Taken I am going to break you I am going to free that little monster inside of you peel off every barrier of protection you set up and reassemble a new you LIZ Moving back home after graduating college was

  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Stella Noir Linnea May
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I am going to break you I am going to free that little monster inside of you, peel off every barrier of protection you set up and reassemble a new you LIZ Moving back home after graduating college was not part of the plan, but I have nowhere else to go For now, I have to live in my family s unpleasant company, secretly fleeing to the darkest corners of my mind when I I am going to break you I am going to free that little monster inside of you, peel off every barrier of protection you set up and reassemble a new you LIZ Moving back home after graduating college was not part of the plan, but I have nowhere else to go For now, I have to live in my family s unpleasant company, secretly fleeing to the darkest corners of my mind when I am alone They are right to keep me at distance There is obviously something wrong with me Me, the bad seed I am invisible To everyone but him.LEONARD I made it to the top In a world divided into us and them, I have become one of them This is who I am, where I belong, among the rich powerful I am used to getting what I want and I know I want her from the moment I see her Elizabeth Barrington That quiet but strong fairy, waiting to be broken She may not understand it herself, but her eyes are begging for me to take her So I will This is the first part of a 3 part Dark Romance serial with themes of kidnapping, captivity steamy BDSM Intended for audiences 18 not for the faint hearted Contains situations some readers might find objectionable Part 2 will be out by January 16th, 2016.

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    1. Spoiler Ahead This was a short quick read that I liked a lot. Liz is the black sheep in the family, she is the youngest of three sisters and her parents had hoped she would be a boyybe that is why they are so distant when it comes to her. She also didn't go to an IVY league school like her sisters and parents had she decided to go a college that her parents didn't think was anything special. Her sisters are married/engaged to men that her parents both adore. But Liz is the quiet, strange sister [...]

    2. Holy F@ck I Need book two like NOW!!!!When I read His Secret Muse: An Alpha Billionaire Romance there was a lot of mention of Silent Daughter which was written by the MC Cedric, then I heard that Stella Noir and Linnea May were writing it I could wait for it to be released and when I was given the opportunity to receive an ARC of it I was thrilled. I wanted to see and understand what all the talk was about and I am so happy that it was much, much more then I thought it would be. Liz is the black [...]

    3. I Read this book through kindle unlimited. Hmm, I wasn't sure if I'd like this book. It seems I usually either really love or hate the book when I read dark erotic romances. I LIKED the book- but I wouldn't say LOVE. I may have rated this closer to 4 stars but for a couple reasons. First, the book needs a better editor to read through it. It wasn't terrible but it was distracting at times. Also, I really don't like how authors separate one regular size book into parts when frankly there's no nee [...]

    4. OH EM GEE!!!! I am hooked. This was just the kind of book I have been looking for. I really enjoy the way the one chapter is dedicated to his view of events and then followed by the next chapter being hers. I love the way that Leonard and Liz find each other. I like the brooding way he knows what he wants and that he takes it. I am HOOKED, and now looking forward to the whole series. This is not a light hearted book, this is a balls to the walls book, just the way I like them. The way she is sin [...]

    5. Wow, this dark little story is quite the catch. Two characters verging on the rude side of pleasure cross their paths in a luxurious social event. And from that moment on, it's all about unleashing their true, uncivilized nature.Oh my, how enticing this was. I enjoyed the well-written, atmospheric style of the story. Liz proves herself the talented, asocial third daughter that never finds her place and dreams of dark, forbidden fantasies. She thinks she can have her desires fulfilled without sac [...]

    6. This is Installment 1 (number of installments N/A at this time- Book 2 is out) of a VERY intense kidnapping.The sex that happens is intense and consensuald then the kidnapping occurs. Very well told story that at the end will have the little hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. I would be interested in reading book 2---BUT I have a serious dislike for installment releases, the upside is that the next book is only $.99 much better than other prices. That being said I will not read on u [...]

    7. Liz doesn't fit in with family, she didn't go to an Ivy League like she was supposed to, she is quiet and awkward and she hides a dark secret. Liz loves the feel of rope and the marks they leave after even if she needs to put them on her body by herself. Leonard sees Liz at a party and can see the darkness in her that speaks to his own dark side.After a date with Leonard, Liz finds herself held captive and tied to a bed. Her emotions are all over the place knowing she she hate it but finding she [...]

    8. Its ok. A bit over the topAs someone who has been in the lifestyle for over 20yrs books like this slightly annoy me. They start off hot but then turn into a warning to girls "don't trust bdsm! Stay home where its safe! " I think I will pass on part 2 . This guy is no Dom. He is a sociopath.

    9. Wow! This is a dark erotic romance. They say be careful what you wish for. Liz is getting just that. I need to dive into book 2 like right now.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    10. 4 Stars!This is the first book In this short trilogy that's dark and sexy. The plot in interesting with some real steamy scenes. I look forward to to reading more.

    11. Awakening the Monster👹Leonard, 🐺🍌🌋🍌tall, alpha👋🔥 tattooed rich💰 businessman, is a bdsm monster👹👋🍌🌋🔥 inside his head. But he is careful not to let that side of him be seen in public. He is invited to the engagement party of his new partner's son at the old money💰 mansion of the son's wife to be. There are three sisters👸👸👸, but the wealthy parents wanted a boy instead of the third sister, so she is always treated like the third unwanted wheel. [...]

    12. ~*~ Cliff Hanger~*~Liz and Leonard are both outcast in the world they are living in, but something draws them together. When Liz first spots Leonard she is instantly drawn to him and when Leonard spot and meets Liz he recognizes a need in her that he can provide. Will Leonard be able to get away with what he has planned? Will Liz ever bend to his will?Great start to the series in my opinion! It was a hot read and personally I loved how Liz didn't take shit from her sisters in her own way. Also l [...]

