Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches

Quiet Leadership Winning Hearts Minds and Matches Ancelotti is Europe s greatest manager Paul Hayward Telegraph He s a great coach and an amazing person Cristiano Ronaldo There is nobody better than this international crisis manager to explain how to

  • Title: Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches
  • Author: Carlo Ancelotti
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ancelotti is Europe s greatest manager Paul Hayward Telegraph He s a great coach and an amazing person Cristiano Ronaldo There is nobody better than this international crisis manager to explain how to handle superstar players Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale , difficult club presidents Silvio Berlusconi and Roman Abramovich and hysterical media

    One thought on “Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches”

    1. This is a good, quick read. Its not half as enlightening as a business manual as its co-writers think but as a football book, it´s interesting and Carlo seems a nice man. His view on life can be summed up by one of his stories: there is a horse standing in front of a fence - how do you get it over the fence? Some people would whip it, Carlo would stand on the other side of the fence and offer it a carrot.

    2. After much anticipation I ordered this book the day it came out,From humble beginnings on a cheese farm to professional football player and manager, Ancelloti gives you an insight into the lessons he has learnt from 40 years in football, the way he leads through building relationships with his staff and players and how he wins their hearts and minds. This book is relevant whether you like football or not, whether you are in business or at university and only if you aspire to become something gre [...]

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    4. A delightful read, it alternates chapters in which Ancelotti describes his leading style and short pieces from players and managers who worked with him, making the short chapters perfect for an in-depth analysis of the game that is never tiresome. A light autobiography by a captivating, charming, funny man.

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    6. "Membongkar isi kepala Don Carletto"Membaca buku ini membuat saya respek akan keberhasilan tim AC Milan sewaktu masa jaya di era milenium. Sebagai fans Inter (saya merasa begitu) waktu itu, saya cukup heran akan keberhasilan mereka. Sekarang apa yang menjadi ramuan keberhasilan tersebut dengan gamblang bisa kita temui di buku ini. AC Milan adalah keluarga bagi sang manager. Membangun tim dengan titian rasa, bukan sekadar mengambil jalan pintas meraih megabintang dari klub latin, misalnya.Jika di [...]

    7. " One of my favourite episodes was when I attended the last training session on the evening before the Champions League final against Liverpool in Athens in 2007. Pippo Inzaghi, our centre forward was completely out of sync - he was barely able to trap the ball. We had another strong centre forward, Alberto Gilardino, who has scored in the semi0final against Manchester United. As I was standing at Ancelotti's side on the field watching Inzaghi miss every single ball, I said to him: 'Why don't we [...]

    8. A very good book about leadership, with lots of examples from the most competitive industry in the world with the best performers. Tons of lessons learned indeed

    9. Carlo Ancelotti once said "Football is the most important of the less important things in the world". However the exploits of the man both as a reliable midfielder and a formidable manager seem to indicate otherwise. Football has been the lifeblood of this Italian great. He has etched an indelible mark in the world of football as a manager of repute, resilience and most importantly - results. As the collection of trophies in his enviable cabinet would demonstrate, there are very few glories that [...]

    10. Not really a business book like it's promising. More like one long case study that tries to sound like a business book from time to time. The biography part makes it somewhat believable but the impact is small since the key competence of Ancelotti is only praised not deconstructed.

    11. A fascinating book containing the wit and wisdom of Italian football manager Carlo Ancelotti, who is one of sport's most famous coaches. It explains his unique "quiet" style in building a winning team and carries glowing references from his peers and players including Sir Alex Ferguson, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Cristiano Ronaldo.Ancelotti himself has managed the likes of AC Milan, Paris St Germain, and Real Madrid, winning multiple national titles and three Champions Leagues. He is a true champio [...]

    12. I have read the book in two days and basically chewed it. It is a very easy yet an informative and entertaining read.First of all, let me start with two points about the form of the book (one bad, one very good), then two points about the content will follow. Here goes. (1) It is co-written by two other people, Brady and Forde, who are more interested in football from the business side (HR, PR, relationships with the board and the staff) and their approach is more academic. I am always dubious w [...]

    13. Sebagai milanista, saya menganggap tenur sewindu Carlo Ancelotti sebagai pelatih Milan merupakan momen yang sangat mengesankan. Betul, delapan tahun ketika menjalani, banyak juga nestapa yang berujung caci maki terhadap Don Carletto. Utamanya, mengenai keengganannya memberi kesegaran terhadap Milan, yang bermain dengan skuat nyaris sama selama masa itu.Tapi, seperti halnya yang dibilang Joni Mitchell, "you don't know what you got until it's gone", masa tersebut menjadi nostalgia yang terkenang u [...]

    14. Really interesting mix of an biography and the philosophy of Carlo Ancelotti mixed up with very kind words of his former players. Well worth a read and after this i'm really looking forward to the new Bundesliga Season.

    15. This book opens by saying it is neither an autobiography nor an academic leadership manual, and is correct to do so, as neither aspect is covered particularly well. The biographical element is too brief, and the leadership content too mundane.This isn't the first book to deal with leadership in football, and was just as revelatory as Mike Carson's book, ie not very. Both books struggle to include much detail, and this one has a lot of vague advice, with few lessons to be learned. One particular [...]

