Find Me

Find Me Almost forty one year old Annabelle Morris wife to multi billionaire record label executive Charles Morris of Zenith Productions and mother of two is at a crossroads in her life Separated from her h

  • Title: Find Me
  • Author: Michelle Mankin
  • ISBN: 9781522771692
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Almost forty one year old Annabelle Morris, wife to multi billionaire record label executive Charles Morris of Zenith Productions, and mother of two is at a crossroads in her life.Separated from her husband after walking in on him having sex in the public restroom of a charity event she was hosting, she has arrived on the island of St John alone and rejected, determined tAlmost forty one year old Annabelle Morris, wife to multi billionaire record label executive Charles Morris of Zenith Productions, and mother of two is at a crossroads in her life.Separated from her husband after walking in on him having sex in the public restroom of a charity event she was hosting, she has arrived on the island of St John alone and rejected, determined to re evaluate her life and her marriage She s tired of being her husband s showpiece while he pretends she doesn t exist She s tired of trying to make their marriage work for the sake of their two teenage boys When she meets Johnny Lightning, a sexy but mysterious piano playing, bearded sailor, she is tempted to break vows she has never before broken But Johnny is much younger than her and seems to be hiding than a few secrets of his own.From the laid back sandy beaches of the Caribbean to the elite circles of Dallas high society, Annabelle is forced to make critical choices.Is a chance for happiness worth the risk of giving up the life she has always known Worth jeopardizing her own and possibly even her children s future In the end, will she stay on her present course or brave a new and uncharted one Find Me, Remember Me, and Keep Me is a full and complete novel in three separate parts A standalone Tempest spin off Release date 1 15 16.

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    1. 3.5 Stars FIND ME is a romantic, sexy light hearted read about second chances in life. Ideal escapism for fans of the romance genre. In an attempt to reclaim her life after she discovers her billionaire husband’s infidelity, almost-41 year old Anna takes herself off to an idyllic holiday destination to reclaim her identity and heal. Enter the very gorgeous and eight years younger Johnny and this is where the loveliness begins. I loved the premise of girl is sad, girl meets boy, girl shouldn’ [...]

    2. 4 ♥♥ FUNCY FACE ♥♥ STARSVery entertaining and delightful. The hero and heroine, as well as the story, are easily relatable. As a reader, you truly want Annabelle and Johnny to work out their relationship. Anabelle is a forty-one year old beautiful married woman whose husband was caught cheating one year ago. Anabelle has retreated to the small island of St. John in order to regroup and find herself. With two teenage boys in tow, Anabelle must figure out how to move forward with her life. [...]

    3. I read an ARC of this new book by Michelle Mankin it is an amazingly beautiful story about self discovery. Full Review to come soon! Enter this special contest: ADD Find Me, Remember Me, and Keep Me on . You might be one of three lucky readers chosen randomly to receive an e-copy of each on release day 1-15-16.Find Me is a story of self discovery. It amazes me that no matter how old we are we are still discovering things about ourselves. Annabelle is a married woman with kids and finds herself a [...]

    4. I quite enjoyed this first instalment of the Finding Me series from an author that is new to me. I have to say I am at a bit of a loss as to why this novel is broken up into three parts and feel it would have flowed nicely as a complete novel. As soon as I finished the ARC for the first instalment that left me hanging I had to quickly click the next two to see how these characters fared, I’m just thankful the release of the parts wasn’t staggered. Annabelle Morris is a society wife married t [...]

    5. What a sweet story about a 41 year old woman who is trying to find herself again after her marriage goes south. (due to a husband that can't seem to keep it in his pants)Anna escapes to a small island after much her very persuasive friend. She's there to try to find out what to do with her life, but she finds more than just peace with herself. She soon finds that she's much more than her husbands arm candy. After spending time with her best friend's 34 year old brother Johnny, she started to fee [...]

    6. I really enjoyed Find Me by Michelle Mankin. Find Me is part one of a three part series about 41 year old Annabelle Morris. Annabelle is recently separated from her record label executive husband after finding out he has been cheating on her. Now on her own in St. John Island, she’ll need to figure out what she wants in her life and in her marriage. Meeting Johnny Lightning wasn’t part of that plan.Find Me is a fast heartfelt read, just make sure you have Remember Me on standby because you [...]

    7. OMG! The cover! How did she find my perfect manokay so I am reading it because of the cover but the blurb sounds fun toowill let you all know how I go. Mmmmm

    8. *I received a free copy of Find Me from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review*Find Me is set in the same universe as The Brutal Strength and Black Cat series. Of course, music is very important in some ways, but so is finding herself again for the female main character.The writing is so well done, and I was swooning more often than not :)

    9. Full Review posted at Oh My Shelves Blog. This story felt very formulaic. I was hoping for more since the heroine was almost 41 years old and the hero was 33 year old. Unfortunately, the story, characters and even the verbiage felt cliché.Find Me in the first book in a trilogy following a 41 year old woman Annabelle who is currently separated from her husband after 13 years of marriage. Anna’s best friend Claire offers to watch Anna’s two sons while Anna goes to Claire’s brother’s villa [...]

    10. I am loving every word of this new series by Michelle Mankin. It's almost as if yet again her writing has reached a new level of greatness. The fact that the heroine is a more mature woman has me smiling huge, showing me that this author can truly write any genre and any age group.What I loved most about part one of the Finding Me series is the simplicity of the story-line. Annabelle sets off to St. John to get away from the stifling life she has lived being the wife of a music mogul. A man who [...]

