Song Of Sedna

Song Of Sedna Eskimo legend tells of a beautiful maiden Sedna who marries a mysterious handsome hunter only to discover that he is really a demon

  • Title: Song Of Sedna
  • Author: Robert D. San Souci Daniel San Souci
  • ISBN: 9780440409489
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Eskimo legend tells of a beautiful maiden, Sedna, who marries a mysterious, handsome hunter only to discover that he is really a demon.

    One thought on “Song Of Sedna”

    1. This book has gorgeous pictures and could be read for those alone. The story, however, is confusing and doesn't make a lot of sense. People are inconsistent, good when it suits them and evil when it doesn't. The man the woman marries seems wonderful but when she realizes he's not human, suddenly he's a demon, not just a creature that turns into a human like in so many other Native American legends. I feel weird judging a legend of a culture other than my own, but I really don't like the story. I [...]

    2. This book involves a lovely women and her father. He father gives her away to the spirits and once she finds it she realizes she has to forgive her father for everything that happend.The Book Song of Sedna has some amazing well done out illustrations. Each illustration fills the page to the max and sometimes even goes of the page some. Another thing about these pictures are that they show emotions, you can look at the picture and see the faces and tell what they are feeling and it helps put extr [...]

    3. The beautiful Sedna married the handsome hunter of her dreams, only to discover he is really a bird spirit. She runs away and ultimately becomes the goddess of the sea. This retelling of the story leaves out the mutilation and loss of Sedna’s phalanges which turn into all the creatures of the sea. Daniel San Souci’s detailed oil portraits of wildlife and characters hauntingly bring this folk tale to life.

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