk going in, but the premise is what had me intrigued.Fei lives in a small village in China, up on the mountains where they can only be reached by zip line. Years ago an avalanche blocked all exits from [...]

    18. Let's face it: we all knew this was going to be hit or miss. It turned out to be the later.First good thing about this book: it is a standalone. Trust me, less then 300 pages are more then enough to spend in this dull world.Second best thing: the writing style is amazing. Unfortunatelly, not even an amazing writing style can help the boring plot make interesting.Third and final best thing: uniqueness of the story. All people in the village Fei lives in are deaf and are comunicating trough signin [...]

    19. Richelle Mead, ¡tenías una idea buenísima y no la supiste aprovechar! ¿Por qué? ¿POR QUÉ? Vaya Bueno, Soundless nos cuenta la historia de una villa pequeñísima situada en lo alto de una montaña de China. Quienes viven allí están absolutamente incomunicados con el mundo exterior: los valles están bloqueados por avalanchas y los riscos son demasiado inestables como para escalarlos. Además, en la cima de esta montaña no hay tierra fértil donde cultivar, no hay árboles de donde saca [...]

    20. The first Richelle Mead book I've both read and liked. I've read some mixed reviews on this one, but mine is definitely positive. Soundless is set in a Han-Chinese inspired world, in a secluded village on top of a mountain. Since the world makes no pretense of actually being ancient China, but rather a close approximation, I didn't get riled up about any historical inaccuracies. Anyway, the people in the village have been deaf for several centuries, communicating only through sign language, unti [...]

    21. Dropping at 105 pages because it offends me with its ableism.Why I Recommend Bumping This Down On Your TBR: She writes a deaf character special-snowflake regaining her hearing and spends a lot of the book describing how beautiful it is to hear and how magnificent sound is. That's called ableism.

    22. So what is Soundless?A modern reinvention of an ancient Chinese fairytale? A clever display of limited sensory narrative? Maybe even a social commentary buried in a serenly-wrapped take-out container?Whatever it is, I enjoyed it. My first experience with Richelle Mead, I couldn’t get past how much I liked the cover and the concept, despite the knocks I’d seen some other readers give it. But it kept staring at me in the store. I could only wonder what kind of dreamy mist and bayin-kissed tale [...]

    23. 4.5 stars! Im surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this book with all of the negative reviews. Personally I really enjoyed it! I thought it was a quick, fun, easy read (perfect for the readathon I'm currently participating in). My biggest problem probably lies in the fact that it was originally described as a fantasy book to me and nothing even remotely fantasy occurred until the very end of the book. All and all, I really had a great time reading Soundless. Full review to come on my YouTube [...]

    24. As a Richelle Mead fan (especially when she’s not writing love triangles), I was really expecting more from Soundless. I’m accustomed to epic plot lines and even more epic romances from her, and this ended up feeling lazy in comparison. It’s not a bad book at all; I like that it draws from Chinese folklore and features such a diverse main cast. But it unfortunately falls short of my high expectations and fails to be something truly memorable.I was, like everyone, really excited after first [...]

    25. 2.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/10/25/yI’m glad I took a couple days to sit on my thoughts before writing this review, because not gonna lie, my initial impressions upon finishing Soundless were really negative. But now that I’ve had some time to really think about it with a clear head, I realize with a bit of grudging respect that I probably enjoyed it more than I thought. Sure, the book had its issues, but in spite of it all, it was a fun, sweet, and cute story. Some [...]

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