    13. I must say, this book was twisted, kinky and dark. It worked out in the end, but the beginning with the kidnapping and sex was questionable. It is sad in a sense, because Liz had such an uncaring family that she wanted to stay with her kidnapper. On the other hand, I think it was almost a love at first sight reaction on both their parts. I'm interested n reading the second book to see what happens.

    14. This book was over way to quickly. It pulls you in and doesn't let go. I can't wait to read the next book. Hot, sexy, kinda scary at times readn't miss out! Elizabeth has to move back into her parents home after she is finished college. She has no where to go, but she knows they don't want her there. She is invisible to them. When she see's Leonard speaking to her parents at her sisters engagement party, she is immediately drawn to him. There is something dark about him that pulls her towards hi [...]

    15. Wow, I wasn't prepared for Silent Daughter to move so quickly but I am totally and completely hooked and dying to get my hands on the next part. The author weaves a tale of a daughter who's always been the black sheep in her family, always never good enough, never worthy of their love and adoration. Liz has a secret. Secret desires she shares with no one. Until she meets Leonard. He piques her interest and he in turn recognizes something in her that he wants, that he needs and intends to have. F [...]

    16. *ARC received in return for an honest review*Wow! Dark and erotic are the first two words that come to mind. Liz is a woman with dark desires and she has never met a man to fulfill them until now. Leonard is fixated on Liz. He knows what she needs because he needs it too, and is determined to make her his. While dark romance is not something I am that comfortable with, Linnea May is an author that I enjoy even while she pushes my limits. I am not familiar with Stella Noir but this joint effort i [...]

    17. Liz was born with the proverbial silver spoon, but her family has never accepted or understood her. She meets Leonard at her sister's engagement party. After giving Leonard her phone number, it is a few days before she hears from him, but she agrees to meet. After a sizzling hot encounter on his boat, Liz wakes up, but she is in a room that she doesn't recognize. Maybe her fantasies were safer! I couldn't put this book down, loved it!I received this ARC free from the authors in exchange for an h [...]

    18. Great start to this 3 part series! I admit I couldn’t put it down. Liz is forced to move back home after college with her family and is not happy to be there. Leonard has made it to the top and gets what he wants and he wants Liz. I admit this book isn’t for everyone and you should note the warning. However if you are a fan of dark romance you will not be disappointed. Plenty of drama and suspense, I was on the edge of my seat, I was hooked from beginning to end. Steamy doesn’t do it justi [...]

    19. It was and ok book didn't really keep me on the edge of my seat with the plot. However I did read the entire 3 book set if I hadn't did the first book free and the remaining 2 under my unlimited account I would have been more disappointed if I had paid for them. This was not my first book by this author other I had read were better so I would probably read more from her but I wouldn't continue if they all were of this quality. Some people might like it but as I have read other series that held m [...]

    20. Good for a quick read.This was a quick read for me. I liked it But for a guy looking to "own" or be a Master to someone he just he is truly asking way to much! Now there is a kidnapping? Really??? How is there trust there? I will read the second book because I need to know what happens but . Wondering about the BDSM and the dynamic of the whole thing is starting of wrong for me.

    21. This book has a great story line. I do have to say that the beginning was really a little boring. I kept reading thinking, get to the interesting part.From the first few chapters I wanted to see what he would do to get her to his home. It did start getting into the plot about mid way through book. The story seemed tense and drawn out and when it got to the part I was waiting for, boom! it ended with a cliffhanger.I haves to go on to book two as I am liking it now.

    22. Oh myWow what a great start for this dark romance. Liz is the youngest of three daughters and her family tends to just ignore her all together. She deserves so much better and for someone to see her. Leonard does see her, and he plans to take her. I couldn't put this down once I started it and wish I didn't have to wait for part 2, but I will. I can't wait to see what is in store for Liz next!

    23. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Heed the authors' warnings when they say the book contains scenes and subject matter that may be difficult to read. This is a very dark romance with some themes that aren't "nice" at all. The chemistry between Liz and Leonard is absolutely explosive though and I can't wait to see how we get from here to where I think the authors are taking us.I received a complimentary copy of this book.

    24. This is the story of Leonard and Liz. Leonard came from a hard beginning, struggling to survive and make a fortune. A man that is always in control. Liz comes from privilege but not from love. She is always dreaming of a man that will dominate and protect her. As their worlds collide, an afternoon outing will change the course of their lives. A steamy story of submission.

    25. Oh WOW. I guess you better watch what you wish for. Elizabeth is a kinky freak who runs into Leonard who she thinks might be what she needs and she thinks he is what she wants. Liz finds out she bit off more then she could chew, while Leonard slowly let's her know what's what.I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    26. First book by this author and while I enjoyed the erotica portion of this series (I read all three in this series) there was not w story line really. I enjoy dark erotica mostly because of the story line and development. This was missing in the series. I would read this author again, maybe she'll have more storyline in her other books.

    27. I enjoyed this short read and couldn't stop reading. Liz being the outcast of her family she meets a man who will turn her world upside down. Leonard Clark sees Liz and can't wait to make her his. With getting the vibe that she likes to be dominated he comes up with a plan to make her his, to break her. I can't wait to read part 2 bound next

    28. Liz meets Leonard at her sister's engagement party and he notices the red marks around her ankles. He is determined to make Liz his. Liz meets up with Leonard for a date only to realize that she is trapped in his house with no signs of escaping. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    29. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This story started off slow to me. About half way through the story, things started to pick up and increased from there. Once it hooked my interest I couldn't put it down. If you don't like dark and erotic, then this isn't the story for you. Boy what a cliffhanger! Now that I'm hooked, I can't wait for the next installment!

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