    11. Find Me is definitely about finding yourselfAnnabelle is in a loveless marriage. She finds herself in a position where she can either continue on being the same woman to man who doesn't care about keeping "it" in his pants or move on to find herself after all these years. While on a mini trip to try to figure out what she is doing with her life she meets Johnny Lightening. He is the sexy man who at first comes off as being a jerk to her. Mainly because he stereotyped her as a rich snob. Then he [...]

    12. Oh man! Bookworm Brandee told me I had to read this. I don't remember any kind of disclaimer that the world must be put on pause so I can lose myself in the world of Johnny and Anna and that amazing island. And the break between books, the ending that drove me to immediately open book 2. Good stuff Michelle Mankin. All that aqua water and sexy Johnny and almost broken Anna.

    13. Coming soon - January 15th!!! Can't wait for everyone to meet Johnny! Another hit by Michelle Mankin! Make sure to add to your to read list.Find Me, is part one of the new Tempest spin-off series - do not need to read the other Tempest books before starting this one, BUT you are missing out if you have not read that series.

    14. The Queen of RockStars is back!I thoroughly enjoyed the Find Me, Remember Me, Keep Me books by Michelle Mankin. I always enjoy Michelle’s writing but I particularly enjoyed this romance which features older characters, and for once, an older than the hero, heroine (shocker!).Michelle gave me a taster of the first book back in November and then left me hanging for more! When an ARC of all three books arrived on my kindle I was beside myself and delved back in straight away. I re-read all the ch [...]

    15. I had the pleasure of beta reading this series and I'm so excited about Anna & Johnny's introduction to the world. I hope y'all love them as much as I do. Anna - a wounded soul, a broken heart, when she comes to St. John in order to make some decisions about her life. She's been separated from her philandering husband for a year. It's time for her to find her waynd herself again. Johnny - a wounded soul, a man who isolates himself as well as his heart, is back in St. John. He's working at fi [...]

    16. Hugging my bag to my chest, I stared out at the rolling waves and laid my forehead against one of the iron rails. It felt cool against my skin. As my thoughts drifted off on a lonely tide, I offered a prayer that while I was here I could find both the answers and the solace I sought. The sky turned light pink and then black before the rhythmic crash and gurgle of the surf eventually soothed the raging maelstrom within my heart. ***I was so stinkin excited to get my hands on this book! I have lov [...]

    17. If you love romance novels and sick of reading ones where the characters are in their early to mid 20's and filled to the brim of angst , then you need to check out Michelle Mankin's new series "Finding Me" as Part #1 introduces readers to the two main characters - Annabelle aka Anna who is in her early forties and Johnny Lightning who is mid 30's. Anna is currently going through a time-out from her life as she has finally had enough of her husband's philandering ways and needs time alone to rec [...]

    18. Part 1This COVER!!! I'm in love <3I'm a huge fan of Michelle Mankin, as both a writer and a person. I've read almost all of her books and each one pulls you into the story and has you loving and connecting with the characters. I loved how this book is set up In to three separate parts, coming together to create one whole story, Part one gives you just a taste and has you needing more. We meet the main character Anna aka Fancy Face. It was refreshing to read about a more mature 41 year old cha [...]

    19. Annabelle's life has been trying since she caught her husband, Charles, cheating on her. Although they have been separated for a year, she hasn't decided whether to make it permanent or not. Dedicating her life to her husband and her boys, her confidence has taken a beating. Heading to the island paradise of St John, she is using the trip as thinking and reflection time to make a final decision. What she doesn't count on is the presence of Johnny on the island and the attraction between them. Be [...]

    20. Kindle Copy for ReviewAnnabelle Morris, wife to multi-billionaire record label executive Charles Morris of Zenith Productions and mother of two finds herself at a crossroads in her life. Hosting a charity event she finds her husband having sex in a public restroom. She finds herself alone in St. John trying to sort out her lonely life and pretending all is well for her two teenage boys.Enters Johnny Lightning into the mix, he is a sexy but mysterious piano-playing and bearded sailor who she is t [...]

    21. Unfortunately, despite how much I wanted it to, this one didn't work for me. The deep poetic instalove felt forced, as did some of the dialogue. I would have liked to see more showing and less telling, but I know that's hard to do in a 100 page serial. I also felt like I was missing the back story, so this may be a spinoff of another series (which I have not read). I received an advanced copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 2.5 stars / 3 flames.

    22. Read for Fun (Won a Kindle Copy)Overall Rating: 3.75Story Rating: 3.50Character Rating: 4.00Tweet Length Review:I am not a huge fan if serials but I liked that it had a good ending spot. The characters were great. The smex was sexy. Great Quick Read!Part of my Read It, Rate It, File It, DONE! Reviews

    23. This story is so sweet and heart breaking at the same time. I love how its not about people who are 20 something, but older and more settled adults. I love hearing about real life like issues without feeling like I'm being preached at or told this is how you have to be. Annabelle comes off as so put together and at the same time you get to see that she isn't perfect. Johnny comes off as a bit broken, but in the end you see they are just your average people trying to find true happiness in this i [...]

    24. For those of you who know what it is like to turn a page in a book with your heart beating fast just looking to see what is going to happen next, left with your mouth hanging open and a “what the hell” coming out then this is what Finding Me was like for me. I feel so drawn in to Johnny and Annabelle and their budding relationship that it’s hard to come down from that book high. Annabelle was a 41 year old woman who had all the designer things in life living with a man who had everything i [...]

    25. My Review: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this book since I never really read anything adult-ish with a character the same age as me. I didn’t love this book but I didn’t hate it either. Annabelle is the wife of a billionaire but the relationship isn’t working and she needs time away from her husband after finding him having sex with someone else. Her friend agrees to watch her kids while she takes a trip to St. John to stay at her friends brothers house to think abo [...]

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