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  1. Didn't see that end coming! A story about a girl who doesn't want any baggage in her life.Noya, a young girl with only one dream in her life -To live her life independently - Breaking Free Ranbir, a mysterious guy who follows Noya everywhere. More than this nothing else could be said about him. They meet accidentally when Noya decides to travel alone to devotional places to discover her true self and what her life means. We get to see that Ranbir is not just another guy and that they will click [...]

  2. She wants to live once again. She wants to know what life is all about. She wants to discover herself all over again. She desires to fly high. She desires to be happy again. She wants her life back. She wants to break free.Breaking free is a story of a girl Noya, who is a happy-go-lucky girl. She is bold, full of life and live on her terms but fell for the wrong guy, who makes her believe that he loves her more than anything in this world. She fell for him head over heels and plan to tie the kno [...]

  3. Breaking Free is all about a young independant girl Noya who refuses to accept whatever life throws at her and follow her own heart and intuition. Though the initial read seems like a bollywood movie but later part focuses on the realities of life. It reflects on one's conflict of heart and mind and to rise above all the challenges that one encounters in life. Noyas truth seeking journey of living a meaningful life and selfless love is truly captivating. The twist in the end adds flavour to the [...]

  4. This book starts with the tour of Noya at different places so as to find some peace of mind. Noya, decides to calls off her wedding on the day of the marriage and decides to travel on her own. During her journey, she meets a guy, Ranbir who seems to be present everywhere. Thinking Ranbir as a stalker or someone sent by her parents to keep an eye on her, Noya tries to avoid him. However, whenever she finds herself in trouble, Ranbir is always there to help her. Soon, Ranbir started to develop fee [...]

  5. Having read the blurb, I expected more than what the book offers. What could have been a heartfelt, well written story if treated right, has been overrun with issues.For starters, before one can even step into the story's progression, there are multiple spelling/grammatical errors that chip into an enjoyable reading experience. The author has tried to use overly creative expressions that seem forced. The language and writing style should have reflected the simplicity of the story.Secondary and t [...]

  6. The book will take your heart away.I just loved the way author has written the book.Its like you are watching a Bollywood movie.You will laugh, cry, scream, swoon.The narration was flawless that will urge you to hooked the book till the end. The concept appeared to you so real that while reading the book you start imagining them in front of you. As a reader, I truly loved with the characters. The language was simple and crisp. Sometimes conversation between Ranbir and Noya will make you laugh lo [...]

  7. Breaking FreeBy Neha NayakReview By Ila GargBreaking Free, a novel by Neha Nayak, is published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors. The cover is so apt which depicts a girl behind the wooden boundary, as if a she is a captive. With such an interesting cover, I was sure it would not disappoint me.Neha Nayak is a young Indian writer who started her career as an engineer. After completing her graduation in an engineering domain, she discovered that she still has a passion for writing which force [...]

  8. Breaking Free is the story of Noya, a simple girl who probably would not stand out in any way in a crowd. Yet there is something alluring about her that the readers will not be able to ignore.Noya is a spirited girl who believes that sometimes in life one has to take the tough decisions in order to be happy. And keeping true to that belief, she makes a decision to call of her wedding on the wedding day! Taking her decision one step forward when the disproving people around her became a bit too m [...]

  9. Breaking Free is the debut novel of Neha Nayak and belongs to contemporary romance genre. The central theme of the novel revolves around friendship and love. The book is a perfect mix of romance, humour and emotions. Though predictable at certain places, the book is small, light and easy to read. Writing is simple and the author has avoided wasting ink in writing lengthy descriptions. This book is what I would like to place in the category of ‘a simple travel read’. While you won’t find it [...]

  10. Story and plot.The story revolves around the protagonist, Noya, who had called off her wedding and started travelling alone. This travel love of her is inspired from her mother. During her travel, she crosses a stranger Ranbir, quite a few times, whom she thought of a stalker first, and then of a random guy sent by her parents to keep an eye on her.The story deals with the relationship of Noya and her journey. What happens when Ranbir and Noya become friends? What happens when their friendship b [...]

  11. About the story-The story revolves around Noya who has experienced heartbreak. To relieve herself from the memories of her past, she decides to go on a pilgrimage trip. Throughout her trip, she meets a guy named Ranbir, whom she thinks to be a stalker. Slowly and steadily, their friendship comes back on track and experiences many ups and downs as well.Writing and Language-The editing of the book is very poor. Initially, the story has been expressed in the first form, but later on, it turns to be [...]

  12. Breaking free: CuteThis is a 2.5 rating just FYI.The heart-broken protagonist gets stranded along her way and our enigmatic hero protects and helps the damsel in distress many a times. Through the journey the guy makes a lot of assumptions about Noya even though he has just met her and repeatedly accuses her of jumping to conclusions. After just a few encounters he has already asked her to change her in some quirks of hers. He takes responsibility for her in every turn even though it is not need [...]

  13. The story is about Noya an independent girl looking to find herself by going on a trip alone. The story mainly talks about how people start as strangers and eventually become friends. A guy who helps her out of every odd situation and the one she starts trusting much later. Although I feel in real life it’s difficult to find right people in wrong situations these days. I didn't like the end as i felt it could have been better.The characters are well defined, and they look real as they too have [...]

  14. Got this book from the authorto review.Its the story of Noya who callsoff her wedding on the big day and decides to travel alone! In the journey, she meets Ranbir and there friendship starts and slowly becomes much more!This book's really a cocktail ofemotions! The narration is very soothing!This is a very decent love story! It gives you the lesson of never giving up in life!It untimately tells that Life have something good for everyone or morever as the book says, "Life is more thanwhat we see" [...]

  15. Got as a giveaway. Its a different story. Read it if you like unique tales and not the usual romantic must must far from reality tales.

  16. I received this as a gift from a friend and I finished it in one go. Loved it! Different story. Recommended!

  17. Good read. The story revolves around Noya, Prakrit and Ranbir. Everyone has unique characteristics and I hope there will be a sequel to it as the ending was superb.

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