    16. Part leadership playbook, part autobiography, this book narrates the management career of arguably Europe's most successful football coach.Carlo Ancelotti was raised poor, the son of Italian cheese farmers. He achieved success as a professional footballer before becoming a manager. The hilights of his career have been leading an almost decade long trophy laden stint with AC Milan, winning the English Premier League with Chelsea and securingLa Decimawith Real Madrid.Ancelotti is also well known f [...]

    17. I have always admired Carlo Ancelotti as much for his evident good humour and lack of overweening ego as for his significant achievements as both a player and a manager.This book only served to strengthen that admiration as his care and concern for people shines through as well as his love for the game.This book attempts to be a mixture of biography and management tome and just about pulls it off. In truth the biographical elements interested me more learning of some of the behind the scenes mac [...]

    18. The Books looks at the life of Carlo Ancelotti from a player at Reggiana, Palma and Milan to managing clubs like Reggiana, Juventus, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Milan and Chelsea where he won the double in 2010. This book also shows his methods on the pitch/in training, mentors whom he learnt everything from and the mistakes that he has made and learnt from. The reason why I have marked this book as a favourite of mine is that it’s not just an autobiography about Carlo Ancelotti a player [...]

    19. A different perspective about leadership and what makes a great leaders. Football business is an excellent case study, which portrays precisely the leadership in any organizations: how to manage up the higher level, how to manage expectations from audiences (shareholders in any organizations), and especially how to manage your team to perform. The book highlights special characteristics/personalities that make Carlo stand out as a leader who puts people as a core, who devote his heart and his mi [...]

    20. Despite Mr. Ancelotti recent (2017) dismissal at Bayern Munich the book is very believable and full of interesting insights how he manages for performance. The book is a cross between educational (management) and fun (Football) reading and yet it delivers the principles, how he likes to manage the talent. His approach is definitively different from some other coaches (Mourinho) but perhaps because I agree with his principles it makes a really enjoyable reading.It is definitively recommend and am [...]

    21. I've read many biographies of football managers because we can learn a lot about people management under high pressure and expectation of immediate results. This book not a (auto)biography like other ones like "SAF, Football, bloody hell", "Mourinho, Nos bastidores das vitorias" or "Pep Guardiola: Another Way of Winning".The tale which Carlo, authors and footballers tell us here is all about managing people in "sport corporation".

    22. It's not the book, it's the person that impresses. He has this raw practicality, natural intelligence and amazing perseverance. I have quoted him already more than I thought I would given I have no interest in football at all. Interestingly, my advice at work is taking roots more often than I would have liked! Well, I have now an interest in football! So don't read it if you don't want to end up following European football clubs and building up an interest in the players' training!

    23. Interesting read, an academic biography if I have to name it. I came through this book from a professor´s recommendation and I found it highly interesting the format of it, with Ancelotti stories, the connection with business and testimonials from players/support staff.My biggest takeaways are: control what you can, respect the culture of the organisation and invest in trust to create a familiar environment instead of demanding a "my way or the highway" kind of culture.

    24. Като изключим някакви дребни неточности като "Финала в Манчестър през 2003 г. с Ливърпул", книгата представлява едно интересно съчетание между биография, треньорска методика и дори съвети, свързани с бизнеса. Като човек, който е израснал с Милан на Анчелоти за мен беше истинс [...]

    25. Simply magnificient and valuable insights to a truly remarkable manager and an even more amazing man! Definitely a must read book for those of us who want to be better leaders and most importantly, to make a big difference to the lives of others! Well done Snr. Ancelotti, Chris Brady and Mike Forde for this great book!!!

    26. I'm a big fan of Ancelotti, he's always seemed like a class act and this book backs that up. Overall I thought it was a fairly interesting read but did become repetitive at times. I learnt a few things that I can probably use in my everyday life though, so it certainly has its use. It's worth a read if only for Zlatan's contribution alone!

    27. Carlo is a class act and after reading a book, I have a lot of respect for him. He shares interesting stories from his time managing the top clubs in the world and interacting with the top players in the dressing room and off the court. The book includes many valuable insights about how to lead a team and build relationships, not only in football, but in life in general.

    28. Heb nu toch wel een wat ander beeld van Carlo Ancelotti. Vond het altijd maar een raar gezicht zo'n trainer met een groot stuk kauwgom in zijn mond langs de kant van het veld. Maar al lezende krijg je toch wat meer respect voor al zijn prestaties als trainer bij grote clubs. Ben wel benieuwd of hij het ook zou redden bij een club met wat minder getalenteerde spelers.

    29. A light, enjoyable read. This is not your typical football biography book but more so leadership and management lessons from the footballing life of Carlo Ancelotti. In terms of leadership, there's a focus on "soft" leadership and that's what gives this book its novel touch. Some of the key repeated themes to be found throughout the book are how a calm, empathetic, patient mindset can be advantageous (and sometimes disadvantageous) and how language development, relationship building and trust ar [...]

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